Orange is the New Black, episode four

The guards are ready for an ambush but Caputo calls abort and messes up things. They all get mad at him. The inmates deliver the food and then watch the arguments. Daya and Gloria come back and call for lights out. Daya “takes her gun back” from Pidge. Angie and Leanne are still pantsing people and they got for Gloria. When the get her the gun falls out and they kick it away. A fight ensues and Angie and Leanne get the gun. They are in charge now.

Piper and Alex are looking at real estate on the MCC chick’s phone. They argue about Alex feeling guilty and then go back to the mindless distraction of the real estate.

Now that Judy King is caught, they bring her back inside and confront her about a secret panic room. She knows nothing about it and tries to appeal to Alison since she is nearby. It’s no use though. They tie Judy to a plank until she lies about a drop of pizza and booze on the roof. They head up there.

Crazy Eyes, Soso and the other girl wake up on the floor of the cafeteria. Crazy Eyes talks about spirits after hearing a noise. She thinks Poussey is lingering because of unfinished business.

Gina is learning to repair the wires. Red and Blanca are still going through the files. They are talking and getting antsy. They find a hidden box. It’s got the Piscatella file.

Angie and Leanne want to figure out what to do now. They still can’t escape so they come up with the next best thing. A talent show. Sophia is tending to people in medical. She wants to take action on things in the here and now. Not look for answers in the stars. She thinks the hippie nun has the right idea.

Speaking of, hippie nun is leading the charge to find the Judy King supply drop. The seance in the cafeteria is about to begin. Taystee comes walking in and gets caught up in it.

The methheads are making talent show plans. They want MCC to judge and Boo is stage manager. The guards start practicing their talents. Sophia is going to leave right out the front door.

Daya goes outside. It’s too loud and no one can hear themselves think. Alex and a few others are out there too. She settles into a spot on the ground. Gloria is also outside, making calls to her family. No one is answering.

The governor is finally alerted to the issue. He wants to put it off until morning. Sophia walks out front and ends up just chatting with one of the guards out there. The vitamins are making Blanca and Red wonky but they keep looking and brainstorming. Blanca finds something. Piscatella killed an inmate at a different prison. That’s why he was was transferred.

Crazy Eyes is running the seance. She connects with Poussey and relays messages. It doesn’t help though. It just leads to a fight between Taystee and Soso.

Boo is hosting Litchfield Idol. All the guards compete. When it’s time to judge, Piper interrupts to threaten the MCC chick if she rats on Alex. Outside people are looking to Alex for guidance. She tells them not to do that.

PR dude wins the talent show. He picks Caputo as the leader and they tape him into the portapotty. Sophia is in holding at Max. The Judy King crowd makes it to the roof. They realize she was lying and want to throw her off. Just then a helicopter flies up. It’s not supplies. It’s paparazzi.

Another episode severely laacking in Nicky screentime. I didn’t think Gloria would be the one to take the gun. I just assumed it was Red. Since she and Blanca now know about the Piscatella file, what are they going to do with it.


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