House of Cards, episode five

People are protesting. It’s January and there is still no president. It’s up to Congress. Frank walks around DC explaining the process.

Will is at home and he’s stressing out. He’s got an event that night.

Doug and Frank are arranging meetings with Congress members. They may have to play hardball. They also talk about the protestors. Doug heads out and Frank goes in to meet with a constituent. They talk about nothing of consequence. He’s a historian.

The cable news shows talk about the Congress vote. They point out that the path to the presidency is not an easy one.

Yates and Claire are discussing his work. He wrote about his experiences. She is obviously a big part of that. So she’s pissed but he’s not backing down. She dismisses him to go and win votes. She meets with LeAnn. Frank’s numbers are down and LeAnn points out the possibility of a split ticket. Claire says that won’t happen.

Frank is still meeting with his historian friend. They talk about his ancestor that fought in the Civil War.

Doug argues with an aide on the phone. Seth comes in for an update but they are interrupted by Doug’s phone. He’s gotta go.

Will’s wife and campaign manager argue about him possibly having PTSD. People are suspicious and she’s working to cover it up.

Doug’s girlfriend (maybe? It was creepy. I don’t know.) Rachel’s girlfriend is talking to Tom. She wants him to track down Rachel and what happened to her and pin it on Doug. She doesn’t care about the Underwood’s. She wants Doug taken down.

Congressman Romero gets back to his office to find Doug waiting for him. The president wants to see him. He’s got an hour.

Sean is snooping around in Tom’s office. He takes pictures of the papers on the desk.
Romero goes to see Frank. He’s told in no uncertain terms that he has to get three key delegates to swing toward Frank. On his way out he brings up another time they met. Frank is rude about it.

After wrapping his event, Will is agitated and restless. He wants to stop pushing the military thing and has to talk to more members of Congress. The General offers him a confidant but Will tells him to just be a VP.

Claire and LeAnn go over senators and how she can work them. Claire asks about her NSA friend. He ran away and Claire wants to know why. Then Claire talks to Yates’ driver. They went to New York. Now she wants him to go film Yates at dinner with a older woman.

Doug picks up the lady he’s been sleeping with. He ditched her for dinner. They go to her house and have sex. Then Doug asks what the best part of sleeping with her dead husband was. She explains it.

Frank and Claire sit in the greenhouse and go over the delegates.

The next morning she meets with some female representatives. They don’t like Frank so they don’t want to support her. She suggests that maybe that isn’t necessarily the case.

Romero comes back to see Frank. It’s bad news. No swings.

Sean goes to see Seth about the potential Doug story. Seth doesn’t make anything of it yet.
LeAnn gets a call from NSA guy in the wind. He tells her to call off the dogs or he will leak about the Underwoods. Doug comes in and tells her to step up her game and get them votes.

Will and his wife fight. She finally wants the presidency too but he’s getting out of line.
Frank works the phones. He’s doing well. Doug comes in with bad news. They might have Maine but they lost New Hampshire. Frank snaps at him, questions his loyalty and Doug goes back at him. Awkward stalemate and then it’s back to work.

In Doug’s office, LeAnn explains the NSA situation. Doug tells her to fix it and she says that she can’t. She wants to know if there is a kill list and he says no. He tells her to fix it but she knows she can’t. She says that if there is a leak, he’s sure to go down too.

There is an issue in the middle of the night. LeAnn gets Frank and Claire out of bed. Yates is in Claire’s bed. The next morning, Claire goes to see a senator so that she can get them to stop filibustering. She wants to win, even if it means with Conway. Dude doesn’t care.

The vote comes out in a deadlock. Will and Frank are tied. No word on the VP but that’s who is in charge now, until the senate decides.

I don’t know why the suddenly turned Will into this nasty snarly guy. He wasn’t bad before. Now he’s a jerk. Also, I respect that Claire has to look out for number one. I’m surprised it took so long. I’m figuring it’ll be Will and Claire.


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