How to Get Away With Murder, episode fifteen

Flashback to the night of the fire. Wes talks to Nate. There’s someone else in the house though. Once Nate leaves, Wes calls Annalise. Then he gets grabbed from behind.

Oliver and Michaela try to file a missing persons report for Connor. The desk officer is not amused. Asher tries to see the DA but he’s not in his office. He finds him though as he’s escorted away. Bonnie confronts the DA in the bathroom. He plays dumb. She calls Annalise who tells her to find Connor.

Annalise goes to a swanky restaurant to meet with Sylvia Mahoney. Bonnie tells the kids. Laurel still believes Connor signed a deal and pulled a runner. At the restaurant, Annalise wants a truce. She wants the Mahoneys to back off. She had nothing to do with the husband’s death.

Frank calls the DA trying to take a deal and turn on Annalise. DA days no though and then the conversation again reverts to Connor. Speaking of, he’s chained to a table and can sign an immunity deal or remained chained to a table.

At lunch, Annalise yells at the woman about what she did to Wes. Turns out Wes was not the product of her husband raping the help. It was her son that did it. Wes was her grandson. She denies involvement in the murder or the set-up. Annalise believes it.

She goes back to Bonnie’s house and tells the others as much. Oliver is more worried about Connor. He can’t believe the others are so heartless. They start bickering and Bonnie kicks them out.

The DA meets with someone and gets an envelope in return. He brings it to see Connor.

It’s Wes’ phone that they will plant on Connor if he doesn’t sign the deal. He has until the end of the night before they arrest him.

Bonnie and Annalise talk about Sylvia. Annalise is worried she was played but Bonnie doesn’t think so. Annalise leaves. She says she’s going to a meeting. She goes to her house.

Laurel is reading about Mahoney. Asher comes over to bother her. She smells his pizza and makes a mad dash for the bathroom. Oliver is calling the police station to follow up on the missing persons report.

Annalise is walking around in the ruins of her house. Asher tells Michaela that he loves her and that he has to tell her. She runs away. She and Laurel talk about knowing when someone is in love. Michaela doesn’t know if she loves Asher. Laurel knew she loved Wes when it was too late.

At her house, Annalise finds what she was looking for. It’s a picture of her and Sam and their baby.

Nate is trying to talk to the detective but it’s no use. Instead he ends up confronting the DA. He asks about Connor. The DA and the detective go to arrest Connor but he says that he has something that will put her away.

They get a warrant to search Oliver’s place and do so. Someone let’s Bonnie know and she tells Annalise. Turns out there was a voicemail on her phone from Wes, talking about Sam and Rebecca. Now the police have it.

The others meet up. Laurel wants to blame Connor but Annalise says doing so would implicate everyone. She needs to give the DA another suspect. Laurel figures it out.

Annalise wants to blame Wes. Laurel freaks out and they let her rant until Annalise gets fed up and yells at her. She tells her to grow up.

Asher is doing sit-ups until Michaela stops him. She tells him she doesn’t know if she loves him and tells him as much. There’s a knock on the door. Laurel. She needs their support. Then she will tell them her plan because she’s okay with jail, she just wants to know what happened to Wes.

Oliver and Bonnie are waiting to hear from Annalise. She is meeting with the DA. She’s got a deal. Stop the blaming, drop the charges and she will tell him what’s on her phone. She tells him that Wes left her a voicemail confessing to the murders of Sam and Rebecca.

Flashback to Wes getting drugged and then fighting back. It’s the same dude that met with the DA and brought him the phone. He knocks the guy out and tries to escape but dude comes too and smothers him. In Annalise’s story though, he killed himself. The DA says no dice and Annalise gets nasty. She says that she will not stop until he feels the pain that Wes felt.

Bonnie and Oliver are waiting. Annalise gets home. She has Connor with her. He comes in and hugs Oliver. It’s a happy reunion. Then they notice everyone is missing.

Laurel and Asher watch from a distance as Michaela sits at a bar in New York. She’s alone so she starts a conversation with the guy next to her. Mahoney. She flirts and gets him to buy her a drink.

Annalise goes to an AA meeting. She says she lost someone. The judge listens to the voicemail. The DA doesn’t want to bring the case before a jury. He tells the judge Nate brought him the voicemail.

At the meeting, Annalise talks about taking care of the person she lost out of a sense of guilt. Asher tries to convince Laurel that this is a bad plan but things change. Michaela and Mahoney are leaving the bar.

Afterward, Annalise gets home to find Frank waiting at Bonnie’s. He says that he will do whatever she wants. Laurel and Asher meet Michaela in the bathroom. Mahoney invited her back to his place. Laurel says go but the others disagree. Also, Michaela now realizes that she’s in love with Asher. Laurel is going to take justice into her own hands. She runs after Mahoney, with a gun.

Annalise tells the story of how she worried about Wes and how it ruined him. She wanted to care for him.

Laurel is almost to Mahoney when someone steps in her way. It’s Wes’ killer! She knows him. Dominick she calls him. A family friend in town for work. Flashback to him getting the hitman assignment from Laurel’s father. He wanted Wes gone. Michaela and Asher catch up and she introduces them.

Finally, Annalise admits Wes felt like a son.

I didn’t expect that and I know it is setting next season up but it seems lame. They put all this effort into establishing the Mahoneys and it didn’t pay off. I’m glad that Connor is not going to jail but honestly Laurel fighting Mahoney would have been better. She will piece this together right away and no one will believe her. Or she’s naive and won’t and will end up letting Wes’ killer raise his kid.


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