How to Get Away With Murder, episode twelve

Frank follows Wes in a car while he walks on the sidewalk. Someone darts in front of the car. He loses Wes. Bonnie and Nate are walking through the police station talking about Annalise. Frank calls and tells Bonnie he lost Wes. She tells him to go to the house. She tells him not to hurt Wes.

Wes is in a taxi. He’s looking out the back window. He tells the driver to hurry. He ignores a call from Laurel and then calls someone listed as “in case of emergency” and identifies himself as Christophe.

Laurel is getting out of the hospital finally. Micheala tries to be upbeat. It’s no use though. Laurel just looks upset.

Annalise has another hearing. Her cellmate mocks her, compares her to Casey Anthony. Bonnie rehearses her statement. She wants separate trials. Annalise and Frank walk by each other. He tries to talk to her. She stares straight ahead.

The boys for Laurel and Michaela. They arrive and Asher makes small talk. They are headed to memorial for Wes. It’s crowded with “tragedy whores” as Connor puts it.

The hearing starts. Annalise asks about the kids but Bonnie tells her they are at the memorial. Her mother is there though.

At the memorial starts and Laurel speaks. It starts alright but takes a turn. She yells at all these new people. They didn’t know Wes and they shouldn’t be here latching on to this tragedy. Micheala tries to help her back to her seat but she just walks out.

Bonnie starts her motion to get separate trials but the prosecution isn’t prepared for that so the judge says they can do that at a different hearing. Then Bonnie goes in about bail and that motion is denied. Annalise is led out while her mother yells for her.

Her mother talks to Nate in the hallway after. She wants him to help but he says that he can’t. She’s disappointed. She thought he was a good man.

Back in the prison, Annalise gets heckled on her way back to her cell. Then she argues with one of the cellmates and threatens to kill her.

Meggy is asking a lot of questions. Connor, Asher and Oliver don’t want to deal with that. Then that jerk guy from class comes over and blames Annalise and they flip on him. Michaela leaves to try and find Laurel. She’s not answering her phone.

She’s not answering her phone because she is at the morgue trying to see Wes’ body. The lady there says it is evidence and won’t let her. The rest of them are still looking for her. Oliver gets a call. The police want to talk to him. He agrees because he doesn’t think he has a choice. They go to see Bonnie.

Annalise gets a visit from her folks. Her parents are around for the long haul. Also, her mother now has dementia and has an episode during the visit.

Oliver gets coached on what to say during the questioning. He is panicking but he got himself into this mess and now he needs to protect himself. He does an okay job of it.

Laurel talks to Nate. She wants him to help her see the body. He’s reluctant but agrees.

They get to the morgue and open the bag but its a different guy. The DA lost the body and now Nate is in trouble.

Bonnie meets with Annalise. She is working to get her out but Annalise tells her not to bother.

Asher, Connor and Oliver are toasting to Wes. Connor admits that he is a little mad at Oliver. Michaela gets Laurel tucked into bed. Then Laurel asks if she thinks Frank is guilty. She hopes so because she wants someone to hate.

It’s visiting hours again. Annalise talks to her parents. She want’s to set up a plan because of her mother’s health. Her father says they have one but she takes a jab at him. Her mother gives them a moment and they argue about him being a crap father. He walks out.

Michaela wakes up Laurel. She has a meeting with Frank. She goes and starts out okay but then she starts yelling and his lawyer ends things. She got what she needed though. She doesn’t think he did it and reports back to the group saying as much. Connor doesn’t believe her. They fight. Bonnie gets a call.

The judge has brought the prosecutor and Bonnie in to confirm that Wes’ body is missing. Bonnie pushes for bail and claims that it is negligence. She makes a good point but the judge shoots her down. On her way out she talks to Annalise and explains her plan. Annalise hangs up on her.

Annalise provokes her cellmate to beat the crap out of her. Bonnie comes to see her and takes pictures. She brings them to the judge and gets Annalise released on bail. Laurel is MIA again. Michaela is stressing about everyone. So Asher suggests sex. She’s game.

Oliver is cracking himself up thinking about the last few days. Connor tells him that he is a good liar and lists all of his offenses. Oliver has another. He saved a copy of Annalise’s phone. Laurel goes to Wes’ apartment and cries.

Bonnie gets a call from the prison. It’s Frank. He fired his lawyer so now they can have privileged meetings and communications. Annalise is eating with her parents. Her mother is having another episode so Annalise lies and says that she is free because there wasn’t enough evidence.

The DA figured out what happened to the body. It was transferred to another morgue, on Nate’s authority.


Nate runs into the house. He’s yelling for Annalise but no one is there. He looks around and can’t find anyone. On his way down the stairs he finds on person. Wes.

I don’t think Nate is the one who did it. I don’t think Frank is either though. Both are too obvious so I have no idea because they make the most sense. I guess Annalise is the next option?


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