Orange is the New Black, episode three

Bayley is working in a pet grooming shop with his father. He wants to know if he’s a monster. His dad just talks about dogs.

The picture goes online and Piscatelli wants to know what to do. His boss says nothing so long as Judy King is inside. They announce that they will listen to demands.

Pennsatucky trades candy bars for a phone. Coates watches from the ceiling. The guards are all herded into a little room together.

Alex and Piper teach the MCC chick how to blend in. She wants to keep with them but Alex says no. She threatens blackmail and Piper gets in her face real fast.

Taystee and Black Cindy start talking about what the demands should be. Bayley in cuffs is all Taystee is worried about but Black Cindy wants to take advantage of the situation and get more stuff.

The guards talk. They blame Caputo and Humphrey and the inmates. They talk about the gun and McCollugh mentions that she doesn’t know that they have it.

Blanco is in Piscatelli’s office when Red comes in. She says that she was going through files and Red asks for a certain inmate and is pleased to find it.

Gloria is taking back the kitchen. She kicks everyone out to make dinner. Daya admits she lost the gun and then admires a knife. Gloria keeps her away from the knife.

Red and Blanco are working together. They take vitamins from a guard locker. Crazy Eyes and her girl go looking for dinner. The MCC chick keeps following Alex and Piper. Ruiz confronts Alex about what happened at the meeting and befriends MCC in the process.

Lorna and Nicky are running the pharmacy. Soso is there looking for an escape from the grief but Nicky explains there is no cheat for that and then goes on a ramble about how much she loves Lorna.

Everyone is eating when the talk turns to demands. Everyone needs to write down what they want so the list can be compiled. Red doesn’t stick around though. She’s onto something and just needed the food. The others meet the MCC chick.

Flashback to her letting her sorority sister stay outside in the snow and die.

Bayley watches the video and drinks. He tries to turn himself in but the police can’t make sense of anything. They put him in holding for the night.

The guards try to come up with an escape plan. Ambush when they get food is the best they can come up with. Boo and Pennsatuckey swing by. Then Boo goes to get the food and ends up chatting up the MCC chick.

Judy King escapes out a window. Crazy Eyes makes it to the cafeteria and sees people walking where Poussey died. She marks off the area and sits there quietly with Soso.

They tally the votes. Fire the guards tops the list. Arrest Bayley is all the way down at nine. Pennsatuckey uses a cell phone as a vibrator and Coates watches from in the ceiling.

The hippie and the Nazis see Judy King trying to pull a runner. They give chase. They bring the list to the door to present their demands.

Boo and MCC are about to deliver the food and the guards are ready to attack. Caputo sees his girlfriend posing as a prisoner through the window. This won’t end well.

Poor Nicky. She’s so in love with Lorna. That’s gonna be rough. I’m glad they got to eat and seem to be making progress by compiling the list but it still seems that this season will be tedious.


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