Orange is the New Black, episode twelve

The video of Piscatella leaks. The governor just wants it over and agrees to do all the budgeting he needs to. Taystee hears and she and Caputo are stoked, until she realizes that Bayley won’t be sent to jail for what he did. Figueroa says that there will be an IA investigation. Taystee says that’s not good enough. She wants justice for Poussey. She kicks Fig and Caputo out.

Bayley is on a bus. The lady next to him is having a panic attack and he confesses to murder. Red’s gang is inside watching the comments rack up on their video. Red wants to plan an attack and Nicky wants her to chill out. Piper is going to venture upstairs to get painkillers for Alex. She’s turning it into a cause and Alex is annoyed. They fight.

Outside Caputo is trying to negotiate still but no one is listening. Out the window of their command center, they see Ruiz leading out the hostages. They think Taystee came to her senses. Gloria and Luschek are tossed in the bubble. Oujia is sick from all the snorted coffee. Penn finds the hole in the fence and makes a break for it.

MCC explains her side of things and Boo decides extortion is the best way to deal with it. $5,000 is her asking price. Nicky makes it to the pharmacy and just doesn’t want to talk. Lorna shows her the pregnancy tests. They are positive. Even if Vinnie is out, Nicky will help she says.

In the command center, the guards get water and snacks. The rep from the governor talks to Ruiz. This was not part of the negotiations. This was for the deal. She lets her know that MCC has nothing to do with sentencing and any promises made were empty. Ruiz breaks down and the lady tells her she will see what she can do.

Red is still planning a victory lap but Freida tells her that ain’t happening. Yoga helps Alex and they talk about Piper. Penn snoops around the guard cabin. Nothing there. She moves on. Piscatella comes to with Red sitting there watching him. They talk and Red realizes she is regaining her humanity.

Taystee is waiting for Caputo and Fig to come back when Janae and Alison approach. She tells them what happened and Alison gets pissed that she rejected the other stuff. Then tells her what happened to Suzanne. Taystee goes to see her.

Bayley gets to a house. Turns out it’s Poussey’s father’s place. Bayley apologizes but Mr. Washington isn’t hearing it. He doesn’t want to help him make things right. There is no right and he hopes this haunts Bayley forever. Boo blows up MCC’s spot in the cafeteria. People start throwing shit at her.

Piper comes to the front to check things out. She gets an update on the negotiations and sees her mother. She calls her and talks about Alex. Then the SWAT starts moving people around and her mom hangs up. Pidge and Oujia are sick but they don’t know if it is the coffee or the stress.

Fig and Caputo are getting ready for a press conference. They are going to have sex when thye get interrupted. That’s how they find out that it wasn’t Taystee and SWAT is moving in. Penn breaks into another house and eats cereal. It’s Coates’ place. She puts on his clothes and gets in bed. Gloria and Luschek talk about the procedure her son is having.

Nicky calls Vinnie to get him to check himself. Lorna is really pregnant and he needs to step up his game and deserve the love Lorna has for him. Bayley is in a bar. He doesn’t want to go back to Litchfield and the bartender agrees that it’s a shitty place. He doesn’t get on his bus.

At the bunks, Taystee is freaking out on Black Cindy for what happened. Pidge and Oujia come up and tell them the hostages are gone. Taystee goes to try and salvage some negotiations. In the bunker, Piper proposes and Alex says yes. Taystee runs to the front but it’s too late. SWAT is moving in.

After all that, Taystee didn’t get anything. I feel bad for her. And Suzanne. I hope Gloria’s son makes it and I’m glad to see Ruiz knows she was a shitty person to Gloria. Penn is free! And I really don’t care one way or the other about Piper and Alex at this point.


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