Great News, episode two

Katie is on the phone with her mother as she gets to work. Carol is already there. Katie is anxious because she can pitch for a lead. They head to the meeting even though Carol isn’t allowed to be there. Portia makes a crappy pitch and that story goes to Gene. Then Carol embarasses Katie.

Afterward, Katie complains to Justin about her mother being a helicopter parent. He tells her to set boundaries. Greg has a meeting with Chuck and Portia. They got beat in the ratings and now he wants them to banter. They both think it’s a bad idea.

Back in her office, Katie tells her mother that they need boundaries and to stop acting like a mother and daughter. Carol agrees but as soon as Katie gets a dangerous assignment, that plan is put in jeopardy.

Greg wants Carol to get Chuck on board with the bantering. She tells him that she’ll do it if he takes Katie off her assignment. She heads to Chucks office and tries to find out the problem. He doesn’t have anything to talk to Portia about. Carol tells him to pracice with other young women in the office and that lands him in HR.

Since Chuck will banter, Katie is off her story and she’s upset. She thinks Greg is being sexist since the story went to Gene. Carol is supportive and Katie gets an idea. She can go rogue and do the story anyway. Gene agrees to give her the story back. But the news van has a flat. Katie has a solution. Carol will drive them.

Chuck and Portia do a runthrough on the broadcast but don’t do the banter part. Greg pushes for them to give it a whirl and it does not go well. After a few takes, Portia ends up in tears and the two of them are in HR.

After a long ride, Katie realizes Carol was meddling because the story is dangerous. She doesn’t want to get there. They argue. Then Katie decides to take matters into her own hands and hops out of the car to ride a bike the rest of the way. She doesn’t know how though because Carol interfered there too.

Portia and Chuck are in Greg’s office getting yelled at about bantering. They have to find something they have in common but the only thing they can agree on is how much they like the show that beat them in the ratings. Katie still can’t ride a bike so Carol gets out to teach her.

The segment runs with footage of Katie on a bike and Greg has found a banter topic. Lemonade, meaning the beverage to Chuck and the Beyonce album to Portia. It works.

So Nicole Richie is my favorite part of this show. I don’t mind Greg either but the rest of them are not that funny. Justin hasn’t had enough screen time to actually make a mark yet. It still seems like the same thing though so I’m having trouble understanding why this got a second season.


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