Frequency, episode thirteen

Raimy is reveling in her new life. Her mom is a doctor. Gordo is a lawyer. Daniel is back and they are engaged. She talks to Frank about it on the ham. He tells her that they are going to go off the grid for a few days.

She goes to the station and talks to Satch. She wants to learn from the best so she is going to read the Nightingale case.

Robbie is the killer. The deacon is taking the fall for him. He tells his son to put it behind him and move on.

Satch and Frank are walking and talking. Satch gets a call that the deacon is turning in a signed, detailed confession. Frank tells him that they are going to go away for a few days.
Stan is at home with his father. He accuses him of being a dirty cop.

Adult Robbie gets home to find out that his son got in a fight. He tells him that no matter what violence is not the answer. Then he goes and prays.

Raimy is walking through the lot at the station. She sees a truck that jogs a memory for her.

Frank has the family at a cabin in the woods. It’s snowing and they frolic.

Back at her desk, she runs the plate from the truck. She saw it out near the deacon’s cabin. It’s connected but she’s not sure how. She tells Satch as much.

Out at the cabin, Frank has a phone call with his undercover girlfriend. She says that things are about to get crazy.

Following the address for the truck, Raimy gets to the house and is surprised to find Robbie. She talks to him with a cover story about the truck.

Satch and his family surprise the Sullivan’s at the cabin. A fun time is had by all. When they get back, Frank talks to Raimy on the ham. She tells him about the truck and Robbie and asks him to go talk to Robbie and Megan.

Daniel confronts her when she gets inside. He wants to know who she’s talking to on the ham. She tells him that she has to trust him but that she will never tell him who it is.

Frank goes to visit Robbie and Megan. Robbie seems nervous but tells Frank what he wants to hear.

Robbie is visiting Megan at the hospital when her doctor comes in. Julie Sullivan. He goes to visit the deacon in prison and tells him he might not be able resist. The deacon tells him to suck it up.

At a bar, Satch tries to convince Frank to come to a celebration. He’s not interested though. He wants to sit along. Stan approaches and talks about how they are the same.They talk on the ham and Frank basically says they shouldn’t talk anymore. She tells him that he’s dead in present day and he tells her to spend time with her mother.

Robbie is backing out. He can’t say that stuff about the deacon because he’s not a monster, I’m not a monster. He admits to the murders.

Raimy talks to her mother and finds out Megan is her patient.

Megan and Raimy fight. He kills her.

Time warp. Megan isn’t Julie’s patient. She has no idea who that is.

Frank gets a call from Robbie. He’s say he messed up. Frank heads over and Robbie is gone but Megan’s body is there.

Satch and Raimy talk about Megan. Robbie was the Nightingale but he was never caught. The deacon is in jail for the murder of his wife.

After finding Megan, Frank knows Julie is next. He calls Stan to go to his house and protect her. Stan rushes to his car but he’s shot by Frank’s undercover girlfriend. She speeds off and leaves him bleeding out in the driveway.

Julie is making a sandwich when Robbie sneaks into the house. She brings the food to Gordo and Raimy in the garage. Robbie follows.

Raimy gets home and her engagement party is in full swing. She ignores everyone and goes to the garage. She hears what’s happening and yells at Robbie. Gordo Sr. comes in and gets shot. Robbie breaks the ham.

Frank gets home to see Robbie dragging Julie to his truck. He shoots Frank and tries to get away but Satch smashes his car. Robbie gets away but Julie is safe.

Present day Raimy goes inside to find the house dark. She’s confused until she gets to the living room and sees everyone watching an engagement video. Her mom is still alive. Someone is walking a dog outside. It’s an adult Robbie.

I liked this. I think that it was too much to try and maintain a series with a premise like this. It wouldn’t sustain. I do have a few questions though. Mainly about the fates of Stan, Frank and Gordo Sr. Also, Moseby. I liked him.


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