House of Cards, episode twelve

Cathy meets with Frank about her testimony. He tells her not to do it but she doesn’t back down. Then, he pushes her down the stairs.

Mark is at a card game with other power players. They comment on Cathy and Frank but Mark says he is still backing the senator. That prospect doesn’t look too good at the moment either. Someone wants him out.

Sean uses his sleeping girlfriend’s fingerprint to get into her phone. She wakes up and sees him doing it but doesn’t let him know.

Claire is in the kitchen getting ready for the day when an aide comes in. She has a note from Yates and other things to go over. Claire walks away. She finds Yates’ manuscript in a desk.

Frank is talking to the press. He has a leader of Syria on hand. He gets asked about the impeachment proceedings. He tells them its nonsennse.

Davis talks to Claire. There is an ICO lawyer in DC that she will be meeting with. Claire is hesitant. She blames it on a headache.

LeAnn is back. She gives her rehearsed testimony to Frank and he welcomes her back. She heads out and Frank tells Doug that he hates her. He thinks that she has info from the NSA guy. Then Frank heads back to the guy from Syria.

The meeting between Claire and Davis continues. Davis is pushing for troops on the ground in Syria. She offers to hold off so that they can move forward after the impeachment. Claire calls Frank and tells him what can be done. He tells her to push Davis along.

Seth and Frank are walking down the hall. Sean turns up. He wants to talk to Frank. He wants to rat on Tom. Frank takes him into an office to talk. Sean tells him that Tom can link him and Doug to Zoe’s death. Frank tells him to keep an eye on it.

Doug threatens the FBI guy regarding his testimony. Dude has to protect himself. Frank is losing support Dude is done.

Later that night, Davis confronts LeAnn. She tells her to stop being distracted and tell the Underwoods what she knows. LeAnn seems spooked but blows her off.

Frank tells Claire what Sean told him. That Tom suspects him for Zoe’s death. They deduce that someone is talking to Tom. They need a fall guy. Doug.

Doug is at home. His phone rings and he assumes it’s Frank. He starts his update but it’s Claire instead. She invites him to the residence for dinner. They need to catch their breath.

Tom is walking his dog. He gets a call. It’s a distorted voice giving him more information. Doug killed Zoe.

It’s time for dinner. Claire tells Doug them all need help during difficult times. They tell him that they appreciate him. And then ask him to take the fall for Zoe’s death. He goes back to his office and digs a ton of birthday cards out of his desk to throw out.

Tom meets with the staff at the paper. They try and figure out if they can take the phone call seriously. Then he heads back to his office. Doug wants to set up a meeting. He says right away. Sean’s girlfriend, Tom’s assistant, has been setting Sean up. She left info on her phone for him to see so they can trap the White House.

Claire tells Frank about the book Yates’ left. He alludes to things. Frank wants to know what he knows but she just says she will handle it. He yells at her for falling in love. Frank talks to Mark on the phone about the impeachment vote.

Doug shows up at LeAnn’s house. He needs to lay down. He tells her that whatever she is holding is not insurance. She is putting herself in danger. She tells him that he is too dedicated and he confesses to killing Zoe Barnes. She doesn’t buy it but he repeats himself and leaves.

Frank tells Seth what he needs to say about Doug when he testifies. Claire goes to Mark’s house for a secret meeting with Yates. They talk about regretting the entire situation and then the manuscript as they have a drink.

She misses him. She told him more than she told anyone. He kisses her neck. They have sex on the living room floor. She won’t kiss him though. His speech is getting slurry and then he’s mumbling. She killed him.

The Syrians are holding a speech. Davis is there. So is Mark. Afterward she tells him that they can work with Claire, not Frank. She’s a better option and they need to push Frank out. Mark gets a call. He hurries home and finds Yates. He calls someone to take care of it.
Seth is giving a statement about Doug. He talks about Doug being unstable and killing Zoe. The
lady running the statement says that this has nothing to do with anything but he tells her that it’s about Doug.

Romero is in charge of the hearing. He reads the Herald story and asks the FBI guy about it. He follows what Doug told him. LeAnn appears and does the same. Frank, Mark and Claire watch it on tv. Frank wants to testify but the others think he shouldn’t. Doesn’t matter. He’s going to do it.

Frank meets with Davis about his own testimony. She tells him not to do it so as to protect Claire. He tells her to make him an offer so that he will take the fall.

It’s time for Frank’s testimony. He gives an opening statement saying that if he is guilty so is everyone else in Congress. He tells them that this is what everyone signed up for. Then he announces his resignation.

So Frank is out and Doug was the leak? Didn’t necessarily see that coming. I still don’t really understand to what end this is all leading up to. Why are they all doing this stuff? Romero wants to be president and so does Claire and Frank but what does Mark get out of it? And why is Doug so loyal. It makes zero sense to me.


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