Orange is the New Black, episode one

Dayanara still has the gun on the guard. Everyone is yelling. Everyone except Alex and Piper. They stumble upon the riot. And decide to get as far away as they can.

She shoots the wall to shut the crowd up. It does for a minute but then Humphrey starts to make a plea for his life, in Spanish. Daya gets pissed and shoots him in the leg.

People are freaking out. Alex and Piper go to hide. Caputo is on his way out and the other guards just don’t want to get dragged into it. The inmates figure it’s too late to turn back now so as he bleeds on the floor they start kicking him. Gloria tries to reign them in but it’s no use.

Someone pretends to McCullogh on the radio and sends the whole place into lockdown. Alarms blaring and people running all over. Red and her old lady pal make moves on the kitchen and then decide to seize opportunities.

Pennsatucky and Big Boo are bunked down in the shop. They help Blanca get some locks and hijabs to “storm the castle.” Nicky and Lorna want a stronghold of their own. Big pharma is the plan.

Gloria brings Humphrey to Sophia. She used to be a firefighter so she knows emergency medicine and she will do what she can to save his life, for Gloria. Maritza and Flacca chat about what happened and Daya decides to take a nap.

Caputo is trying to find the phone cords in his office so he can call and shut the alarm down. His PR boss is mocking him when Taystee comes in. She wants Caputo to make things right and punches him to prove that.

Red raids Piscatella’s office looking for something to use in her revenge effort. She hasn’t had luck so far.

The guards realize that they should probably do something. They start talking about what’s going on over the walkies and trying to round up inmates. They think it’s Humphrey causing the trouble.

Gina is banging on Luschek’s door. She wipes period blood on her face to get him to open it. She wants to cut the wires for the alarms.

Judy King barricades herself in the library. Soso is in there crying. They discuss the resilience of the human spirit.

Nicky and Lorna are looking for a key. They find a guard that might have some. He’s the one in a room with Alex and Piper hiding from a shooter. They tell them what’s up and take that guard hostage. He gets put with the others.

Flacca and Maritza are trying to come up with a nickname for Daya once she’s in Max. They thank her for being brave, especially since she just messed up her whole life for them. She looks sick when they point that out.

Pennsatucky makes chit chat and gives candy to Coates. Big Boo seems disgusted by the exchange.

Taystee and company write something to record Caputo saying. He says it won’t matter with the alarm still going off. As luck would have it, Gina gets the alarm shut. She also cuts the main power. He reads about Poussey but he won’t say that she was murderer. Taystee says it.

Alex is freaking out in a fancy bathroom. She wants to find someplace to hole up now that the power is cut. Once it gets dark, there will be problems. Piper just wants to have sex. They both comment about hearing a buzzing noise and find a corporate drone hiding in one of the stalls.

Lorna and Nicky, with keys in hand, make their way to the drug stash. They now have the power, so long as Nicky stays clean.

Sophia can’t help Humphrey. They take him to medical. Piper and Alex are letting the lady free. The others think they are taking her to the hostages and take some of her stuff.

Now that they have the video, they don’t know what to do with it. They aren’t used to social media so the PR drone will help. It still makes his company look good so he doesn’t care.

Nicky wants the keys from Lorna. They talk and flirt but Lorna doesn’t give in. Sophia and the medic save Humphrey. The video is uploaded and it starts making the rounds.

Alex and Piper let the lady go free but she keeps following them. They decide to help her and make her change into inmate clothes.

They finish rounding up the guards, except two that are in the kitchen. It’s getting dark and things are getting more tense. Red and another inmate are still in the office making fun of Piscatelli. Daya comes in with the gun and tells them to get out. They leave and she starts to make a call. Then someone knocks her out with a statue and the gun goes flying.

I forgot how hard it can be to keep track of everyone on this show. There are so many characters and I don’t care about at least half of them. I’m glad Sophia was able to pull herself together. I didn’t think Daya would fire the gun and now that she did, they don’t know what to do. I’m glad Lorna is trying to keep Nicky clean.


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