Great News, episode seven

Katie finds garbage in the office and yells at people to throw things out. Then she picks it up. Turns out it’s a receipt. Carol has been extreme couponing again and is storing things on the roof. Chuck calls Carol to his office. He needs her to go to his house and let in the cable guy.

Portia comes into the meeting to tell people that she’s been hacked. All her photos and emails are now on the internet. She has to go talk to a lawyer but hopes that they won’t look. She leaves the room and they all start looking. Katie and Greg tell them not too. She’s their friend.

Carol is at Chuck’s house trying not to snoop through his things. She calls Katie for moral support and they talk about the hack. Katie is losing her restraint. She wants to read the emails. She needs support of her own so she goes to Greg. He’s trying not to read them himself but they decide they should for the good of the show.

They discover Portia’s had some mean things to say about Chuck and she’s convinced that Katie and Greg are sleeping together. Apparently everyone thinks so. They are shocked to hear this. Carol snoops and finds a statue of Chuck. She knocks the head off. She doesn’t realize it’s a statue though and runs away screaming.

Back at the office, Chuck admits that the statue is a wax figure that was once a popular tourist attraction but now is just a terrible reminder of what he used to be. He wants Carol to melt it.

Greg and Katie go to the break room to dispel rumors about them sleeping together. Justin, Beth and Gene say that they never thought that and don’t even think they have sex period. Carol can’t part with the wax Chuck so she puts him on the roof with the couponing merchandise.

Katie and Greg realize they are offended and call a meeting. It comes out that they read the hacked emails. They pull the emails up as proof and get caught. Portia is upset because people might be upset by what’s in the emails. Someone comes running in to tell Greg that Chuck is on the roof.

Everyone runs outside to talk him down but it’s not really him. It’s the wax figure and Carol needs the real Chuck to make it right. Also, apparently Portia was calling Greg and Katie boring. It just autocorrected. Chuck is angry but Carol pleads with him to not give up on his dreams. They get to the roof and hear everyone listing what they like about Chuck.

It’s all news to him. Even Portia looks up to him. Katie gets to the roof and finds out what’s going on. She tries to move the statue but it falls over. Chuck announces that he’s okay and tells everyone to get to work. Chuck thanks Carol for helping him believe that anything is possible.

Carol finds Katie in her office and they talk about the emails. Carol realizes that Katie likes Greg. Katie denies it.

So yeah. You knew that was coming but it was pretty funny that nobody thought it was possble. They will end up together in the last episode. Carol wasn’t bad in this episode and Portia was funny as usual.


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