House of Cards, episode one

Claire is addressing the country. People need to watch out for each other. See something, say something.

Congress is debating whether or not to investigate Frank when the man himself strolls in. He manipulates them into giving him the floor and then yells at them for having the wrong priorities. He wants to declare war on ICO. He will not yield.

On the way to the funeral, Claire and Frank go over problems in the country with LeAnn. Claire picks on to go see. She wants it on the schedule. They get there and Frank is pissed he won’t be able to speak. Will is also there, paying respect to the living and honoring the dead.

The daughter has no use for Frank. The widow speaks and her daughter interrupts to blame Frank. She even privately tells him that she hopes he dies.

Raids are being done along the east coast and Doug has a statement ready. Frank tells him to hold off and let Claire talk at her event. He brings in Birch and they talk about how to handle the declaration and thus the vote.

Tom is on a talk show opposite Claire. She’s deflects and he tries to get back on topic.

Will is campaigning. He strategizes about how to handle the most recent Underwood media before getting ready to talk at a veterans event. He also finds out his wife has been posting on social media and it reflects poorly.

Doug sits in on a briefing as to the ICO raid progress. There isn’t much but he will report back to Frank about it.

Frank paces alone in his bedroom.

When he gets back to the hotel, Will confronts his wife. He asks her if she’s trying to lose the election and she tells him that their son is scared. She won’t apologize for her comments about the mother of one of the terrorists.

The Underwoods see the video. LeAnn doesn’t know what to do with it but she wants to do something. Claire wants to talk to the mother but LeAnn advises against it. They kick her out and then talk about ramping up the terror. Frank takes Claire outside to show her all the people watching the house, waiting for them to do something.

Afterward she goes to meet Yates and Frank stays outside for a smoke. Yates was in the kitchen when Claire went to find him. They make their way into the bedroom.

LeAnn tries to convince a friend to hack the NSA and help the Underwoods win the election.

Tom is putting together a new investigative journalism team and wants a Style reporter involved. He’s good at getting people to talk.

Claire goes to meet with the mother of the terrorist. Just the two of them.

Frank and Cathy meet to talk about the new war on terror. He wants to expand the no fly list and tell other countries that he means business. She has nothing to offer and he tells her to step it up.

At the meeting with the killer’s mother, Claire basically accuses her of knowing what was happening under her roof and doing nothing about it. Claire wants her to make a plea in a camera for her son to turn himself in.

Will makes a plea to one of the democratic congressmen to hold off on Frank’s war. Police can handle this. No need for a war on our own soil.

Dude does LeAnn a favor and pulls some stuff at the NSA.

Claire holds a press briefing and starts to rip on the republicans but then someone throws something at her and she gets rushed out.

Doug updates Frank on a meeting that he’s got coming up. Claire and Yates clean her up and have what to them is a romantic chat. LeAnn is learning about the NSA files when she hears a tv.

Law enforcement is making moves on the terrorist kid. There is live coverage. Frank meets with the counter-terror assistant director. They can’t find the kid. Turns out Frank has him locked up already. He starts talking to the kid, taunting him.

Frank’s done. He has no use for the kid so he tells the counter-terror guy to kill him and get footage of it. Then he holds a press conference to tell everyone that footage of the killing will be released.

Birch comes to see Doug. They are going to use the declaration of war as a way to investigate the Underwoods. Doug goes to talk to Frank and finds him on the phone with the widow. She doesn’t want to hear from Frank anymore. He’s upset. Claire takes him for a walk.

They go out to the gate and shake hands with the people waiting outside. He tells everyone that they have nothing to be afraid of.

It’s been a long time. I keep forgetting everyone’s names. I can’t imagine Frank losing the election so I’m curious to see what will happen to Will next. I also don’t think that counter-terrorism guy will be able to keep his mouth shut. Word will get out that they had the terrorist kid during the investigation.


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