Orange is the New Black, episode thirteen

SWAT comes in. Janae, Alison and a few others are taken right away. Taystee sees and runs away. The folks in the bunker hear the commotion and Freida explains what is most likely happening. Some decide to make a run for it. Alex, Piper, Freida and Red stay behind.

Zirconia comes to the bubble. She lets Gloria go free and handcuffs herself to Luschek. He’s her human shield. Pidge and Oujia join up with the skinheads. Nicky tries to calm Lorna down so she can warn Red. Lorna wants five more minutes.

The chapel is secured. Leanna and Angie talk about what to do. They don’t want to surrender so they go to look for drugs. Some of the bystanders talk about their kids. It’s Piper’s mom and Suzanne’s mom. Taystee finds Black Cindy with Suzanne. They try to wake her but it’s no use. Black Cindy has an idea. She tells Taystee to stay with Suzanne and runs to get the wheelchair Humphrey was in.

Maritza and Flaca are hiding out, They know this won’t end well and they hate that they got a taste of being normal. They decide on one last video. The bunker deserts turn themselves in by the front get. Medical is cleared out. The skinheads, Oujia and Pidge set up shop in one of the bunks.

Blanca decides that she should be drunk for what comes next and Red agrees. Alex starts fighting with Red and Piper starts doing that rambling thing she does. Black Cindy and Taystee take Suzanne to the pharmacy but there’s nothing that’ll wake her up. SWAT is close. Nicky has a place for them to hide but she won’t take Lorna. She tells her to turn herself in and to make sure to tell them she’s pregnant. They hug and part ways.

Leanne and Angie find a closet to get high in. It’s the one that Humphrey’s dead body is in. Leanne just wants to get high. Angie realizes that they might be bad guys and wants to do something good. Soso is sitting in the library hall and just ignores the guards. They scoop her up and carry her out.

SWAT makes it to the cafeteria. They get Boo there. Gloria is hiding out in an office. She finds out her son made it out of surgery okay. She hears the guards find Humphrey’s body and hears that the orders are now by any means necessary. She waits for them to move on and makes a run for it.

Nicky leads Black Cindy, Taystee and Suzanne to the bunker. She’s looking for Aderall when Freida comes up from down below. She has an EpiPen. They use it and Suzanne wakes up back to normal. Zirconia and Luschek hit a dead end and then she busts her ankle. SWAT moves in on the skinhead stronghold and there’s a fight.

While making one last Youtube video, Maritza and Flaca get caught. Ruiz is outside and sees her boyfriend and daughter. The rep from the governor’s office tells the CO to give her five minutes. While they talk, the rest of the inmates are led outside. Angie and Leanne burn all the files.

Penn watches on tv. Vinnie tells Lorna he’s all in. Maritza and Flaca’s fans turn up to cheer for them. Nicky goes to the bottom bunker. Freida clears bringing the new arrivals down. Gloria runs into the upper level. She tells them shit is going down. Penn hears someone outside and gets a gun.

The guards are coming up ten people short. Caputo says the pool and the SWAT wants an all clear for casualties from the governor. He gets it so Caputo won’t help. The noise Penn heard was Coates getting home. They settle in to watch tv together.

Freida leads the others down to the pool. Taystee sees Piscatella and points a gun at him. She yells and he apologizes but it doesn’t matter. She’s shaking and crying but still holding the gun. Then she collapses in sobs and Black Cindy holds her. Red lets Piscatella free.

Buses pull up for everyone outside. SWAT moves in with smoke grenades and Piscatella walks up and gets shot in the head. The bunker folks hear and look to Freida for guidance. She tells them to keep their dignity. The others are getting loaded onto the buses. Maritza and Flaca are separated.

SWAT gets there and checks Piscatella for a pulse. There is none. In the bunker, they all stand up and join hands. SWAT blows the door down. The end.

How do they end it like that? I mean seriously. I’m glad that Suzanne is okay. What happens for all the prisoners now though? And Piscatella got killed. I didn’t expect that. I was figuring Gloria to be honest so I’m glad it wasn’t her. I guess we will find out what’s what next year.


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