How to Get Away With Murder, episode fourteen

Connor is running. Other people are talking about not feeling bad and images being stuck in their head and other suicidal thoughts. Connor is in a bad place. He almost steps in front of a bus.

Annalise goes to a new AA meeting. She wants to know what the point of all this is. The other people in the group have no answers.

Finally home after hours running, Connor is confronted by Oliver. Annalise has a hearing in the morning Bonnie wants Connor there. He knows something but can’t tell the others. They won’t believe him.

Michaela and Asher give Connor grief but Bonnie tells them all to knock it off. The motion to dismiss hearing starts and Bonnie does the questioning. It’s a bust. They all argue in the lobby until Laurel interrupts. Mahoney was released from prison. Asher is convinced that they will get killed but Annalise just says push the prosecutor.

Nate meets with the DA. He wants to make sure that he is on their side. Then he gives him information to help them. Nate promptly turns it over to Annalise. It’s a wifi password for the prosecutor. She gives it to Oliver so that he can find the link.

The rest of the group starts digging through Annalise’s case. Connor needs a minute. He goes to the bathroom and Michaela follows. He finally tells her what he knows. Oliver gets the landline records and there are calls from a burner phone. Michaela and Connor come back in and look suspicious. She blurts the secret. Connor might have killed Wes.


Connor and Thomas in bed the night Wes died. He leaves and goes to Annalise’s house. No one is around. He goes to the basement and finds Wes. He didn’t have a pulse, Connor tells the others. He kept doing compressions and cracked a rib. Annalise asks if he noticed anything. He said the gas line was cut. They all yell at Connor. Laurel tells him to kill himself.

The DA offers Frank a deal. He can walk if he says he acted on Annalise’s orders.
Bonnie is in a room with Connor and Annalise. They need to talk. It turns into a screaming match until they both agree to believe the other is innocent. They come out and Annalise tells them to forgive him. Laurel doesn’t. Bonnie talks to Frank. All the kids are being investigated. Laurel leaves for an OB appointment. Asher wants to call the burner phone.

Nate breaks into the prosecutor’s car and hacks the GPS. He calls Annalise but she doesn’t thank him. She wants him to try and get her to confess to the setup. Bonnie comes in and talks to Annalise. She doesn’t think Connor is telling them everything.

Laurel is at the doctor. She hears the heartbeat. She’s still considering abortion. After the appointment, she goes to talk to Meggy. She apologizes.

The group is still looking for a way to catch the prosecutor. Connor offers to take the stand. The cracked rib isn’t in the autopsy. It’s proof that the documents were messed with. Annalise says no. He can’t take the stand. Laurel can though.

Back in court, the ME is on the stand. She talks about smoke inhalation and burns on Wes’ body. Bonnie presses about other injuries but she says there weren’t any. Next up is Laurel. The DA tries to block it but the judge agrees with Bonnie.

Prosecutor walks outside and Nate confronts her. He asks about Mahoneys but she says that she isn’t working for anyone. He pushes but she says that she’s looking out for number one.

Bonnie comes out swinging and Laurel tells Connor’s story on the stand. DA cross examines and has evidence that Laurel has perjured herself before. That really puts them up the creek. Judge rules that the motion to throw out the charges against Annalise be denied. Afterward, Connor goes to the DA’s office. He want’s Wes’ immunity deal.

Everyone gets back to Michaela’s place. They are looking for Connor. Oliver calls him and he says that he is at the DA’s office making it right. They beg him to leave, to come home.

Annalise and Bonnie are walking through the parking garage. Someone flashes their lights at them. It’s Nate. Annalise goes to talk to him. He believes the prosecutor. They keep talking and she puts the pieces together.

The others are still yelling at Connor to leave. Asher says that he is going to go through with his plan. He’s going to call the burner phone. He does and it rings. Connor finds it in the DA’s desk.

They all know it was the DA. He walks into his office to find Connor on the burner phone.


Laurel goes in the house. She starts yelling and looking around. Connor smells gas and gets spooked. He runs out the storm door just as Laurel heads into the basement. Then the house blows up. Connor runs away and the DA’s hired hand sees it.


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