Great News, episode one

Katie’s (Briga Heelan) phone rings. It’s her mother (Andrea Martin). She has a lot to talk about. As Katie gets up, gets ready and commutes to work they talk about everything from tv to work. Katie complains about not being respected at the office. She works for a nightly news show and only gets to produce fluff pieces.

During the morning meeting, when Greg (Adam Campbell) asks for pitches Portia (Nicole Richie) talks about Snapchat. The story is assigned to Katie even though she had a hard news pitch of her own. Gene (Brad Morris) pitches and gets to run with her idea.

The anchor, Chuck (John Michael Higgins), comes in complaining about things these days. The meeting breaks up and Katie complains to Justin (Horatio Sanz) about her dreams. Then her mother calls. Her friend died and she needs Katie to go to the funeral with her. While she’s on the phone, Portia tries to talk to her about the Snapchat piece.

She goes to the funeral and gets inspired to chase her dreams. She goes to Greg and asks for the lead but he says no because he trusts Gene to do a better job. At the next meeting she appeals to Chuck on the grounds of seniority. It works.

Afterward she goes back to her office and finds her mom there. Turns out she was inspired at the funeral too and wants to pursue her dream of television production. So she’s applying to the show for an internship. Greg hears and hires her right away.

As Carol gets acclimated to the station, she embarasses Katie who quickly goes to vent to Justin. He tells her to calm down because Chuck has a penchant for firing interns. That doesn’t stop Katie from giving her mom bad info and setting her up to fail.

Katie has to think on her feet because her segment is being downgraded. She tries but can’t come up with anything. Then Chuck starts freaking out because his snack is late and Carol yells at him. It works and when he leaves and Greg praises her, she quits. Katie feels guilty.

It’s almost time for the show so Katie gets her mom back to the station after a heart-to-heart near the track shrine. She also gets an idea for a new segment. Baby boomers re-entering the workforce. They go back to the office and get it done.

The segment is great and Greg is suitably impressed. He agrees to give Katie a lead segment a week if she can convince Carol to come back. She does and they hug it out as coworkers.

I’m going to keep watching this, at least the first season since it is only 10 episodes but I feel like I might get annoyed with this show really quickly. It seems like it would be kind of one-note but I have faith in Tina Fey so hopefully that won’t be the case.


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