Orange is the New Black, episode ten

MCC is still on the run. Zirconia is still chasing. Freida and her pals are playing Scrabble and avoiding The Purge. Piscatella is taping Red up. She keeps talking and he says that he’s not there for the hostages. He’s there for Red.

Flashback to Piscatella’s first job as a CO. He seems very green and talks to an inmate, Wes Driscoll (Charlie Barnett aka Peter Mills from Chicago Fire) about crossword puzzles.

Leanne and Angie find the shot off fingertip. Caputo is trying to help Taystee but he’s just making himself sound bad because he was the warden. Suzanne gets to the bathroom and sees the makeup on her face. She freaks a little before washing it off. Maureen is in the bathroom too and she calls for help. Her injuries are in bad shape so they head to medical.

Gloria goes back to near the bubble. Oujia and Pidge still haven’t taken a break so she convinces them to do so. Freida’s gang is snooping through her bunker stuff. She humors them at first but eventually they cross a line and she yells at them.

Piscatella is prepping to torture Red who is still running her mouth. Nicky sees that Alex is making a move on some scissors so she creates a distraction by yelling at him. It works but she gets hit for it. Then Piscatella cuts Red’s hair and yells some more.

Another flashback at Piscatella’s first job. The inmates talk about him being gay and then he sends them off to do work before getting flirty with Driscoll. They talk and kiss and then jump apart as the inmates come back in.

Leanne and Angie find the nurse and ask him to reattach the finger. He says its too late so they decide to do a finger transplant. They run out and bring him with them, using a scalpel to motivate him. Penn sings the Big Red jingle in her toilet and MCC chick joins in. They have a heart to heart about how hard things are.

Negotiating has gone nowhere since Caputo and Figueroa started talking. Taystee is fed up and tells them to sit their asses down and start talking. Zirconia is watching the news while Pidge and Oujia try to sleep. There’s coverage of Litchfield and the talking heads mention hostage escapes. They head back to the bubble. TV says the hostage guards always die.

Back at the torture chamber, Piper has managed to get the tape off her mouth. She cries for help and the bunker folks hear. They investigate and see what’s up. Suzanne tries to help Maureen but doesn’t do much. Gloria tries to set the guards free but the others come back.

Penn keeps talking to MCC about her depression and how awful things have gotten. MCC lets her free and Penn punches her in the face for stealing her best friend. Angie and Leanne take the guard Stratman out of the toilet to transplant his finger. The nurse is not on board and neither is he.

Things are still rough for Red’s crew. He’s about to cut Red’s clothes off when Alex makes a move. She jumps on his back and he breaks her arm. Piper screams at him but he says that when this is over no one will believe them anyway. Flashback to him finding the other inmates raping his boyfriend. He freaks out on them and then calls it in.

Taystee takes control of the negotiations again. She sounds diplomatic and Caputo smiles. Suzanne is running toward where Black Cindy and Janae are watching with Humphrey in a wheelchair. They cut her off and head back to medical.

Piscatella explains his psychology of a CO to his prisoners. They aren’t interested. They keep yelling at him and he gets interrupted by Gina from the bunker. She runs back down and he gives chase. Flashback to him scalding the dude that raped his boyfriend in the prison shower. He keeps him in there until he dies.

Freida manages to get Piscatella with a poisoned dart. Now they’ve got him in the bunker. Thanks to teamwork.

This was a rough one to watch. All of the Piscatella stuff was horrible. Everything Taystee is doing will be for naught when they find out Humphrey is dead. As the season winds down, I keep trying to figure out who is going to die.


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