Great News, episode eight

Carol runs into another intern at the elevator. Turns out he’s been promoted and Carol is jealous. She talks to Katie who tells her its about hustling. So in the meeting Carol pitches a story. Chuck thinks it is dumb but Portia is on board. Greg assigns it to Katie.

After the meeting Katie says she won’t do it because she has a story to pitch about hacking. It’s too up in the air for Greg so he says no. She pleads her case but he doesn’t trust her news instincts so he doesn’t budge.

Katie brings her script to Portia and mentions that she wants to do something else but Greg says no. Portia tells her to do it anyway and that she will cover. At rehearsal, Greg asks them to get along but Chuck just digs himself deeper until Portia tells him off for mansplaining and talking down to her.

After listening to Portia, Katie goes to meet her source. It’s a kid. She runs away when his mom comes to the door. Chuck calls Carol in his office and asks her to explain the story she’s doing. She does.

As the show comes to a close, Katie comes back. Greg points out that the piece she left Carol in charge of was their worst one ever. He then asks about her source meeting. He knows it went horribly but she won’t admit it so he says it will lead the next show.

Back in her office, Katie finds Carol. They talk about her story and decide that Greg is acting this way because he is insecure. The next morning, she’s ready to present her story. Not about the hacking. About why Greg won’t trust her. The reason is because he won’t trust himself. And she has proof from his old job to prove it.

Carol comes into Chuck’s office to find him on the floor. He’s been playing phone games all night. She yells at him and he sees that he was wrong to talk down to Portia. He has to apologize.

Greg finds Katie. He did some digging of his own and finds some embarassing things about her. He also finds out that her source was legit so they head out to meet him. They talk to the source and find out a few things before having to flee.

Chuck apologizes to Portia but its short-lived because he quickly yells at her after he gets hacked. Greg and Katie piece it together. The phone game is what is causing the security breaches. They have a great story and Carol was involved so she can now be smug to the other interns.

I like Katie and Greg working together and Portia snarking at Chuck was great. Carol was used in moderation, which I like but there could have been more Justin.


Great News, episode seven

Katie finds garbage in the office and yells at people to throw things out. Then she picks it up. Turns out it’s a receipt. Carol has been extreme couponing again and is storing things on the roof. Chuck calls Carol to his office. He needs her to go to his house and let in the cable guy.

Portia comes into the meeting to tell people that she’s been hacked. All her photos and emails are now on the internet. She has to go talk to a lawyer but hopes that they won’t look. She leaves the room and they all start looking. Katie and Greg tell them not too. She’s their friend.

Carol is at Chuck’s house trying not to snoop through his things. She calls Katie for moral support and they talk about the hack. Katie is losing her restraint. She wants to read the emails. She needs support of her own so she goes to Greg. He’s trying not to read them himself but they decide they should for the good of the show.

They discover Portia’s had some mean things to say about Chuck and she’s convinced that Katie and Greg are sleeping together. Apparently everyone thinks so. They are shocked to hear this. Carol snoops and finds a statue of Chuck. She knocks the head off. She doesn’t realize it’s a statue though and runs away screaming.

Back at the office, Chuck admits that the statue is a wax figure that was once a popular tourist attraction but now is just a terrible reminder of what he used to be. He wants Carol to melt it.

Greg and Katie go to the break room to dispel rumors about them sleeping together. Justin, Beth and Gene say that they never thought that and don’t even think they have sex period. Carol can’t part with the wax Chuck so she puts him on the roof with the couponing merchandise.

Katie and Greg realize they are offended and call a meeting. It comes out that they read the hacked emails. They pull the emails up as proof and get caught. Portia is upset because people might be upset by what’s in the emails. Someone comes running in to tell Greg that Chuck is on the roof.

Everyone runs outside to talk him down but it’s not really him. It’s the wax figure and Carol needs the real Chuck to make it right. Also, apparently Portia was calling Greg and Katie boring. It just autocorrected. Chuck is angry but Carol pleads with him to not give up on his dreams. They get to the roof and hear everyone listing what they like about Chuck.

It’s all news to him. Even Portia looks up to him. Katie gets to the roof and finds out what’s going on. She tries to move the statue but it falls over. Chuck announces that he’s okay and tells everyone to get to work. Chuck thanks Carol for helping him believe that anything is possible.

Carol finds Katie in her office and they talk about the emails. Carol realizes that Katie likes Greg. Katie denies it.

So yeah. You knew that was coming but it was pretty funny that nobody thought it was possble. They will end up together in the last episode. Carol wasn’t bad in this episode and Portia was funny as usual.

Great News, episode six

The broadcast goes live to a field reporter covering a serial arsonist. Turns out the guy is the arsonist and confesses live on air. The next day Greg tells everyone they need a new field reporter. Carol suggests Katie but she doesn’t want to do it. She wants to produce a piece and Greg gives her the okay. Carol won’t take no for an answer.

