Great News, episode four

The apartment buzzer wakes Katie up. It’s Trip (Tommy Dewey). He’s back from Syria and he’ll be at the studio for a few weeks. This is great but also awful because Katie knows that her mother will now ruin it. She wants to keep it a secret.

The next day at work, Katie tries to play it like she doesn’t know Trip but it doesn’t work and Carol figures things out right away. Katie tells her to butt out. At the next meeting, Chuck and Tripp talk about field assignments and then Chuck decides that it is time to return to the field. Katie calls her mother outside to talk about Trip but Carol has nothing to say. It drives Katie nuts.

Justin while making promos for Chuck in the field finds videos of him crying and running away. Turns out the old footage needed a lot of editing. Carol and Trip are getting along swimmingly and Katie is not pleased. Portia says that maybe that is Carol’s plan so she will dump him. Katie confronts her mother. Carol says that she stalked Trip and likes him and found things out.

Chuck is nervous about his assignment but feels to find like he can’t back out. Carol tells him that if he doesn’t want to go he doesn’t have to. When he goes to talk to Greg, he finds him and Justin watching the crying videos. He yells at them for judging him.

Trip and Katie go out to dinner. Katie acts paranoid. She wants to know what Carol knows but Trip tells her she’s acting weird. There’s a breaking news assignment so Trip leaves. Katie considers but does not snoop through his bag.

Back at the station, Chuck scares Greg and Justin. HR calls him unstable and won’t let him go into the field. Carol comes into Katie’s office to find out she did open the bag and spent the night stalking his life. She found out he’s rich whereas Carol was just excited his mother was dead so she has no holiday competition. Katie says she is going to break up with him. He comes in and finds the stalking wall. He expected this from Katie but Carol broke his heart.

See? Again Carol wasn’t mucking up being an intern and it was a better episode. I liked that everything came from a soap. It was a funny premise.


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