House of Cards, episode ten

Romero is calling Jackie Sharp for the investigation. Mark and Doug have to keep people in line to make sure this doesn’t burn them all.

Claire is on the phone with a security director. They are talking about shipping a dead body back to the States. She tells him to lose the body. Yates comes in and they talk about death and Frank.

Frank is working out. He’s working hard on his stationary bike.

Doug has the NSA looking into Lisa. They think she’s nothing but he pushes it.

Davis talks to Claire about the body. It was the American on the Russian boat. They also talk about the ICO leader on the loose. Claire wants results but Davis just has more questions.

Mark and Romero talk about the investigation. Mark tells him to be patient but Romero knows what he wants and he thinks Mark is washed out. He says no deals. Mark reports back to Frank that he is trying other options.

Needless to say, Frank is pissed. He gets snippy with Claire and then reaches out to other congressmen to secure things.

Sean is up to something. He’s talking to other charity organizations. He brings up Doug’s girlfriends group and gets an awkward response.

At a diner in the city, Davis meets with LeAnn. She is trying to find out what the NSA guy might have leaked. She doesn’t get anything though.

Doug is walking around at night alone. He tracks down Lisa and starts following her. He talks to her about Rachel. He misses her and he wants her to come back. As soon as Doug turns away, Lisa runs as fast as she can. She doesn’t trust Doug. He sees her go and then empties a syringe he had in his pocket.

Tom talks to a tech guy about the phone he got from Barnes. It was used once to call a government number. Tom gets a call. It’s Lisa telling him Doug followed her.

Seth meets with a reporter. There is a story coming out about Jackie Sharp. She was in the wrong with campaign funds and now she can’t testify to the committee without getting herself in trouble.

Turns out the leak came from Mark. He did what he could to protect Frank. They don’t mind that he did it. Frank just doesn’t like how he went about it.

Claire has a meeting with LeAnn. She tells her about Davis talking to her. Claire thanks her. Then LeAnn wants to talk her future and Claire basically laughs. Claire confronts Davis. Then both women meet with Frank about the ICO guy.

Davis gets blunt. She knows that there is an attack coming. If the US gets involved ahead of time, they can make the investigation go away so that the debate turns to war. Frank asks Davis if she’s worked with Mark. Similarly, Claire asks Mark about Davis.

Sean and Seth meet. Seth is fidgety but Sean knows that he’s on the right track. He says as much.

The Underwoods brief Cathy and then basically tell her to resign once they get this situation in check. She agrees to do so.

Cathy calls Davis. She can’t believe that the Underwoods would get involved with the attack. Davis plays both sides. She acts sympathetic to Cathy, who warns her to be wary of them.

Seth talks to Claire about Sean’s story. The dead guy, the one whose widow is now with Doug, was jumped on the donor list for Frank. Claire

Mark and Davis meet up and talk about the Underwoods. He thinks that Frank could be a great president.

Frank is talking to other congressmen about Romero. Doug is more concerned with Mark. He’s playing both sides. Sure enough, Mark is on the phone telling someone to reign Romero in. He knows Walker is going to testify soon.

Claire talks to Yates. She leaves the room and Frank comes in. He just found Walker will speak to the committee. He wants to have words with Mark about it. He does just that the next morning but Mark holds his ground.

Seth introduces Sean to Claire. She tells him to back off the donor story. He doesn’t agree to anything. Claire walks away and meets with Davis again. They talk about Cathy and then about Davis’ skills being utilized now.

Romero is in his office with Mark. He wants Underwood to resign. Mark tells Romero that he is a fool and that everyone else will see it. He leaves and calls Frank. Tells him Walker will plead the fifth and that Romero is going to burn out.

Yates and Claire are in bed together. She tells him that Frank killed people and that more people will die. He tells her that doesn’t scare him and kisses her.

LeAnn is walking to her car when the NSA guy turns up. He’s got a flight out. She tries to get him to stay but it’s no use. They kiss and then she gives him a gun and he leaves.

Claire and Frank talk about the investigation. She doesn’t know why she’s bothering. He doesn’t listen to her anyway.

Tom notices the photo strip of Lisa and Rachel is missing.

Cathy and Claire talk about her UN address. Cathy offers to skip the flight and come back to the office. Claire takes her up on it.

Frank talks to Garrett Walker who pulls no punches. He tells Frank off about morals and says he is only doing this for the party.

Doug is headed in to observe the hearings. Just before he does though, Tom stops him. He wants a quote about Lisa Williams. Doug plays dumb. Tom asks about where Doug lives and he confirms the area Tom suggests. Then he heads inside.

The hearing starts and Walker is advised to plead the fifth. Walker says he’ll talk so Romero starts with the questions. Walker accuses Frank of laundering money.

The Underwoods kick Mark out of their viewing room. Claire blames Frank because he went to talk to Walker.

LeAnn gets an e-mail. An audio message from the NSA guy. He says if she’s hearing it, he’s dead.

NSA guy was shot in a hotel room. Davis is shredding files. There’s one for the guy from the Russian ship and another for the NSA guy.

Okay so I thought that the NSA guy was dead in the last episode so that was news to me. I can’t figure out who Davis is working for. I mean, herself, I get that. But to what end? I like that Sean and Tom are both following up on different anti-Underwood things. I really want Tom to piece it together.


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