Orange is the New Black, episode nine

Piscatella is inside. He sneaks up on Blanca and the fight. He knocks her out. Red is sure that there is trouble but Nicky tells her its the drugs messing with her and that she has nothing to worry about.

Gloria talks to the MCC guy. He wants her to let the hostages free and then maybe they will be able to let her see her son. Aleida turns up at causes commotion when she sees Daya cuffed and talking to police.

Negotiations have started back up. Taystee is trying to be diplomatic but Black Cindy doesn’t keep her mouth shut. Nicky gets ice for Red and is headed back when she hears someone calling her. She goes to investigate and someone grabs her.

Piper tries to explain herself to Alex. They eventually agree to disagree. Angie and Leanna raid the bunks to steal stuff. They come across Suzanne and start to mess with her. Red goes looking for Nicky. She finds spilled ice and goes to get help from Lorna, who is playing therapist for Zirconia. Lorna is no help and Zirconia points out that Blanca is missing too.

Black Cindy is walking alone when she hears a phone ring. She answers and its Angie and Leanne. She ain’t got time for that. As she leaves the office she sees someone dart by. When she gets into the hall, there’s no one there. Aleida calls Gloria and they argue about Daya.

Taystee and Janae cut Caputo out of the toilet so that he can be their credibility man with the negotiations. He’s less than pleased to hear Figueroa is involved. Boo and MCC are alone in a hallway. MCC thinks it’s spooky but Boo is trying to be suave. She leads MCC into a room but ends up kidnapped before she can go in too. MCC doesn’t see it though.

Red is on the hunt, armed with a frying pan. She tries to recruit Piper and Alex to help but they just tell her she needs some rest. Black Cindy is still walking around alone. Maritza and Flacca are making videos to post of themselves singing and Red is back in her bunk. Her roommate comes back and gives her her cookbook. She finds a map in it.

MCC chick is by the toilets looking for Caputo. Brandy sneaks up behind her but she runs away. Gloria is talking to Oujia and Pidge. She tries to get them to abandon their post watching the guards but ends up joining them instead.

Piper is in the shower when someone comes in behind her. It’s Alex and she’s willing ot give shower sex a try. Piper gets an idea though and ducks out. When she does, Piscatella grabs Alex.

Lorna is still guarding the drugs. She takes a walk and finds Suzanne cuffed to the bed with white face on. She takes her prescription and sets her free. They bring Caputo to help with Figueroa. MCC chick sees and tries to appeal to him. He ignores her and she’s taken away. That’s when Zirconia remembers her as the hostage with the heels. They try to Cinderella her and she makes a break for it, with the heels.

Red is following the map. She finds the room with all the hostages and starts to set Nicky free. Nicky apologizes for not believing her and Red says that he’s only a man and they will take him down. Then he comes in and tosses Red in the hall. She squares up to fight.

This one had a very different feel from all the others. The horror movie vibe with Black Cindy walking around alone was kind of amusing but then it would cut to the really cruel stuff happening to Suzanne or the negotiations and it just seemed off kilter. I have no use for Aleida at this point. She just yells.


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