Great News, episode three

Portia and Chuck are on air. There is a throw to some security footage but Carol messed it up and a video of a man and a dog dancing airs instead. Katie is upset. Chuck doesn’t notice and ends the broadcast. Carol apologizes but says that she can’t do the machine parts of the job but Katie tells her she has to learn that stuff too.

Chuck calls for everyone’s attention. He has never missed an episode but will do so tomorrow. Greg is excited because he thinks work will be less difficult. Katie agrees. Then Chuck tells Carol the truth. He needs catarace surgery.

It’s the day without Chuck but Greg’s free day is easier said than done. Apparently he used Chuck as an excuse to get out of doing things and now people are calling him on it. Carol didn’t arrange a car for Chuck. She’s driving him home herself. Which means she isn’t at the office and Katie is doing her job. She calls to tell her mother to get to work.

Carol brought Chuck back to her house to mother him. Meanwhile, Greg is dealing with more ideas for a Chuck-free show. He goes to hide and ends up venting to Katie about how he doesn’t want to be mean to people. She tells him to let it happen.

Predictably, it’s a disaster and they need Chuck back. Carol and Chuck have been bonding in the suburbs, talking about how difficult it is to be older in the working world. His phone rings. It’s Greg but Chuck tries to play it off. Katie gets on the phone and tells him they are looking to go younger anyway and he hurries down.

At the studio, Chuck can’t see but he pretends he can and approves of all the weird stuff. He and Carol head to makeup and he tells her that he needs her to feed him his lines since he can’t see. Katie tells Greg to bite the bullet and tell everyone else their ideas are crap. He does.

The show starts. Justin still runs his crazy new title sequence and Carol feeding lines to Chuck is awful. Afterward, Carol and Katie talk about the broadcast and how it was an improvement for intern Carol.

I laughed out loud during the broadcast at the end. I shouldn’t have. It’s not that funny but I kept laughing. I liked Katie more when she was not dealing with or talking to Carol. Greg wasn’t bad either. Portia is my favorite though.


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