Chuck is going to write the new theme song for the show. Greg is not happy about it and he has to screen new field reporters. Portia doesn’t understand why Katie doesn’t want it. The talent pool is thin though and Greg needs her to fill in. She relents and Carol is over the moon. She brings all her friends over to watch the footage over and over.

Since Katie is busy in the field she doesn’t produce her NRA piece. Someone else does instead. Portia. And it’s not the hard-hitting news piece she wanted. She says that she will never go on camera again. Chuck is trying to write a theme song when Justin walks in. He offers to help.

Katie goes to work and quits being the field reporter. Greg tells her no. The network loved her and want her to do it permanantly. Chuck debuts his theme song in the meeting. Greg says its no good because it is too long and Chuck is very upset.

It’s time for Katie’s next report from the field. Turns out Carol manipulated the network by calling in and praising Katie. She made all her friends do it too. Katie is sick of the meddling. She won’t go on air until Carol butts out. She is going to do her pagent routine instead.

Greg is not amused. He wants Katie to do the report but she says no. Greg has no choice. He airs Chucks theme song instead. Carol and Katie have a heart to heart and Carol admits that being on camera is her dream. Greg fires Katie from being a field reporter. He’s surprised to find out that he is not the only person ever that doesn’t want to be famous.

When Carol meddles it just isn’t funny. It’s tired and played out. What is funny, is Portia. Also Justin was good, especially dancing in the background after Greg kicked him out. Greg and Katie are bonding again.

Great News, episode five

It’s time for the morning meeting and everyone is grumpy because it’s been a long cold winter. Carol brings lemon squares but throws them out because she is mad at everyone. They didn’t come to karaoke. Chuck tells her its because they aren’t friends and don’t like each other.

Chuck has a story idea and he wants Katie to produce it. She’s excited. Carol talks to Greg about the staff bonding. He doesn’t care though. Katie brings research to Chuck in the makeup chair and he tells her to swing by after the show. Portia asks if they are sleeping together and Katie says no. Portia points out that men always have ulterior motives.

Greg goes back to his office to find a not about a mandatory bonding session. He goes calls off the fake meeting and tells Carol to stop meddling. The broadcast runs and the weather mentions a light dusting of snow but as the show ends a special report calls for a blizzard in New York…. and I guess New Jersey too. The show is over so everyone can go home. Except it’s a state of emergency.

Carol has everyone assembled and it turns into chaos pretty quick. Katie brings the notes to Chuck in his office and he asks her about his look and puts on music. He asks about asking a girl like her on a date and she runs. Carol tries to figure out what to do and stumbles on a lot of wine and brings it to the staff. Greg yells at her but everyone cheers.

Katie is freaking out in her office and Portia comes in to talk. She tells Katie that she can’t let Chuck feel rejected. Carol goes to talk to Greg. She tells him to let loose a little and he agrees that maybe he should.

In Chuck’s office, Katie tries to talk through what happened with him. Turns out he’s not interested in her but in someone from his gym so he was using her for research. She heads downstairs to talk to her mom but ends up dancing with Greg instead. Carol answers a phone. It’s the network. They want a weather broadcast.

Everyone has a meeting about what to do because they are all drunk. They take turns offering to take the blame until they agree Carol should do it. Katie volunteers to do it instead and then Chuck tells her not to. He will take the blame and then Greg says that they can work together and make a show.

It’s a sloppy lead up but they get the show done. Afterward, Katie and Greg are in the elevator together. They talk about Chuck and Portia and how Greg helps Katie without ulterior motives and apparently he has a girlfriend and then the ride is done.

So I guess we are supposed to root for Katie and Greg to get together? That’s what the elevator ride was about right? I liked Portia and Katie talking about what to do about Chuck. Mostly because Portia is the best though.

Great News, episode four

The apartment buzzer wakes Katie up. It’s Trip (Tommy Dewey). He’s back from Syria and he’ll be at the studio for a few weeks. This is great but also awful because Katie knows that her mother will now ruin it. She wants to keep it a secret.

The next day at work, Katie tries to play it like she doesn’t know Trip but it doesn’t work and Carol figures things out right away. Katie tells her to butt out. At the next meeting, Chuck and Tripp talk about field assignments and then Chuck decides that it is time to return to the field. Katie calls her mother outside to talk about Trip but Carol has nothing to say. It drives Katie nuts.

Justin while making promos for Chuck in the field finds videos of him crying and running away. Turns out the old footage needed a lot of editing. Carol and Trip are getting along swimmingly and Katie is not pleased. Portia says that maybe that is Carol’s plan so she will dump him. Katie confronts her mother. Carol says that she stalked Trip and likes him and found things out.

Chuck is nervous about his assignment but feels to find like he can’t back out. Carol tells him that if he doesn’t want to go he doesn’t have to. When he goes to talk to Greg, he finds him and Justin watching the crying videos. He yells at them for judging him.

