House of Cards, episode four

Things are tense at the White House. Numbers don’t look good. Will is tense too. He hasn’t slept but his advisors tell him that it’s going to be a long day.

Claire summons Doug and LeAnn to go over the day.

At the ballroom, Seth and Tom talk about what the day is like. Tom thinks it’s a lose but that Seth will land somewhere. He says that he always picks the loser’s party and look where he is.

Doug and LeAnn argue about what is necessary. Then Frank addresses all the folks still working at the White House. He says that there is still work to be done.

Will and his wife have sex. She’s optimistic but he is still superstitious. They both feel good though.

There’s a briefing with the governor of Tennessee on the phone. They moved on the potential ICO operative. He wasn’t home but he maybe was planning an attack on a polling center. Cathy is there and the whole thing seems sketch. She basically says as much.

LeAnn and Claire’s handler are heading to the ballroom. She cordially introduces Yates and sends him with them. He gives her the victory speech but acknowledges he wrote a concession speech as well.

Seth is at the bar watching the results come in. The Style reporter chats him up again. He tells him about his new post on Tom’s team and they set up a quid pro quo. Then Seth gets a call. There’s a bomb in Tennessee.

All hell breaks lose. Everyone is scrambling. The governor gets a call from the guy working on Will’s campaign. Frank tells the governor not to shut polls. Will is freaking out.

Tom and the other reporter, Sean, talk about the Tennessee situation. Tom knows something is fishy. He sends Sean to bother Seth.

The governor issues a curfew and Will freaks out. He knows that Frank is responsible but can’t pin it on him. He’s pissed.

Frank and his team are going over the electoral college. It’s still close. They need Ohio. They are willing to do it by any means necessary. Doug heads to the NSA, creates chatter and uses it to close republican polling centers.

Claire, Frank, Doug and LeAnn are still up to something. They are rallying lawyers to push back against voter suppression. In the meantime, they announce that concession is inevitable and Frank calls Will.

Will’s team hugs around. TV announces that Frank called Will. Doug argues with the Ohio governor who then makes an announcement that votin is suspended. There will be no total there or in five other states.

There are lawsuits and indecision everywhere. States are no accepting the results. Claire and Frank are about to do what it takes to lead America. There’s no going back from it. They call in Doug and LeAnn.

So was that last bit like a flashback to earlier in the day or did that happen again? They plotted to blow the election so that they could appeal and try again right? That’s what I got from that.


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