iZombie, episode nine

Ravi is at the anti-zombie meeting. They are getting ready to mobilize and Ravi is freaking out.

Blaine holds a staff meeting at the bar.

The meeting assigns everyone a zombie to stalk. They want to capture and starve one so they can stream it online. Ravi tells them that he used to be CDC but now he’s an ME and he’s working on a vaccine. They should stay away from the zombies until then.

Afterward, he talks to a girl after she offers him a ride.

Some people are playing Dungeons and Dragons. They toast to a princess and then one of the players dies. Ravi, Clive and Liv head to the scene. They talk to the other players and then head back to the lab. There was poison in the wine. It could be anyone.

Liv eats the brain and gets into the game as well. She argues about the semantics of the game. She has a vision. All the players were pissed at the victim.

Blaine brewed his own blue juice and doubled down on it. Now he’s running tests so that he can market the amped up brains and make a boatload.

Ravi gets home to find Major reading the hate mail that Ravi’s been hiding from him.
Peyton is still talking to people about the dominatrix murder.

Clive and Liv head to the comic book store to talk to one of the other players. She was sleeping with the victim and basically all of the other guys were jealous. She figures out the best way to trigger a vision would be to play the game.

Major, Peyton, Ravi and Clive gather for the game. Ravi and Liv are into it. The others are not. They play for a long time. Everyone but Peyton is really into it. They eventually trigger a vision. The victim had a secret room in his apartment.

Liv and Clive go to investigate. They bring back the girlfriend and she talks about the secret room before being dismissed. The feds are taking the case. It could be Russian cybercrimes. The fed Clive is in love with is handling it. He talks to her. She’s not interested.

Major sits with Liv while she gets ready for a date. He gives her brain mush and when his buddy gets there he heads out.

Donnie at the blue brain and is going nuts.

Liv meets the new zombie military leader. Peyton is there too. She wants to talk to her boss about her case but he blows her off.

Ravi is at work when the zombie hunters come in. They caught a zombie and want to show him. Sure enough Donnie is locked in their truck.

Major is bored watching tv alone.

At the party Liv and her date are about to ditch out when he tells her what a jerk the new military guy is. She heads over to confront him when shits ring out. The zombie mayor candidate was hit.

After getting cleaned up major goes to head out. Shawna is at his door.

Blaine taunts his father who is still in the well.

This brain was not as obnoxious as last time. I thought it was pretty funny to be honest. I feel bad for Ravi. He is in way over his head with the anti-zombie club. Also, why didn’t he bring Peyton?


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