How to Get Away With Murder, episode thirteen

Annalise goes back to her house, or what’s left of it anyway. She gets a call and meets with Nate. He says that the prosecutor is targeting him too. He tells her that he was at the house that night.

Wes talks to Nate, says that he’s in on it. Nate tells him to take the deal, that Annalise only looks out for number one. Wes says that’s not true. She’s always looked out for him.

Someone calls Nate and asks where Wes is. He says he doesn’t know.

Nate feels guilty and tells Annalise as much. She tells him that they will figure it out. Annalise meets with the kids. She wants to make a plan but Laurel fights with her. She doesn’t want to act like a victim. She wants answers.

Connor wants Oliver to hack the copy of Annalise’s phone. Oliver doesn’t want to find out too much but Connor pushes. He says that she could be responsible for Wes’ “horrible, horrible death” so Oliver relents.

Frank goes over the case with Bonnie. She tells him he should rehire a lawyer and he gets mad. She insinuates that he is guilty and he says he’s innocent.

After laying around, Annalise gets active. She writes a letter to the state about the conspiracy against her. Meanwhile, Laurel hires a private investigator. Annalise takes the letter to the state. She wants a grand jury and will do what it takes to get it. Bonnie meets with the DA to say the same thing.

Connor, Asher and Michaela are back to school. The former two discuss possibly getting deals from the police. Michaela just wants to do work. She gets a call from Annalise and goes out to meet her. Annalise wants to know if there’s anyone she should be worried about. Michaela says there’s not because she’s been cleaning up the mess.

Nate gets called in to talk to the state. After, he gets mad and calls Annalise to yell at her. Bonnie suggests pulling the complaint. She says no. She needs to talk to Oliver so she heads over there. She talks to him. She wants to know if they are still good. She needs a favor. They leak a story about Wes’ body.

Michaela and Asher go to see Laurel. She’s cagey and won’t let them in but Michaela pushes her way in and finds the PI. He leaves and Laurel admits to hiring him. She also says that the Mahoneys knew Wes was their brother. That’s why they killed him.

The phone rings. It’s the president of the university for Annalise. She wants to help, offers a place to stay or anything like that. Annalise gets off the phone quick and goes to find everyone else waiting. Laurel gives the PI information and Annalise gets mad that she won’t leave well enough alone. She thinks they should do whatever they can to stay safe. Laurel says that Wes deserves better and leaves.

Annalise is taking prescription pills in the bathroom. She walks out and talks to Asher, tells him not to worry about her. He relays the conversation to Michaela who calls him a blind fool. He has a theory. Connor. She tells him not to do that.

Connor and Oliver talk about the situation. Connor thinks that she is playing them but Oliver is sympathetic. He slips that Annalise asked him to leak the story and Connor gets mad. Oliver asks about the night of the fire and Connor is quick to change the subject.

Bonnie visits Laurel. They talk about Annalise and then Bonnie offers to set up an abortion appointment. Laurel tells her she’s just as bad as Annalise.

Another call from the prison. This time Annalise answers. It’s Frank and though he knows it’s her, he pretends it is Bonnie and offers to help the case in any way he can.

Then Annalise gets a call on her cell. There will be no grand jury because she leaked the story about the body. And if she doesn’t stop, they will seek the death penalty.

Morning comes. Annalise stares at the cough syrup in the medicine cabinet. Then she meets with the university president. They talk for a few minutes before Annalise pieces it together. She’s a spy for the prosecutor.

She goes home and tells Bonnie. Conversation turns to setting up Nate. Annalise says no dice. They head to court. Frank wants to subpoena the DA’s records to show tampering with evidence. There is a back and forth but the judge grants it.

She gets suspended and Nate tells Annalise. She wants to know if they found the body. Then she goes to Laurel’s place. She tells her that Wes was cremated. Bonnie tells the others. This is bad for the case, and bad for Wes. Asher confronts Connor about being a source for the prosecution.

Laurel is still pissed. She thinks she was right and she needs Annalise to step it up and lead them all. Annalise says she doesn’t know how to feel but wants to get justice.

Connor and Asher fight. He says it wasn’t him and that Annalise has been acting sketch. He says that he will have proof soon because Oliver is hacking the cell phone files. Then he goes home and finds Oliver pissed at him. He knows that Connor lied. He checked his voicemail and was at the house before the fire.


Inside the house, Connor is doing chest compressions on a dead Wes.

It’s not Connor. It’s not the Mahoneys. Maybe Bonnie? Or Annalise? I don’t think it is Michaela because that makes no sense and I just don’t think Asher is motivated enough. The whole thing is nuts. I don’t know why it would be anyone but the Mahoneys.


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