House of Cards, episode thirteen

Frank lingers after his testimony to talk to Romero. He brings up something from Romero’s past as a threat to the investigation. Claire is waiting for him when he gets back. She’s pissed he didn’t tell her about this first. She calls it last minute but he says that it has been planned for a long time.

He tells her that he wanted her to be president so that they can maintain the power. He just wants her to pardon him. She says that that would mess everything up and they can’t trust anyone. He tells her that Davis and Mark have her back and that he has been the only leaking with Doug’s help.

She just has to pardon him and Doug. She tells him that she killed Yates. Then she meets with Mark. He is pissed about the body at his house and about the way that this whole situation played out. They weren’t prepared and now he has to deal with it.

LeAnn agrees to hand over whatever she has to Davis in exchange for her gun back and she wants to be chief of staff. Davis thinks that can be arranged.

Seth gives a statement about Doug killing Zoe and provides Frank with plausible denability.

Sean is walking through the White House and sees Tom. They exchange social niceties but Tom is not polite. Then he goes in to talk Doug. He asks about Zoe. Doug doesn’t really tell him anything. Tom asks about birthday cards and Doug says he never sent any. Tom leaves.

Claire and Seth are drinking in her office. They talk about his statement to the US Attorney. Then she tells him that he needs to resign. She says that she will bring him back later.

Doug resigns. Frank tells him to steal something from the Oval before he leaves. Then Frank goes to see Claire. He wants her to promise to pardon him before he resigns. She hesitates but eventually agrees.

Frank signs the letter. Romero goes on a talk show to say that the committee is being disbanded. The investigation is over. America needs to move forward.

LeAnn goes to see Doug. She asks if he needs to pack anything. He says no and then she tells him Claire wants him out before she is sworn in. He leaves. She gets sworn in and Frank is still there.

Doug goes home and acts like a creep. Sean reads a prepared statement to the press about the transition. The Herald holds an editorial meeting. Tom is still waiting on the Doug story.

There was an attack in Syria. Russia is jumping on the chance to start more fights. Davis suggests boots on the ground but Claire wants to wait. She talks to Mark and he points out that people are going to question Frank’s involvement.

Davis talks to Frank. She needs him to talk to Claire because he presidency depends on it. He does and she agrees. She also tells him to leave the White House. He can’t appear to be involved in decision making. They go to separate bedrooms.

Frank goes to the Oval in the middle of the night. He burns a hole in the flag with a cigarette.

LeAnn and Davis fill out a security questionaire. Davis gives LeAnn her gun back and grants access to the files. Davis updates Claire the next morning. Claire wants to know what Davis is up to. She uses a lot of flowery words but doesn’t say much.

Doug confesses to authorities.

Mark and Frank meet. Frank is mad.

Davis has news on the ICO front. She hurries in to tell Claire. Mark and LeAnn are there too. She lays out what will happen and then Mark talks cabinet. LeAnn is getting the boot again. Davis goes to the spa but updates Frank on the LeAnn situation first.

Tom meets with Doug again. He shows him the Metro security footage from the night Zoe died. Tom pushes. He doesn’t think Zoe did it.

Claire and Frank go to a hotel. She tells him she is sending in troops. She also tells him that after that announcement, she will announce his pardon. For crimes committed “while president.”

She wants to know how they got here. He says its too late to worry about that now. He also suggests being wary of Mark’s VP pick,

LeAnn puts her gun in her bag before leaving.

The mission for the ICO guy plays out. They watch it in the situation room.

While driving, LeAnn calls Doug. She did something bad and needs to talk. She asks to come over and he says yes. She hangs up and notices the car behind her is speeding up and has no lights on.

At the hotel, Frank watches everything through the ca,era on her phone. It’s pretty clear how that is supposed to play out.

Before her speech, Claire talks to Mark. He suggests himself. She seems reluctant so he threatens her with information about Yates.

She goes to her speech. She talks about ICO and Syria. Speech ends and Mark tries to chat but she says she’s busy.

The personal trainer hops the fence at the White House. Police kill him. Doug keeps trying to call LeAnn. No luck but her car is upside down on the median. There are no leads.

Frank calls Claire. She ignores it and then addresses the camera. “My turn.”

Talk about anti-climactic. What happened to Lisa? Why is Doug just letting Tom in his house? Who is going to do the rest of the jobs? Who is Davis working for? I like this show but it has definitely fallen off quite a bit.


One thought on “House of Cards, episode thirteen

  1. Frank was literally ‘cleaved from the herd’. Not the ending I expected but it will do for now, and if there’ s a sixth season Frank will be operating from the outside.

    On balance, I agree that this was a disappointing season. The introduction of Mark Usher and Jane Davis clearly ran a distant second to Remy and Jackie Sharp. I could get my head around Usher at all – as this begins he’s working with Conway. AS the season ends. he’s offering himself as the VP for the new President Claire Underwood.

    As for Jane Davis, she was not an asset to the show at least in terms of being an exciting character.

    Other characters came and went – Conway, Tom Yates, Sec of State (is she dead or in a coma – and if it is a coma how can Frank leave her alive) , and LeAnn, and Congressman Romano.

    Other questions and comments:

    Conway and Romano were disposed of too easily.

    How did Doug appear in the Metro video, I don’t think we saw that before?
    How does Jane Davis have so much knowledge – we only saw her with Claire and occasionally with Frank, and not much of her doing her work. Which is what exactly?
    Mark Usher speaks too softly. For me every time he appeared, I thought the show ground to halt.

    What if the Underwoods (Frank and Claire) have finally met their match with the so far undisclosed alliance of Usher and Davis?

    See you next year…


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