House of Cards, episode seven

Claire and Frank are arguing. She agreed with campaign manager Mark. Frank is pissed. He tells her she is naive and that Mark is running the show.

A high ranking ICO leader is spotted. Claire has to decide whether or not to strike. She wants to wait but Frank thinks they should go. A few military heads debate as well. Eventually Claire knuckles under.

Mark talks to Will’s wife. She wants him to realize that Will is on top of the ticket. He says he knows that but she’s not so sure.

LeAnn might have a lead on a tape that will smudge Will’s military record. It’ll cost them though. Doug says do it.

Tom is piecing things together between Doug and Rachel. There might be something there after all.

Cathy is waiting to talk to the president. She and LeAnn talk about the NSA guy. LeAnn admits that it is personal and Cathy wants nothing to do with it. A congresswoman, Jane Davis, turns up because they have a meeting. LeAnn interrupts Claire and Yates to say the meeting is ready. They head inside.

The meeting gets interrupted though and they are rushed to a bunker. A truck of radioactive material is missing. Inside, they try and figure what will happen. The truck can impact a 30-mile radius. They have to take this seriously. Evacuation protocols are mentioned.

Doug calls LeAnn. She wants to know how to spin things. Doug tells her that he doesn’t know anything. Seth interrupts. Doug has nothing to say. The two of them freak out.

Back in the bunker, Davis tells Cathy that she might have contacts that can be of assistance. Third party types. She’d need a secure line though. She steps out for a moment. Claire wants to know how she got such a high level of security. Doug does his creeper thing.

Things are tense and people start yelling at each other. Frank is putting pieces together. Davis might be connected to Will.

LeAnn and Doug talk about the spot that will muck up Will’s campaign. He wants to run with it. LeAnn is in the residence. Yates finds her.

Claire overhears Davis on the phone speaking arabic. She waits and then confronts her. She finds out about Davis’ contacts and the ICO leader in Damascus. Davis leaves and Claire tells Frank. Then Doug plays the recording for Frank. He leaves the bunker. Naturally, Frank heads to the Oval.

Sean is still following leads. He is talking to someone about kidney donations. It’s Doug’s girlfriend.

Tom is still working it too. He heads Rachel’s old apartment and talks to her landlord. Dude knows about Rachel and Lisa. He recognizes Doug too. He doesn’t judge though.
Frank goes to see the head of the NSA. He knows that this is all a plot to mess with the election. He just doesn’t know the particulars. He wants her to handle it.

The truck is found. It wasn’t ICO. Davis offers help to Claire catching the bad guy they lost today. Claire walks away.

Seth holds a presser. The whole thing is labeled as a drill. Claire expects the general to resign or implicate the co-conspirators. Then she talks to LeAnn about a meeting with Davis and points out that the NSA guy problem hasn’t been solved yet.

Sean and Seth are in the car talking about donation. Then Sean asks for a job.

Back home, Doug and his girlfriend are eating. She asks about the drill and then talks about the reporter that came by to talk about the foundation. Doug asks his name.

Claire and Frank talk about Davis and what to do moving forward. She walks away and he looks at photos of Yates and the tour guide in the press room. She finds Yates waiting in her room. She admits she was worried about him.

Frank and Claire are in the Oval with Mark. The justice swearing in has been rescheduled so the election is a go. And they play the recording for him.

I thought that would be a lot more interesting. I am just not as interested in this show as I used to be. It’s just expected that Frank will win and there are really no people worth caring about. I’m curious to see how the Herald story will play out. Will they connect Doug to Rachel and all the drama that he has?


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