Frequency, episode twelve

Raimy is driving Robbie to the hospital. Megan is crying. Raimy is asking questions about the deacon and their mom. No one is talking so she stops the car until she gets some answers.

Frank is questioning the deacon. He brings up kidnapping him and then talks about him being a monster. He tells him to turn himself in on his own terms.

Satch and Raimy talk about busting the deacon. She’s adamant that he’s the Nightingale but Satch doesn’t buy it. The nurse comes out to talk about Robbie. He’s using the name Carter these days and Raimy questions that.

He says he did it to hide but then talks about putting it behind him. He’s got a new life. Raimy says that this is how he saves his sister. He explains what life was like when the deacon shipped Megan away.

Robbie talks her through his mother’s murder. The deacon did it and then gave her last rights. He put the body in the closet and never mentioned it again.

Raimy and Frank talk about breaking the deacon. Frank doesn’t want to risk things but Raimy pushes. She goes inside to find Gordo eating cereal. He tells her that she needs to chill with work. It’s an obsession to her and that’s not healthy.

She leaves and on her way to work gets a call from Megan. She remembered where the deacon stashed his belt at the cabin.

Frank gets to the station to learn that the deacon’s face is bashed in and he’s blaming Frank. Stan tells him that it looks sketch and that the deacon walked.

Satch and Raimy head to the cabin and start snooping around. They find a box of treasures, tokens from the victims.

Julie and Frank are talking. He’s going out to catch the Nightingale and wants her to stay safe. Young Raimy comes in with a pocket knife, ready to protect her mother.

At the station, Satch tells everyone how things are going to play out with the Nightingale bust. Afterward Raimy talks to Frank, tells him about the box and how they need to stop him soon to save her mom.

She finds Gordo waiting and they go inside and talk about her mom’s last day. Gordo feels guilty.

Frank and Satch talk about what happened to the deacon and he tells Satch about the cabin, sending him out there to investigate. Frank goes to talk to Megan about finding her brother.

The deacon is in a gas station store. He’s hiding from the law when a cop comes in. He ducks into the bathroom until the cop leaves. Then buys his stuff and leaves but the cop gets him.

Megan and Frank find Robbie. He sees the badge and runs.

Satch questions the deacon. He gets nowhere with it though. The deacon needs a bathroom break.

Back at the house, Raimy and Megan are talking while Frank and Julie argue in the kitchen about Megan being at the house and him chasing killers.

Raimy crashes the bathroom break to beat answers out of the deacon.

At the cabin the 1996 deacon moves the box before Satch can get there to find it. Then he goes to a diner to admire his treasures.

In the bathroom, Raimy gets him to talk after making a deal. They can give each other what they want. She gets information and he gets her shoelaces.

The waitress at the diner sees his prizes and he tells her to call 911.

Present day deacon hangs himself.

Satch, Stan and Frank search the woods and find the wife’s body. At the house, Megan thanks them for their hospitality and then there’s a knock on the door. It’s Robbie. He’s done running.

Things don’t work as they should though. Julie isn’t back in the present day. Raimy freaks out but Frank tells her to relax. She gets ready for bed while 1996 deacon gets locked up.

Raimy hears a noise downstairs and goes to search with a gun. She finds Julie there. She’s back.

Robbie and Megan talk on the phone. They have plans for the next day. He goes home and goes into his closet. He’s been stalking Julie.

If he is the stalker, how did she get back? Did he change his mind? Is that all it takes? I don’t like that he was in the house. I don’t trust him. It’s not going to end well.


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