Orange is the New Black, episode five

The inmates are all asleep when suddenly the power comes back on. Gina fixes the wires. Everyone inside starts waking up. Nicky, Lorna and Boo are in the room with the tv. They see news coverage of the situation.

The governor and the head of MCC finally talk. The governor is sending in a team, and billing MCC. Maritza and Flacca make sure they are camera ready and as soon as the media folks get near the door they pose. Zirconia gets involved too and ends up mooning the cameras.

Alex and Piper are settling in for a day outside away from the fray. Gloria and Daya talk. Daya doesn’t understand why Gloria did and wants nothing to do with now. Crazy Eyes turns up for breakfast and Gloria helps her.

Aleida is looking for a job. No luck so far. Taystee and Janae confront Brandy and her crew. They want Judy King so they can prove it’s not a hostage situation. Brandy and her lot are using her as a slave.

Flacca is recording a day in the life video. She’s walking around with a phone on plunger. She consults Maritza on face makeup. Pidge and Ouija are playing guess who with prison files when Zirconia comes in to tell them her ass was on the news. Ruiz is disappointed. Red comes in looking for Caputo.

The guards are getting uppity. Stratman needs to go to the bathroom. Luschek starts trying to hum to release his bowels. Gloria calls Aleida because she is losing her mind and needs to talk to someone.

Pennsatucky is making out with Coates in the laundry room. Boo finds them and tells her to knock it off. Brandy holds an auction for Judy King and Black Cindy wins because art is always a sound investiment.

The riot is still on the news and Aleida finally sees the coverage. She can’t believe it and gets annoyed with Gloria for not telling her. Piscatella is back at Litchfield ready to storm the castle. The SWAT people put him in his place though.

Piper and Alex are discussing their dirt home. They notice tons of other inmates moving outside too. Piper sees that they are following Alex. Red finds Caputo and confronts him about Piscatella. He gives her an idea.

Angie and Leanna find Coates in a washing machine. They want to bring him to the bubble. Pennsatuckey tries to distract them but its no use. Aleida calls a network producer to tell them to cut the crap. They realize she was an inmate and want her on air. Black Cindy is making Judy King clean her feet. Taystee comes in with the PR guy. He’s supposed to go over talking points with JK.

They cover the points and then rehearse what to say “off book.” Janae has an issue with their tribulations coming out of a white girls mouth. Stratman is freaking out in the bubble. He needs a bathroom and Ruiz finally pulls him out and puts him in a bathroom outside. While she tapes him in, Caputo pleads with her. She doesn’t let him out but does get an idea.

Alex and Piper are still watching all their new neighbors. Alex admits she might’ve said some things the night before, like admitting she’s a murderous. Piper gets pissed and they argue. Ruiz gets inside and checks her file. The additional years were never put on.

It’s time for Judy King to talk to the public. She keeps rehearsing. Angie, Leanna and Pennsatucky are taking Coates to the bubble when Penn sees the gun. She grabs it and tells Coates how to get away. She tosses him the gun and Leanne gets shot when he fumbles the toss.

It’s time for Judy to talk but Taystee decides she has to do it instead. She points out how shit the system is and how Poussey deserves justice. She sets Judy free and then goes back inside. Alison and Janae are proud of her. As they hug it out near the door, Coates comes through. He points the gun and they set him free to. Outside he sees all the commotion and passes out.

I’m glad that Taystee said what she did instead of Judy. I feel bad for Aledia. I don’t care at all about the whining fighting between Alex and Piper. For real. Piper needs to get over herself. Is Caputo going to die in the bathroom?


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