Orange is the New Black, episode six

Pennsatucky is being held. The inmates want to stick her in a toilet too. Boo goes in to talk to her. She’s pissed but tells Penn to act remorseful and hope for the best. Flacca and Maritza are still recording videos. They have a bit of a spat and Maritza is done.

Outside, the governor sent some supplies to help with the peaceful transition. Piscatella is not pleased and tells the political lady as much. She comes back at him though and he storms away.

Alison comes out front to find Maritza and Flacca being shit at guarding the door. She sees there are boxes and gets the others to come around. Taystee talks to the government lady. They want to open a line of communication. She goes back outside and they bring in the boxes. Its stuff from the demand list.

Janae gets back to the bunk and finds Soso sitting in Poussey’s bed. They talk about grief. Janae is sad but Soso is angry. Aleida is ready to go on camera. Ruiz joins the outside crowd. She and Daya talk about leaving the drama inside.

Nicky is holding counseling sessions. Lorna comes in and starts talking about her sex dreams. Nicky tries to stop her but when Lorna tells Nicky to fuck her, she does it.

Frieda and Gloria are in the kitchen when Blanca and Red come in. Things will return to the status quo soon so in the meantime they need a plan to drug Piscatella and force him to sign a confession. Taystee and Black Cindy answer the phone when the governor’s office calls. They want the hostages released and will do their best to meet the other demands. Taystee sees between the lines and hangs up the call.

The trial for Penn’s freedom goes on a bizarre Saved by the Bell tangent. It doesn’t solve anything. Aleida makes it to the network studios. She finds out she isn’t going to be paid.

Bayley talks to some of the old guards. They tell him it’ll all work out but he knows that’s shit. Taystee is collecting the snacks. She knows they were a bribe and wants to throw them out to show they mean business. Piper jumps at the chance to help.

Frieda is in her basement bunker. She seems bored until she starts planning something. Aleida goes live and its a trainwreck. Piper, Taystee and Black Cindy are rounding up snacks. The confront the yoga hippie and her pal and get a bag’s worth. Yoga hippie also gets a note from Frieda.

Penn pleads her case but it isn’t really a good move. Frieda leaves a cookbook on a bunk. Lorna comes to talk to Nicky, who assumes it is to tell her she regrets what happened. Turns out Lorna thinks she is pregnant. Nicky is done. She tells Lorna she loves her but she can’t keep doing this.

Bayley tries to kill himself by drinking paint but it’s non-toxic. He can’t even do that right. His parents tell him they should send him somewhere and he’s happy to hear it. Frieda lets the hippie and her friend, Gloria, Gina and a few others into the bunker.

After much deliberation, the jury decides that they will work toward rehabilitation and give Penn community service. Piper, Taystee and Black Cindy are taking the snacks back. Daya and Ruiz are pissed.

Flashback to Taystee and Poussey first meeting in the library. Present day they Facetime the governor’s office and then light the snacks on fire. They mean business.

I feel like this episode was at least a little productive. I also feel really bad for Nicky. She loves Lorna so much and you know no good will come of it. Piper just has to be involved. Always. What’s that about?


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