Orange is the New Black, episode eight

Red and Blanca are arguing about getting Piscatella in and trapping him. He calls and they deflect with a text. They tell him to come in through a vent and then Blanca suggests Home Alone tactics to trap him. Outside he tells a SWAT guy that he knows a way in but SWAT don’t care.

Soso, Piper and Taystee are getting ready for the negotiator to come. Zirconia is guarding the door and talking about eating people. Negotiator turns up. It’s Figueroa. They are not pleased.

On the outside, Judy King is back in her element. She’s going on tv to talk about the prison. Turns out she’s not the only guest. Aleida is there too.

Ruiz is serving lunch and talks about how she’s keeping herself outside to not get added time. Piper and Daya discuss guilt. Piper has some but Daya says she’s got none. Gloria is trying to get information about her son’s condition but the receptionist is no help.

Lorna is raiding the drugs and whining to Nicky. She’s not being super sympathetic. She just wants the keys to the good pharma stuff. Red comes by. She wants needles. She’s acting nuts. Nicky figures out the vitamins they’ve been taking are speed. Red and Blanca explain the Piscatella plan and Nicky asks if they are trying to get everyone killed.

Crazy Eyes is still hanging with the guards while Black Cindy and Alison are fiddling with phones. They leave Pidge and Oujia to watch Crazy Eyes while they go watch Taystee take Figueroa down a few pegs.

Gloria gives Caputo a cigarette and asks for help getting furlough. Her son got jumped and is in the ICU in a coma. She wants to see him. He tells her a way to get help but says that she will have to help end this thing in return.

JK and Aleida chat with Meredith Viera about prison. JK lets it slip that Humphrey got shot and is in bad shape. The SWAT sees it and mocks Piscatella thinking he tried to pull one over. Gloria talks to Ruiz. Flaca has a video of the JK interview on her phone. Gloria goes to talk to Daya, to warn her. She tells her to own her choices and talk to her mother.

Taystee is still negotiating with Figueroa when her phone rings. Someone saw the JK interview and knows a guard was shot. Amnesty is off the table. Taystee consults with the others. They decide to turn in Daya.

Penn is running into more trouble with Angie, Leanna and the Nazis. Now they won’t let her use a bathroom. She goes inside and finds a corner. They still follow and harass her.

Blanca is going crazy. She’s trapped in the cage with Nicky, Red and Lorna but she wants out. Piscatella is going to come and they have to be ready. Lorna lets her free but keeps Red trapped. Nicky tries to talk her through detox. Lorna gets Piscatella to stand down.

Janae and Piper go looking for Daya but Gloria and Alex block it up. Daya calls Aleida. She tells her what happened and Aleida tells her to lie and act like Humphrey had gone after her before. Daya says she won’t do it and they argue.

Crazy Eyes is still hanging with the guards while Oujia, Pidge and Zirconia watch them. Zirconia hits on Luschek but he’s not into it and Crazy Eyes comes to his defense so they take the guards back and cuff her to the bunk.

Penn finds Boo to rant about the way she’s being treated. She needs help but Boo is busy with MCC. Angie, Leanne and that lot come in and start trouble again. A scuffle ensues and Penn breaks Angie’s nose. They want to lock Penn in the toilet after that.

Blanca is setting up traps a la Home Alone. Daya calls Mrs. Powell and tells her the truth. Aleida lied and now her daughter is in foster care. She wants them to raise her and reinvent her. Don’t even tell her about Daya. Powell and her son, Pornstache, agree to take her.

Taystee is trying to negotiate but Figueroa is leaving. Daya comes and turns herself in. Penn gets taped into a toilet. The guards are locked back up. Crazy Eyes is a mess. Nicky helpds Red through detox. Gloria calls the head of MCC. Piscatella sneaks in the back door in SWAT gear.

I’m glad Daya turned herself but things are going downhill fast. People are antsy and anxious. It’s good that Nicky was the one to help Red through it. I feel bad for Penn. She doesn’t deserve what they are doing to her.


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