Lucifer, episode eighteen

Charlotte staples the gash in her stomach and prepares to dispose of the body in her office. she quits that and calls in a favor before leaving the apartment.

Amenadial and Lucifer discuss the sword and their father’s manipulation. Then Lucifer is ready to go with the sword but Amenadial wants to process things.

Linda walks into her office and finds Charlotte waiting for her. She needs medical attention and coerces Linda into helping her.

Lucifer asks Chloe for some help as they walk on the crime scene. He needs advice dealing with Amendial. They get to where Ella is with the body. It’s the one from Charlotte’s office. He’s been shaved and bleached before being dumped.

After being distracted looking for his brother, Lucifer leaves the scene and goes to Linda’s office. He finds his mother there and her light bleeding problem. He tells her that this will probably cause her human form to burst and mentions Amenadial having the piece of the sword.

She tells him about the body and he’s worried that Chloe will solve the case and get hurt by his mother in the process.

To track his brother, Lucifer needs the best. He goes to talk to Maze and she isn’t interested in doing him any favors. He pleads to her

Chloe talks to the victim’s brother. The Ruiz family obviously had a lot of enemies but Chloe promises to be fair.

Ella is in the lab with Lucifer. He is trying to muck up the evidence but it’s no use. There are no real leads. Chloe comes in and the three of them talk about the case. Lucifer’s talk of his father gives Ella an idea. Satellites footage.

Amenadial is talking about his relationship with his father, during improv class. Dan tries to tell him to lighten up. It doesn’t work.

Lucifer and Chloe follow up a lead Ella found from the satellites. He tries to dissuade her but it’s no use. They approach the company that might be involved in the coverup and find two people hauling a body.

Chloe asks some questions. Turns out the company is certified to clean up crime scenes and the like. Lucifer still rushes the process and Chloe is upset with him for hiding things from her.

Dan and Amenadial chat after class. Dan leaves and Maze comes in and they chat before she tazes him.

Ella and Chloe talk about Paris and Vegas and the case.

Amenadial and Lucifer discuss what to do with the sword. Amenadial doesn’t want to unleashed Lucifer or his mother on heaven but Lucifer says that their mother’s powers are coming back. They don’t have a choice. Maze comes in to tell them they have a problem. Their mother is missing.

Charlotte goes to see Linda. She wants to know what she knows about Lucifer and what he might be planning. Linda doesn’t want to talk but Charlotte doesn’t really give her a choice.

The case has another victim. One of the two sisters from the cleaning company. The other sister admits to being involved in a coverup. She won’t talk though. She thinks this was a warning. Chloe calls Lucifer for help.

He can’t help her though. His mother is at Lux. This gives Chloe an idea. Meanwhile, Charlotte now knows of Lucifer’s plan to ditch her. She’s pissed and wants the piece. Amenadial tells her she’ll have to kill his.

Lucifer and Amenadial come up with a strategy. It’s too late though. Chloe and Dan are confronting Charlotte while Amenadial goes to see Linda. Lucifer calls his mother and finds out that she’s with Chloe. He panics and calls his brother, pleading for the last piece of the sword.

Maze goes to Linda’s office and finds her all battered. She’s bleeding out. Maze comforts her and cries. Amenadial comes in.

Chloe and Charlotte are talking on the pier. Lucifer tracks down Dan, who inadvertantly was hiding the last piece for Amenadial. Then Lucifer confronts his mother while Chloe argues, even though she doesn’t understand. Then the second killer shows up. It’s the brother.

The hospital is too far. Linda won’t make it. Maze cries. She needs more time. Amenadial summons his powers.

The brother shoots at Charlotte for the sake of his family but then time stops. It’s because of Amenadial. Lucifer grabs his mother and jumps off the side of the pier. Then he ignites the sword and he’s ready to end things. She tries to talk him into giving her the sword.

He rips a whole in the earth and sends her through it. It leads to nothing and she will be a casualty of war. They will not see each other. She goes through and the body of Charlotte stays there. It’s not his mother though. It’s the real Charlotte.

The brother on the pier is dead. Amenadial is relieved. Linda is being rushed into the hospital.

Chloe and Lucifer talk. She tells him that he needs to trust her and that he is not alone. Then she walks away.

Lucifer goes to visit Linda. She tells him that none of this is his fault and that she came into this with her eyes wide open. He realizes he needs to give Chloe that same chance and as he leaves the hospital calls and tells her that he has something to tell her.

Then he gets hit in the head and wakes up in the dessert with his wings. He’s back in hell maybe? I guess?

I was very concerned about Linda. I would be sad to see her go. Otherwise this annoys me. They do this whole Lucifer is missing/he abandons Chloe thing before every hiatus. They should find some new plot device or just quit. It annoys me


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