House of Cards, episode nine

There’s breaking news. Will concedes Ohio and Frank wins Ohio. He’s president. He offers Will a cabinet post that they both know he won’t take. Will tells him to fuck off. The Underwoods toast to the victory in the Oval.

Will has to go give a speech. His wife doesn’t want to go. Mark tells him that this is important. This shapes their future. She goes.

Cathy and the rest of the Cabinet hand in their resignation letters. Frank promptly rips them in half and welcomes everyone back before laying out is 100 days plan. He wants to reunite the country.

Doug wants to move on Mark but Claire thinks they should hold off. Also, LeAnn is out. Doug tells Seth that she’s being pushed out and it has to be handled discreetly.

LeAnn is in a bar talking to a reporter. She acknowledges the NSA guy problem because she is trying to clear her own name. She wants the reporter to talk to him.
Davis tries to recruit Claire to her cause. It’s beneficial to national security. Yates walks in with no shoes on. He leaves and Davis asks about Franks politics. Claire tells her not to presume anything.

Frank is working on his speech when the personal trainer guy shows up. Frank reads the speech for him.

Yates meets with the journalist Leann knows. They agree to no shop talk but they do anyway. He tells her there’s nowhere he’d rather be than the White House. Then he goes back and quits and breaks up with Claire.

Seth brings in an announcement naming Mark special advisor. Doug hates it but Frank is game.

The Black Caucus talks to Doug about how things are changing on the Hill. He blames it on Romero. Next person through Doug’s office is Romero himself. He wants Medicare in the inaugural address and two seats to hear it. Doug says no but Frank and Mark agree to the terms.

It’s the big day. Frank gets sworn in. He gives his speech. He doesn’t give Romero what he wants. He does nothing to honor those disloyal. He tells Mark as much.

Journalist lady makes it to Moscow and jumps through hoops to get to Petrov. She doesn’t appreciate the effort.

Mark and Romero meet. They talk about having allies and making enemies. Mark tells Romero to be caustous.

Seth calls to talk to Sean and finds out he’s been fired. He makes another call. An exclusive that LeAnn is being pushed out. He hangs up and makes another call.

LeAnn tells Doug about journalist Kate interviewing the NSA guy in Russia. He tells her that it has to be stopped and it might have unforeseen consequences.

Claire and Frank are getting ready for the ball. Yates is there, all decked out in a tux. They send him away and they talk about the NSA guy.

Tom has Metro footage of the night Zoe died. There is a white guy on the platform. Maybe it’s Doug. Maybe it’s not. There’s no way to know for sure.

Frank is heading down the back steps with his personal trainer guy. They are talking trivia and then he makes a move on Frank. Frank grabs him by the throat and threatens him. Then the trainer kisses him. They have a rendevous in the stairwell.

Reporter Kate and NSA guy are talking. She namedrops LeAnn and he gets fidgety. She tells him about her being pushed out and he gets cold feet. He needs some air before the interview. He steps into the hall and barters for a cell phone.

He calls LeAnn. He wants her to run. He’ll help. She tells him that’s not an option. That it’s the end of the line. She apologizes and tells him how things will play out. Doug watches her.

Frank is on his way into the ball. Mark is there. They bump into the trainer. As the others head in, Frank sees Cathy and tries to walk in with her but she is leaving. He creeps around the house alone.

Tom calls Zoe’s father. He thinks her death was not an accident but Mr. Barnes can’t deal with it anymore. He tells Tom to stop calling.

Claire is looking for Frank. She bumps into Doug and brings up the night of the beheading. She wants to know where he was. She leaves and finds Frank. He tells her the investigation isn’t over.

Yates and the trainer watch as the Underwoods say goodnight to guests. Doug comes over and tells the trainer it’s time to go. Frank talks to Yates about the tour guide. Tells him not to cheat on Claire.

Barnes is waiting when Tom gets back to his office. He says he wasn’t close with his daughter. He didn’t really know her. Tom says that he didn’t either. Barnes leaves a burner phone with Tom.

LeAnn is officially getting the boot and Doug tells her security is waiting. She tells him that she can still be a friend and he tells her that he doesn’t have friends.

Davis updates the Underwoods on the NSA guy situation. She gives a recommendation but they have no use for it. She leaves and they talk about LeAnn. They just don’t know who to trust these days.

This was more interesting but still pretty boring. They killed the NSA guy right? That’s a shame. I feel bad for him. I’m glad that Tom is looking into Zoe’s death. That is the thread that will unravel everything.


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