Orange is the New Black, episode seven

Black Cindy and the skinheads are watching the news coverage of the riot. They’re bored. Pennsatucky is bringing around yellow drink in jugs. She encounters Crazy Eyes having a meltdown in visitation and tries to be sympathetic.

Piper, Taystee and Alison are in the office waiting for the governor’s office to call them. Black Cindy comes in and tells them about Crazy Eyes. Taystee tells her to handle it and Alison goes to help because she’s a hufflepuff.

Taystee feels useless. She wants to do something constructive. Piper suggests a memorial for Poussey and then turns it into a project. She convinces other people to get involved and fights with Alex in the process.

The old folks downstairs share stories of sexual conquests. Lorna Facetimes with Vinnie. He’s headed to the prison. She doesn’t get the chance to tell him she’s pregnant. Pidge and Oujia are running a coffeeshop. Pidge befriends Brandy and enlists her as an employee.

Boo and MCC are strolling. Boo wants to woo her. Black Cindy and Alison are trying to help Crazy Eyes. Piper and Taystee are holding auditions. Soso and Janae are boxing. Everyone is getting stir crazy.

Ruiz is trying to convince Boo and MCC to settle down outside. Alex calls out MCC and she says she’s blending in.

Red is still trying to back at Piscatella. She’s going nuts but Blanca gives her more vitamins. This time she snorts them and sees the answers. Lorna tries to go outside but the inmates guarding the door won’t let her. She heads back to come up with a big way to announce her pregnancy.

Alex goes to take a shower and finds Nicky standing there. They have a heart to heart about the importance of change. Then they go outside and get makeovers from Flaca and Maritza.

The guards are out of the bubble. They are now the inmates in Crazy Eye’s bunk to help her structure. Frieda’s crowd is playing cornhole. The coffee shop has an open mic. Someone sings and there is poetry but Pidge wins with her impressions of the other inmates.

Soso is pitched her idea for the Poussey memorial. Taystee is still argumentative about it but Piper gives her a chance. Daya is painting outside. Lorna wants to borrow paint to tell her husband the good news. Daya points out that babies aren’t always good news.

Boo and MCC are walking around. They get into a confrontation with some other people and Boo defends MCC. They promptly go have sex. Red and Blanca need Humphrey’s passcode. He’s a vegetable so they can’t wake him. Red opts for the next best plan. Chopping his finger off.

It’s story time with the guards and Crazy Eyes. Alison and Black Cindy watch and Alison gets homesick. Lorna makes it onto the roof to tell her husband about the baby. She makes a sign and waves it. He sees it and runs.

Alison goes to the chapel to pray. Soso finishes her project. It’s a new library throughout the halls. Books are everywhere. It’s magnificant. She and Taystee talk about Poussey and their grief. Nicky and Alex walk in all done up. Piper quickly drags Alex away.

Frieda’s gang is all stoned. Gina gets a signal booster working and Gloria gets some texts from her son. Red and Blanca text Piscatella while pretending to be Humphrey. The coffee shop is out of coffee so trouble ensues.

A distraught Lorna walks back inside and sees Nicky with some other chick. She mopes away. Gloria gets through to someone on the phone. Her son is in the hospital. She cries.

Angie and Leanna grab Penn. Angie holds her while Leanna pees in the yellow drink. There is a lot of fisticuffs in the hallway.

You know that Nicky is going to go back to Lorna to try and help her. Soso’s library was amazing. It was so clever and beautifully done. The guards should be glad they are out of the bubble.


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