Great News, episode five

It’s time for the morning meeting and everyone is grumpy because it’s been a long cold winter. Carol brings lemon squares but throws them out because she is mad at everyone. They didn’t come to karaoke. Chuck tells her its because they aren’t friends and don’t like each other.

Chuck has a story idea and he wants Katie to produce it. She’s excited. Carol talks to Greg about the staff bonding. He doesn’t care though. Katie brings research to Chuck in the makeup chair and he tells her to swing by after the show. Portia asks if they are sleeping together and Katie says no. Portia points out that men always have ulterior motives.

Greg goes back to his office to find a not about a mandatory bonding session. He goes calls off the fake meeting and tells Carol to stop meddling. The broadcast runs and the weather mentions a light dusting of snow but as the show ends a special report calls for a blizzard in New York…. and I guess New Jersey too. The show is over so everyone can go home. Except it’s a state of emergency.

Carol has everyone assembled and it turns into chaos pretty quick. Katie brings the notes to Chuck in his office and he asks her about his look and puts on music. He asks about asking a girl like her on a date and she runs. Carol tries to figure out what to do and stumbles on a lot of wine and brings it to the staff. Greg yells at her but everyone cheers.

Katie is freaking out in her office and Portia comes in to talk. She tells Katie that she can’t let Chuck feel rejected. Carol goes to talk to Greg. She tells him to let loose a little and he agrees that maybe he should.

In Chuck’s office, Katie tries to talk through what happened with him. Turns out he’s not interested in her but in someone from his gym so he was using her for research. She heads downstairs to talk to her mom but ends up dancing with Greg instead. Carol answers a phone. It’s the network. They want a weather broadcast.

Everyone has a meeting about what to do because they are all drunk. They take turns offering to take the blame until they agree Carol should do it. Katie volunteers to do it instead and then Chuck tells her not to. He will take the blame and then Greg says that they can work together and make a show.

It’s a sloppy lead up but they get the show done. Afterward, Katie and Greg are in the elevator together. They talk about Chuck and Portia and how Greg helps Katie without ulterior motives and apparently he has a girlfriend and then the ride is done.

So I guess we are supposed to root for Katie and Greg to get together? That’s what the elevator ride was about right? I liked Portia and Katie talking about what to do about Chuck. Mostly because Portia is the best though.


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