Orange is the New Black, episode eleven

Piscatella is out and on his back. Red wants to tie him up and torture him when he comes to. Piper is not game and the rest of them sort of look away until Nicky calls them on their shit. They move him into the pool.

In the negotiation room, Taystee is talking up a storm but not getting anywhere. Fig is tired and wants coffee and for this mess to be done though so she agrees to the terms on healthcare. Oujia and Pidge are falling asleep so Gloria gets shifty. She pretends she saw something and pulls the Mormon out to take him to a toilet.

Black Cindy and Janae have to come up with a plan for Humphrey’s body. Suzanne thinks he is still alive and suggests a room. Alison walks by and sees that he’s dead. She says it and sets Suzanne off. Lorna is taking the post of pharmacist very seriously.

The gang gets Piscatella propped in a chair in the pool. That’s as much as Piper is willing to help though. Nicky is fascinated with the bunker. Gloria puts the Mormon in a toilet while the people that have set up camp outside head in because of the rain.

Janae, Alison and Black Cindy are trying to calm Suzanne down by talking about heaven. It doesn’t work. Pidge and Janae are snorting coffee to stay awake and Gloria has moved all the guards into the toilets.

Taystee is on a roll when Black Cindy interrupts her to get help with Suzanne. Taystee tells her to deal with it because she is making a difference for women in prisons everywhere. The gang is still discussing torturing Piscatella. Boo leaves and Red tells the rest to scram. When she stands up, the knock her back and tie her to a chair.

Boo gets upstairs and finds MCC waiting for her. They talk and Boo promises a shower to her lady love. Black Cindy fights with Lorna to get Suzanne’s medication and Boo bribes an hour’s worth of privacy in the bathroom for herself and MCC. They are chatting and Boo goes to get her a towel. She finds a phone with pictures of MCC and Caputo.

Ruiz comes back and talks to Pidge and Oujia. They give her shit for not being more dedicated to the cause. Red still wants to get revenge on Piscatella and the others tell her she’s crazy. Eventually they all start arguing amongst themselves. Lorna finds a pregnancy test. Gloria gets a call from the outside. Her son is headed to surgery. Ruiz hears her on the phone.

Gloria tells her her plan and Ruiz tells her she’s brave and that she’s gotta look out for number one. MCC finds Boo and they talk and then Boo confronts her about being a mole. MCC promises to tell the truth.

The gang is still fighting but Freida calls them to order. She wants to ration things and says they will keep Piscatella and hand him over when everything is done. Gina shows them a cell phone video of him torturing the others. Lorna takes the pregnancy test.

Suzanne is trying to find heaven by ripping open the ceiling. Janae and Alison can’t get her under control. Black Cindy comes up with some medication, lithium to help her and gets her to take it by telling her that its what is on the schedule.

Gloria is taking the last guard to the toilet and this time Pidge and Oujia come with her. Only when they get outside, the toilets are empty and there’s a hole in the fence. That was Gloria’s plan. Gloria melts down and tries to escape but Pidge tackles her and it seems like the tables are turned.

So Suzanne is in some serious trouble. That’s not her medication and they didn’t check the dosage. That’s not going to end well which is upsetting. Why they gotta put the nicest people in trouble? Also, all that drama is just going to get Red and her people hurt in the long run.


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