iZombie, episode eleven

Blaine and Liv move in on the zombie hostage sitch. They save Ravi and Liv takes a hit. They end up alive but caged with Donnie and Ravi. Major’s team moves in on it as well. They take down two of the anti-zombie folks.

Afterward the Graves guy discusses tactics with Liv. They have to take down the anti ring leader. Liv, Donnie and Blaine eat his brother’s brain.

Ravi and Major are back home talking about Major’s “staycation.” The doorbell chimes. Ravi’s zombie truther friend turns up and they are about to have a moment when Major interrupts. She recognizes him as the chaos killer and bounces.

Major and his lady friend are in his room. She wants to go dancing. He wants to never leave the house. She uses her feminine wiles to convince him.

Peyton wakes up and Liv is watching her. She’s got some theories. The truther brain is making her a little paranoid and Peyton figures it out. Clive and Ravi are talking about what’s what when Liv comes in still acting loony. She’s got a gun that they should run ballistics on. They’ll have to do it off the books though.

They decide to try and trigger a vision but first Liv, Donnie and Blaine argue about the murder of Tupac. Peyton gets the effects of the dead prison guar. One of the Graves soldiers has a vision. He knows where the truther may be. They are going to roll out.

The prison guard’s daughter turns up to get his stuff. She has no use for Peyton’s agenda. She just wants to go but Peyton talks her into letting her come with. They find a memory card with sensitive information. The daughter makes a hasty exit but not before having what Peyton recognizes is a brain vision.

Liv, Donnie and Blaine are looking around to trigger a vision. Clive is there too. He says something and the three of them have the same vision. It’s the night Major and his Buddy went after the truthers. No new information but then Liv has another one.

The truthers knew that Graves had bugged them and they were planning a setup. She texts Major who is in the field. He relays it to Graves who orders the team to fall back. As they do, Major and his buddy set off a bomb.

Ravi is asleep on his couch and Liv is lurking. She talks about the Graves mission and Major’s new girlfriend. She stalks the girl and it turns out she’s using Major to gain internet fame.

Ravi’s truther friend Sarah shows up at the morgue and he tells her what he knows about zombies. She listens. The fangirl chick turns up to go out with Major. He’s all no but she’s like you’re a hermit I’m helping let’s not fight and he’s like nah I’m good you can leave. She does but she’s angry.

Major is at work. They are going to run some simulations and then everyone should vote. He also makes fun of Major. His shirt has a picture for the fangirl’s tumblr on it. Liv goes home to find Peyton waiting for her. She tells Liv about the zombie kid and how the newly elected mayor is responsible for murders.

Pitch meeting for a weekly. One person brings up the chaos killer selling shirts of himself. Another mentions a SARS-like virus. The editor dismisses the team just as another reporter comes in. Ravi’s friend Sarah has been undercover as a truther to get the story.

Liv and Clive go out to the truther’s cabin in the woods. The house is empty but they find an outhouse that leads to a secret bunker. They find the truther asleep inside and Clive tells him he’s arrested. Liv has a vision though. He’s not responsible for the murders. He fires at Clive though so Clive kills him.

Then Liv tells him that it wasn’t him. Clive feels guilty, until the truther wakes up as a zombie. Major hears people on the radio talking about him as he goes to drink with his squad.

Ravi is walking outside. He sees something that catches his attention. It’s a front page story about zombies in the city with Liv’s zombified face shown.

I really thought that Blaine and Liv teaming up was funny. The three of them working off the same brain was interesting. How is Major still in the squad? They know he’s not a zombie right? And what will Peyton do with the footage?


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