Orange is the New Black, episode two

The scouts are meeting. They are making dolls but a young Frieda is more concerned with learning survival skills. She’s using those skills now as she’s trapped in the cage in the kitchen with the Nazis.

Daya wakes up and the gun is gone. She is in the hall and Ruiz tells her to quit now or get it together. She isn’t gonna quit so she is told to bring the guards to the chapel.

Taystee is trying to get the video to go viral but no luck yet. She’s upset. Then Pidge comes by to invite them to the chapel meeting. They decline and that’s how Caputo finds out a guard was shot.

Judy King wants Soso to go to the meeting and then report back. They argue about it but she relents. The guards from Max and the local cops are outside waiting to see what to do.

Ruiz holds the meeting but it’s basically a riot rally. It takes a turn and Alex wants to leave. Piper says to hold off so that they parade the guards in.

Sophia is in medical helping the only nurse that held back.

The meeting just gets worse. They are strip searching the guards. Soso can’t take it. She leaves.

The Nazi and the guards are flirting but Frieda is still at work. She makes darts and shoots them at the guards.

Flashback to her as a kid. Her father wants her to learn survival skills so he leaves her in the woods.

Piscatelli comes back to the prison and wants to storm. He finds the doors chained shut. Red is hanging embarrassing pictures of him all over the place.

Taystee is still trying to understand the Internet. Turns out they got a retweet but it was a meme. It’s all a joke and she’s pissed.

Crazy Eyes is trying to figure out a way to kill Humphrey. He talks to her about creative ways to kill someone.

The meeting is getting out of hand. Alex stands up and says as much and then she leaves. Gloria takes over. She points out that if it weren’t for the hostages, they would all be toast.

Daya admits she lost the gun but they still play like she has it and get Taystee to move Caputo and PR dude into the chapel with the rest of the hostages.

Frieda convinces the guards that she poisoned them and that if they set her free she will give them an antidote. They do and she let’s the others have them. Flashback to her as kid. She hikes and catches a fish and then goes for a swim. She gets out of the water covered in leeches.

Humphrey is still talking about death to Crazy Eyes. The other chick takes matters into her own hands and blows bubbles into his IV.

Caputo is moved and then they come for Humphrey. He had a stroke and looks ragged but they are going to take him anyway.

Young Frieda makes it home. She tells her father about her mistake. He tells her that this is all practice. They will be ready for when the Russians move in. Adult Frieda moves into the bunker she apparently has under the prison. Its stocked with provisions and a tv.

Ruiz realizes that Daya lost the gun as they assemble all the hostages in the chapel to take a picture.

There was hardly any Nicky in this episode. That’s upsetting. She’s my favorite. I’m figuring one of the less important people will die soon to up the stakes. Otherwise this is just going to be the same thing for like eight episodes and that’s not all that interesting.


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