House of Cards, episode eight

There’s a big cult meeting. They are burning bones and chanting to find clarity or something. Frank is there.

Claire and Doug meet to talk about the schedule moving forward. She points out that it must be weird for him but he plays it off. Davis is there for a meeting. She comes in and is happy to help. She wants to see an Underwood administration.

Tom is going through files. There are lots of dead girls but Rachel is not among them.

Frank chats with the other cult members. Raymond Tusk and the General and Mark are among them.

Someone comes in and wakes Claire up. She’s needed in the situation room. On the way in, Cathy stops her and gives her an update. It’s a Russian ship that is sinking. Petrov doesn’t want help though. He’s going to make America look bad either way he says.

Mark talks to Frank about what the people want. Frank gets snarky. The next morning he chats with Raymond about Claire and then gets in a battle of wits with the General.

Davis and Claire meet with China about some trade agreements. Turns out the rep has some news about the Russian boat. There is an American on the boat. China is willing to help with the boat. As a matter of fact, there’s no trade agreement otherwise.

In the woods, Frank is sizing people up. Tusk is the ringleader. Meanwhile, Claire hears audio of the boat. There seems to be an American working with Russia. Claire wants more information.

Frank takes a walk to get a cell signal. He’s still putting pieces together. He tells Doug as much. then he gets an idea. He trades barbs with the General and seems to come out on top.

Claire meets with Davis again about China. She will let it seem like China is doing the rescuing but America will do it. And the trade deal needs a modification. Davis will go negotiate that.

Mark and Frank talk about the General and what the others think of him. Frank tells Mark why he never hired him many moons ago. Because no one works for free.

Claire and Davis discuss the ship and the trade agreement with China. They drive a hard bargain but they get the deal.

Cathy updates Claire later on. The only one unaccounted for is the alleged American. Everyone is rescued and she lets the ship go down. She talks to Petrov. Wants the NSA guy back but he says no.

On his way out of the woods, Frank talks to the tech genius. He’s a friend of Will’s but he gives Frank the audio from the plane meltdown.

The news covers the ship rescue. Claire watches. Yates comes in and she tells him that she’s been having him followed. He tells her that the lady in New York is a teacher of his. She gets the real him.

Davis and Claire talk about the ship. There was a lot of tech on the boat that Russia and China wanted. Claire wants to know what Davis’ play was. She says that she wanted to save the American. He was the technology.

Tom gets a package. It’s a flash drive from November 2013. His assistant is going through files and comes across Zoe’s press pass. The flash drive is Metro footage from two days before Zoe died.

Frank is back at the White House. He and Claire are trying to figure out what to do with the plane audio. He doesn’t trust it. He brings in Mark to talk about it and he’s willing to sacrifice Will to save the General.

Yates and Claire are in bed. He talks about the pointlessness of his existence. He says that the teacher in New York helped him see reason. He admits that they were married once upon a time and now she’s in a rough spot so he’s trying to help her.

She tells him that she wants to be with him and they exchange “I love you”s. Frank and Doug are going over strategy. They can take Will down now. They both acknowledge that they are going to win.

I like Davis. I don’t know why and I doubt she can be trusted but honestly who can be at this point. That stuff in the woods was boring. I figured Tusk would be more important and why is Mark so about the General?


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