House of Cards, episode six

Shocking a grand total of zero people, Claire won VP which makes her acting president. She gets the nuclear launch codes.

Will talks to the press about Claire being sworn in. He gets

The Underwoods are talking about the next presidential vote when someone comes in to talk Claire. They head to the situation room and find out Russia is moving on McMurdo.

The Congressional Black Caucus is willing to do what it takes to maintain the public’s faith in democracy. They are meeting before the next vote.

Claire and Frank talk to Viktor Petrov about what’s happening in Antarctica. He’s doing what’s best for himself, treaties be damned.

Doug and Frank go to try and swing a congressman. He stands up to them though. Frank is not happy about it.

In the Oval, Claire is signing paperwork when LeAnn comes in. Claire tells her to be honest and tell her how the vote will do. LeAnn says that a revote would be better for Frank but not for Claire.

Romero talks to Doug. He can handle the Black Caucus if it gets him minority whip. Doug needs to think about it.

LeAnn is online. She sees a story about a leak. She takes it to Doug and he tells her that it’s her NSA buddy.

Seth brings a statement about the leak to Doug for a once over. He mentions the girlfriend’s girlfriend and Doug plays it off before sending Seth out. When Seth comes back, he snoops on Doug’s phone and sees he made a call.

Claire and Frank talk about how to handle the election while Frank rides a stationary bike. He’s got his historian friend as his trainer now.

Will’s campaign manager is on the phone with Romero. He finds out the Black Caucus is in play and tells Will as much. They are going to try for it. His wife suggests a break. He says no.

Yates and Claire talk about her enjoying the presidency. He talks to her about being in charge and she says that she shouldn’t think out loud. He gets upset that she won’t acknowledge anything outside their room.

In the middle of the night, Claire goes down to the Oval. She reads a document and smokes a cigarette.

Cathy is in the car on the phone. She’s talking about dealing with Petrov and how the Underwoods might be on their way out.

The Black Caucus is meeting and Will is there to talk. He gets postponed and he’s pissed. He won’t beg.

Sean is making crap pitches to Tom. He brings up the girlfriend’s girlfriend but gets shot down.

Yates interrupts a White House tour. He talks about respect for the office of president.

Will finally gets a chance to talk to the Caucus. It doesn’t go well and then he yells at people.

Frank and Claire talk to the leadership about having a re-vote in Ohio and Tennessee. The delegation considers it.

Yates fucks the tour guide in the press room. Then he goes to meet up with Claire. She needs his help. She doesn’t want to go down if Frank does.

They are on a plan headed to another event when Will and his campaign manager exchange words. Will storms off to sit alone.

Seth googles the NSA guy.

Will gets an idea. He wants to talk to the pilots. He goes up and talks shop for a bit. Then asks to fly the plane. They say no and he freaks out. His wife and campaign manager wrangle him after an outburst.

LeAnn brings information to Doug. NSA guy has been kidnapped in Indonesia. Doug will handle it. He tells LeAnn not to ask questions.

Sean meets with the girlfriend’s girlfriend Lisa.

Cathy talks to the Russians about McMurdo.

Lisa gets high and Sean swipes some photos from her bag.

The campaign manager talks to the General about Will. If he wins, the General will be titled VP but will be something more.

Tom and Sean meet again about Lisa. Tom figures out that Sean went through his notes. Tom fires him.

Will is on the phone with Cathy. They are plotting how to get rid of Claire but Will doesn’t care about her. He just wants things to be down to him and Frank.

Doug is sitting in his office looking morose. He couldn’t find the NSA guy. He tells LeAnn as much.

Frank and Claire are on the phone with Petrov. Turns out he knows where the NSA guy is. He’s at the Kremlin. Someone else is too. Cathy. That’s awkward.

Tom is in a storage locker going through Zoe Barnes’ notes.

Frank and Claire meet with the campaign manager. They agree on a Supreme Court justice and on a revote, if Claire steps down. She will.

Claire tells Frank she agreed because Frank would’ve lost. The manager is pushing the General and that makes Will weak. They agree on that.

Will is going to snap. He’ll win probably but he will snap. Cathy is in trouble. I still think Claire will end up VP. What could possibly be in Zoe’s notes?


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