Great News, episode eight

Carol runs into another intern at the elevator. Turns out he’s been promoted and Carol is jealous. She talks to Katie who tells her its about hustling. So in the meeting Carol pitches a story. Chuck thinks it is dumb but Portia is on board. Greg assigns it to Katie.

After the meeting Katie says she won’t do it because she has a story to pitch about hacking. It’s too up in the air for Greg so he says no. She pleads her case but he doesn’t trust her news instincts so he doesn’t budge.

Katie brings her script to Portia and mentions that she wants to do something else but Greg says no. Portia tells her to do it anyway and that she will cover. At rehearsal, Greg asks them to get along but Chuck just digs himself deeper until Portia tells him off for mansplaining and talking down to her.

After listening to Portia, Katie goes to meet her source. It’s a kid. She runs away when his mom comes to the door. Chuck calls Carol in his office and asks her to explain the story she’s doing. She does.

As the show comes to a close, Katie comes back. Greg points out that the piece she left Carol in charge of was their worst one ever. He then asks about her source meeting. He knows it went horribly but she won’t admit it so he says it will lead the next show.

Back in her office, Katie finds Carol. They talk about her story and decide that Greg is acting this way because he is insecure. The next morning, she’s ready to present her story. Not about the hacking. About why Greg won’t trust her. The reason is because he won’t trust himself. And she has proof from his old job to prove it.

Carol comes into Chuck’s office to find him on the floor. He’s been playing phone games all night. She yells at him and he sees that he was wrong to talk down to Portia. He has to apologize.

Greg finds Katie. He did some digging of his own and finds some embarassing things about her. He also finds out that her source was legit so they head out to meet him. They talk to the source and find out a few things before having to flee.

Chuck apologizes to Portia but its short-lived because he quickly yells at her after he gets hacked. Greg and Katie piece it together. The phone game is what is causing the security breaches. They have a great story and Carol was involved so she can now be smug to the other interns.

I like Katie and Greg working together and Portia snarking at Chuck was great. Carol was used in moderation, which I like but there could have been more Justin.


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