House of Cards, episode three

An ad for Will runs. He answers questions about it. He’s answering questions online for 24 hours. Frank and Claire talk by phone about it. He’s got plants to ask questions. She is in Nevada with Yates on the trail. They are keeping tabs on Will.

Frank is at a donor event. Winning the presidency one handshake at a time while Claire plays to her strengths with a speech.

Will is still answering questions. The soldier he saved in Afghanistan asks a question and they have an emotional moment before the segment ends. Turns out he was a plant. LeAnn is trying to ruffle Will by digging into his past. He’s hiding something. They just have to dig up what.

LeAnn calls Frank to update him on the soldier situation. He wants to bring in Doug but she is reluctant. He puts her in her place and then calls Claire to rant. She takes it.

Another caller is asking about the Afghanistan mission. It’s getting to Will but he is still pushing forward. His wife steps in to handle it and then brings up the polling centers.

Claire and Frank are together at an event. He is supposed to speak but is losing his voice. She offers to take it over but he says no. He also gets snippy with Yates.

Doug is in Scranton fighting with the governor. He doesn’t want to mobilize troops like Underwood intended. Doug threatens him. He backs down but points out that Frank is done.

Cathy briefs Frank about a possible ICO operative. She figures an arrest on election day would play well but he thinks that is ridiculous. He dismisses her and brings Doug in. He updates on Pennsylvania and Will’s rescue mission. He pushed too hard but there might be another way.

Afterward Doug is having sex with a woman but he’s listening to Will. She’s fed up with him and tells him he shouldn’t have called her. He agrees and heads to a bar. He orders a drink and stares at it. He doesn’t drink it before leaving.

Frank is watching Claire and Yates sleep. She wakes up. He tells her he couldn’t sleep.

They talk about the polls and how they almost had Will and how Yates hums in his sleep. He tells her to go back to sleep and then leaves.

Will is still answering questions. He’s telling people about when he met his wife. That call ends and he moves on to the next one. It’s Frank. They banter before Will asks Frank about the hostage negotiation. Claire comes in and lays down with Frank. The questions wrap and Will is exhausted.

Seth does soundcheck and then talks to the congressional aide about his testimony. If Frank loses there is no issue, and he is banking on Frank’s loss.

Claire and Frank go vote. Then they talk to Doug and LeAnn about voter turnouts. They head to the White House and keep with their election day tradition of watching an old movie. Doug calls though. The numbers don’t match up and that doesn’t bode well. Frank tells Claire and they fight. She’s preparing for a loss but he will not take it lightly.

LeAnn and Doug get to the White House. She tells him that turnout is way down and they might lose Pennsylvania. He says that if they lose that, they will lose Ohio and then the election.

Frank calls his home county’s clerk to ask about turnout. It’s low. Doug is in the Oval taking things out of a drawer. He flips it and carves his initials. Frank and Claire are wrapping up their movie. He tells her they aren’t done. This is their house.

I still don’t think Frank will lose. What would the show be about in that case? I don’t really care what Will is hiding. It’s probably not anything that huge or it would have already leaked. Doug is so creepy. I still feel bad for Cathy.


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