Trip and Katie go out to dinner. Katie acts paranoid. She wants to know what Carol knows but Trip tells her she’s acting weird. There’s a breaking news assignment so Trip leaves. Katie considers but does not snoop through his bag.

Back at the station, Chuck scares Greg and Justin. HR calls him unstable and won’t let him go into the field. Carol comes into Katie’s office to find out she did open the bag and spent the night stalking his life. She found out he’s rich whereas Carol was just excited his mother was dead so she has no holiday competition. Katie says she is going to break up with him. He comes in and finds the stalking wall. He expected this from Katie but Carol broke his heart.

See? Again Carol wasn’t mucking up being an intern and it was a better episode. I liked that everything came from a soap. It was a funny premise.

Great News, episode three

Portia and Chuck are on air. There is a throw to some security footage but Carol messed it up and a video of a man and a dog dancing airs instead. Katie is upset. Chuck doesn’t notice and ends the broadcast. Carol apologizes but says that she can’t do the machine parts of the job but Katie tells her she has to learn that stuff too.

Chuck calls for everyone’s attention. He has never missed an episode but will do so tomorrow. Greg is excited because he thinks work will be less difficult. Katie agrees. Then Chuck tells Carol the truth. He needs catarace surgery.

It’s the day without Chuck but Greg’s free day is easier said than done. Apparently he used Chuck as an excuse to get out of doing things and now people are calling him on it. Carol didn’t arrange a car for Chuck. She’s driving him home herself. Which means she isn’t at the office and Katie is doing her job. She calls to tell her mother to get to work.

Carol brought Chuck back to her house to mother him. Meanwhile, Greg is dealing with more ideas for a Chuck-free show. He goes to hide and ends up venting to Katie about how he doesn’t want to be mean to people. She tells him to let it happen.

Predictably, it’s a disaster and they need Chuck back. Carol and Chuck have been bonding in the suburbs, talking about how difficult it is to be older in the working world. His phone rings. It’s Greg but Chuck tries to play it off. Katie gets on the phone and tells him they are looking to go younger anyway and he hurries down.

At the studio, Chuck can’t see but he pretends he can and approves of all the weird stuff. He and Carol head to makeup and he tells her that he needs her to feed him his lines since he can’t see. Katie tells Greg to bite the bullet and tell everyone else their ideas are crap. He does.

The show starts. Justin still runs his crazy new title sequence and Carol feeding lines to Chuck is awful. Afterward, Carol and Katie talk about the broadcast and how it was an improvement for intern Carol.

I laughed out loud during the broadcast at the end. I shouldn’t have. It’s not that funny but I kept laughing. I liked Katie more when she was not dealing with or talking to Carol. Greg wasn’t bad either. Portia is my favorite though.

Great News, episode two

Katie is on the phone with her mother as she gets to work. Carol is already there. Katie is anxious because she can pitch for a lead. They head to the meeting even though Carol isn’t allowed to be there. Portia makes a crappy pitch and that story goes to Gene. Then Carol embarasses Katie.

Afterward, Katie complains to Justin about her mother being a helicopter parent. He tells her to set boundaries. Greg has a meeting with Chuck and Portia. They got beat in the ratings and now he wants them to banter. They both think it’s a bad idea.

Back in her office, Katie tells her mother that they need boundaries and to stop acting like a mother and daughter. Carol agrees but as soon as Katie gets a dangerous assignment, that plan is put in jeopardy.

Greg wants Carol to get Chuck on board with the bantering. She tells him that she’ll do it if he takes Katie off her assignment. She heads to Chucks office and tries to find out the problem. He doesn’t have anything to talk to Portia about. Carol tells him to pracice with other young women in the office and that lands him in HR.

Since Chuck will banter, Katie is off her story and she’s upset. She thinks Greg is being sexist since the story went to Gene. Carol is supportive and Katie gets an idea. She can go rogue and do the story anyway. Gene agrees to give her the story back. But the news van has a flat. Katie has a solution. Carol will drive them.

Chuck and Portia do a runthrough on the broadcast but don’t do the banter part. Greg pushes for them to give it a whirl and it does not go well. After a few takes, Portia ends up in tears and the two of them are in HR.

After a long ride, Katie realizes Carol was meddling because the story is dangerous. She doesn’t want to get there. They argue. Then Katie decides to take matters into her own hands and hops out of the car to ride a bike the rest of the way. She doesn’t know how though because Carol interfered there too.

Portia and Chuck are in Greg’s office getting yelled at about bantering. They have to find something they have in common but the only thing they can agree on is how much they like the show that beat them in the ratings. Katie still can’t ride a bike so Carol gets out to teach her.

The segment runs with footage of Katie on a bike and Greg has found a banter topic. Lemonade, meaning the beverage to Chuck and the Beyonce album to Portia. It works.

So Nicole Richie is my favorite part of this show. I don’t mind Greg either but the rest of them are not that funny. Justin hasn’t had enough screen time to actually make a mark yet. It still seems like the same thing though so I’m having trouble understanding why this got a second season.