The Americans, episode thirteen

They basically run to the defectors house. No answer. Philip bangs on the door. Still nothing. Philip wants to break in. He starts to head for the back but the defectors get home. They invite them in and Tuan heads upstairs. He yells for help. The kid is bleeding from the wrists in his bed.

They call 911 and put pressure on the wounds. He’s bleeding but the pulse is weak. The father runs out and comes back with the surveillance guy. He radios it in and helps with the wounds. Philip and Elizabeth are stunned. The kid gets taken by ambulance. Philip asks the father who that guy is and he says that the government gave them protection when they defected.

The father and Philip go in the house to collect some things. He finds the note from his son. It says he loves his parents but can’t live in America. He’s sorry.

Philip is driving home and finds Stan and his girlfriend moving things into his house. A pipe burst in her place so this is a temporary fix. Philip reports back to Elizabeth. He still thinks the girlfriend is one of them. He tells her he is meeting with the defector. The wife and son are moving back to the Soviet Union and they feel bad for Tuan.

Stan and he FBI have his mark’s new fiance take a lie detector test. He seems nervous but passes with flying colors.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Granny. They update on the defector. Philip has an issue with tearing the family apart, especially since the wife will be blackmailed once she gets over there. Granny says she will ask but nothing will change. Then she brings up their retirement and they say are deciding soon.

On the ride home, Elizabeth spitballs how to tell the kids. Family trip to Europe and maybe tell Paige ahead of time. She thinks it’ll be good for them to be a family without all the drama. That’s it. Philip says they are going.

Paige is watching the news while Henry fiddles with the computer. There’s coverage of Reagan and his stance on the Soviet Union.

Martha walks around a park with an older man. She is learning Russian vocabulary. They watch orphans playing. The man tells her that he has talked to Gabriel. They want her to be happy.

Tuan and his parents go to see the defector family. Tuan talks to the kid about his parents, and all the blood. Elizabeth talks to the mother about taking care of her son. Philip tries to convince the father to go back. He says he will be thrown in jail to die so he can never go back.

They go back to the house and tell Tuan that they are going to send their report. They can help him get a different placement if he wants. He tells them not to. He already sent his and he was critical of them. They had lapses throughout the mission and almost lost it at the end because of “petty concerns.”

Philip gets mad at that. The kid could have died and Tuan doesn’t care. He walks away and Elizabeth has words with him. She criticizes his behavior and then tells him that he isn’t going to make it. It’s too hard doing it alone. One day it will all come crashing down. She tells him to make his country send him a partner.

Henry got into his fancy school. He’s even got a scholarship and he excitedly tells his father. Philip doesn’t take the news well. He yells at Henry and says he isn’t going. Their family sticks together.

Paige is at church. She is handing out food and chatting with Pastor Tim. They chat before she leaves. Philip plays racquetball with Stan. The girlfriend interrupts and Philip steps out so they can play together. Elizabeth looks at all the spyware in the closet. Paige walks alone. Philip leaves the gym. Elizabeth looks around the house. Paige gets to the parking lot and looks around before getting in the car and driving home.

Party at Kimmy’s house. Philip is there and everyone is stoned. Her friends start asking Philip about himself and he says that he is single but not available because he might move to Japan. Kimmy is upset and leaves the room. He follows and reassures her that she will be fine without him.

He goes home and listens to the tape he collected. Elizabeth comes in and interrupts. She asks about what happened with Henry and then tells him they will be worrying about other things soon enough. He gets back to the tape. Elizabeth trains Paige in the garage.

Something important, about the Soviet division comes up on the tapes. Philip seems surprised. Paige and Elizabeth talk about the pastor. Paige is happy for him and thinks that he made her a better person. Elizabeth agrees. Then Paige says that she’s over the church but wants to keep helping the food pantry. Philip takes a drive. He stands near the water with the recording.

Stan is cooking dinner with his girlfriend. They put it in the oven and then he starts talking about work. He wants to quit. Not the FBI but the department that he works in. He doesn’t want to be responsible for the fate of other people. Or feel shitty all the time. She tells him that he’s a good person but that maybe his department needs a good person.

Philip gets home and finds Paige doing homework with an ice pack on her face. He asks where everyone is and then apologizes for what their spy life has meant to her childhood. She missed out because of it. Then he goes upstairs and asks Elizabeth to go sit somewhere with him.

They go for a walk and he tells her that he was going to get rid of the tape. Kimmy’s dad is now head of the Soviet division. Maybe they can get someone else to get the tapes from her. He says that he’s not the only one having a hard time. She is too. And the kids. He says they deserve a life.

She tells him that she can’t. This is why they came here. She suggests he stop. Run the travel agency and get the tapes and that’s it. He says that she needs him and she tells him that she’s making him stay and she doesn’t want to see him like this anymore.

I thought for sure they would use the school as a way to just write Henry off. I mean, you had to know they weren’t actually going to get to just retire back to Russia. I’m convinced one or both of them will end up dead before this is over. Also, I don’t trust Stan’s girlfriend. At all. Or Paige. I don’t trust any of them except Philip.


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