House of Cards, episode two

Frank and Claire talk about their latest campaign ad before moving on to the topic of her trip to New York. She’s headed out but she will be back for an event with Cathy.

Seth asks Doug about the investigation. There are subpoenas going out. No one wants to testify, especially before the election.

Claire is talking about gas masks for MTA workers. The mayor takes the mic and she chats with a friend of Frank’s. Turns out another old friend has been missing for a few days.

Frank is addressing the governors about safe voting and using it as a chance to woo those of key states. And he’s making Will, who is in the room, look bad. Doug pulls Frank out to tell him about his missing friend and Will takes the opportunity to stump a bit before heading out as soon as Frank comes back.

The Secret Service stopped the friend in New York from leaving so Claire could talk to him a bit more. He implied that Frank and his missing friend had a…. special relationship. She wants him to spell it out. She’s also concerned with him having a big mouth.

LeAnn tells Yates that Claire won’t be back in time for the event. He’s upset. Then his bandmate from way back when pops up. He was there to cover the meeting but now he wants to talk to Yates about campaign life. They pop off.

Doug has convened aids from a bunch of states to basically woo the five swing states in play. Cathy talks to the governors about border security. All of it sounds like a way to keep people from the polls.

Yates and his friend talk about his work as a speechwriter. He explains that he is a ghost, expendable, and then the conversation turns to his relationship with Claire. He calls the dude an asshole and walks away.

Cathy figures the meeting went rough and that the whole situation is bad. She wants to resign in protest and get other people to do the same.

One of the aides sticks around. She calls a spade, a spade and tells Doug she knows this is voter suppression. She’s willing to let it slide but they need something in return. A Superfund sight.

The NSA forensic auditors are on site. It’s a surprise inspection and that does not sit well with LeAnn’s friend.

Frank meets with the former VP under his predecessor. He’s now a governor and Frank wants to make sure he will keep in line.

Seth meets with an aide about the investigation. He wants his testimony to be private.

She’ll see what she can do. She leaves and he approaches the bar. The Style reporter that Tom recruited sees him and talks him into joining his table for a drink.

LeAnn tells Frank that they have some trouble. She will do all that she can to keep them safe but tells him about the NSA audit. They have to allow a hack so they can sneak in and cover their tracks. Frank tells him to do it.

Back in the Oval, Frank finds Claire. She tells him about running into his friend in New York and that he needs to remember his past. He tells her that she’s the only person he’s ever loved.

Dude runs the hack at the NSA. Yates is waiting for Claire. His friend wrote an article about him. He apologizes. She talks about not wanting to be careful anymore. She’s sick of it.

The hearings start. And the hack goes live. Everyone’s phones are ringing and getting alerts. Seth is out with the reporters still. He’s got to go.

Frank talks through how to light a fire in the wilderness. Claire and Yates are in bed together. She tells him to back off. Frank gets the alert about the hack. He heads to the situation room. LeAnn gets messages from her friend. He wants to fix things.

He sends the fix without permission. Frank gets another governor on his side. He gives a radio address about the hack being ICO and how it won’t be fixed for days.

Will is taking his kids out for Halloween. A reporter asks if he’s scared and he says life goes on. Then as they start to walk, national guard troops roll in and block the road. Will is enraged and he yells in front of the cameras about Frank not knowing what war is and putting American lives in danger. The Underwoods watch with a smile.

I feel bad for Will. He’s not a good guy. I get that. But he’s fighting such an uphill battle. He can’t win. He must know that. I feel like Cathy got played too. She just didn’t know what was happening.


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