House of Cards, episode eleven

Tom and Seth are duking it out on Rachel Maddow’s show. The word impeach is tossed around.

Cathy and Davis meet. Davis promises that she is on Cathy’s side but it doesn’t seem to convince her.

Frank and Claire are fighting about the fate of his presidency. She thinks that he should let people forgive him.

Sean is hounding his girlfriend for information on Tom and what he’s working on. She doesn’t want to play

Late that night Frank is on a bike ride with the secret service and his personal trainer. He figures he will be impeached and the personal trainer thinks that will solidify his legacy because at least he will be remembered.

Claire goes looking for Frank. He’s not in his room though.

Doug calls a reporter. He’s trying to find out what Tom is working on. He gets nothing. Tom gets a flash drive in the mail and makes IT check it before he starts going through the information. He makes a call. There’s a leak in the Underwood administration.

Mark and Romero talk. The Walker thing did not help Romero with his party, but he swapped to independent so this might play out in his favor.

Tom wants to run with the story of how the Underwoods intentionally arrested an innocent man to muck up election day. He has no sources though so the higher ups say no. He deliberates in his office before telling his assistant to leak it.

The story breaks big and Seth has to deal with the flak. He’s not pleased. Especially when Doug comes in questioning his loyalty.

Frank, Claire, Doug and the head of the FBI talk about finding the leak. Doug talks to LeAnn about keeping her mouth shut. Later, she gets a visitor. FBI is investigating the death of the NSA guy.

Claire, Frank and Mark meet. Mark thinks Claire should back away so that she isn’t caught in the crossfire but she says no. She heads to the residence and finds Yates in the kitchen. She tells him that he needs to leave. He’s shocked but she insists so he does it.

Birch and Womack from the Caucus stop by the Oval to talk to Frank about resigning so that he doesn’t get impeached. He tells them they are nuts and then Birch says he’s leaving.

Doug is watching footage of Seth. He’s making calls to coordinate about Frank’s liver transplant. Next up, he watches LeAnn reading files NSA guy sent her.

Sean comes in to talk to Seth. He wants to talk to Claire about something. He asks about her but Seth gives nothing. Claire watches on a laptop. Meanwhile, Frank watches Cathy talk to Tom on the phone.

Frank goes for a bike ride with the trainer. Dude professes his love to Frank but he isn’t interested. He tells dude to go away and then leaves.

Claire is in her office when Doug comes by. He’s looking for Frank. He has a file of survelliance on Yates. Claire tells Doug to back off the widow.

Cathy meets with Romero. She goes on the record telling him that he is betraying the Underwoods. But as she leaves, she slips him a note that simply says “Yates.”

Later that night, Doug is dropping his girlfriend off. He tells her he messed with the donor list and got Frank bumped ahead of her husband. She knew and tells him as much. She says that she was only with him because she hated him.

LeAnn gets a late night visitor. Doug. He comes in asking what NSA guy gave her. She wants to know how he knew and realizes it was spying. She talks about her relationship with NSA guy and then asks Doug what he’s about. She asks if he liked watching her and he admits that he did. They have sex.

Claire is going to the gym and looks for Frank to tell him as much. She wants to know where his trainer is and Frank says that he won’t be around. She doesn’t go to the gym. She meets with Davis to go over upcoming plans. Davis is insistent that Frank be left out of the loop. Frank watches the gym on his laptop, waiting for Claire to turn up.

The next morning, Doug is leaving. He tells LeAnn this never happened. He sees that there was another leak. LeAnn wants back in but he says no. The leak is about the polling centers. Frank sees it and talks to Cathy. He tells her to get some documents ready justifying his actions. She heads out and does what she can to protect herself.

Sean shows up at Seth’s office. He’s got a new job. Deputy press secretary. Seth thinks it’s a joke but they have bigger fish to fry. Frank is pinning the leak on Cathy. Mark tells him not to do that. They should focus on protecting Claire now.

Doug comes clean about getting Frank to move up on the donor list. Frank is more upset that Claire knew and didn’t tell him. He tells Doug that he lost track of her for 45 minutes. Claire practices her speech about not knowing anything.

Tom gets another flash drive in the mail in a birthday card. It’s not from Cathy. She negotiated immunity.

So who is the leak? Frank probably. Just because that would make no sense like everything else on this show. What happens to Will now? Do we ever find out? I miss him. And Davis is just trouble but I like her quite a bit.


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