iZombie, episode ten

A woman is on the phone with her lawyer. Her husband is dead and she wants the insurance money. A man sneaks in behind her and goes to another room. He swipes foreign currency and diamonds before heading out. The wife is still on the phone hoping her husband is actually dead.

Major is bed with his girl. Ravi calls. He needs Major to tell Liv he’s out of town with his parents for a few days. Major rushes the call. Ravi is not with his parents. He’s being held “to study” a zombie by the anti-zombie gang.

Peyton and Liv talk about the potential zombie mayor. Then Peyton asks a favor. She wants Liv to eat more dominatrix brain to help her case, especially now that it’s been in the blue juice. Liv is reluctant.

Blaine is doing business on the phone while Donnie’s lackeys talk about how much being a zombie sucks. He hangs up and asks about Donnie. The others admit he left the night before after eating a lot of blue juice WWII brain.

Donnie is chained up and talking crazy in front of the gang. He thinks it’s WWII and he’s fighting Germany. The others don’t know what to make of it.

Liv eats the brain and uses the visions to piece details of the case together for Peyton. Oh. And she’s having visions of her dead boyfriend too.

It’s pizza time for Major and his girl. Turns out they went to the same summer camp as kids.

Ravi is supposed to drug Donnie. The others leave the room when Ravi approaches the zombie and Donnie is with it enough to recognize him. Ravi explains the situation and Donnie plays along.

Back in the morgue, Liv wants another brain so that she can stop having these hallucinations. Clive walks in and she explains what happens. Peyton stops by to get lunch and Liv has a vision. The defendant in Peyton’s case was murderer. By a prison guard.

Clive interviews the guards. No luck. Peyton wants dinner. Liv has a date so she tells them to go out together. For a long long time. Afterward, Liv is in bed with Major’s buddy and her hallucinations are mucking things up.

The little man that swiped all the cash shows up and shoots Blaine. He’s ready to finish him off but they get interrupted. It’s his wife. She’s a zombie now.

Liv shows up at Major’s place to get Ravi’s key. The girl answers the door. They have an awkward interaction about the fort set up in the living room. Major comes in. Gives her the key. She hallucinates and then takes the key and heads out.

She goes to work and feeds the rats. Clive shows up. They might have a witness. An inmate but he wants a deal. He comes in to talk but clams up when he sees Liv. They have a bit of a history. He relents and names a guard.

They head to his house to interview him, and find his wake. They details of his death are still unclear and his widow can’t help them. They do get another lead though.

Ravi and one of the anti-zombies are watching Donnie. He’s not doing anything. The anti guy has a theory about zombies coming from Iran. He explains it and then Ravi drugs him and knocks him out. He goes and gets Donnie’s phone. He calls the only number saved in it. Blaine.

He’s busy threatening the little man but he eventually takes the call. Ravi explains the situation to him, quickly.

The head anti-zombie comes back with a chick. It’s almost go time with the live stream to kill Donnie.

Blaine and the little dude are still fighting. He still doesn’t buy the whole zombie thing while Blaine is busy talking business propositions. He attacks and naturally it just annoys Blaine. He goes zombiefied until the guy gets the picture.

Clive and Liv go to see the guard’s daughter. She talked to her father on the phone the day before he died. She asked if “they” made him kill the woman. Clive asks who she meant. She tells him the voices in her father’s head. She’s no other help and when Clive and Liv leave she reveals that she’s a zombie.

Liv talks to the hallucination. She apologizes and he accepts. She says goodbye as her boyfriend turns up. They sleep together and then there’s a knock on her door. Blaine wants to know if she wants to go kick some ass.

The anti-zombie gang is counting down the minutes until they attack. It’s close to time. Out in the parking lot. Liv wants to make a plan. Blaine has one. Go full tilt zombie mode.

It’s go time to torture Donnie. Ravi intervenes. He says he needs more time to study but they don’t care. He blocks the doorway and the anti-zombie leader puts a gun to his head. End scene.

I’m glad Ravi seems to be standing his ground even though he doesn’t know Blaine and Liv are nearby. I missed Drake. He’s funny whereas the new guy is kind of boring. I was glad to see Peyton involved and dealing with zombie issues no problem.


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