Great News, episode six

The broadcast goes live to a field reporter covering a serial arsonist. Turns out the guy is the arsonist and confesses live on air. The next day Greg tells everyone they need a new field reporter. Carol suggests Katie but she doesn’t want to do it. She wants to produce a piece and Greg gives her the okay. Carol won’t take no for an answer.

Chuck is going to write the new theme song for the show. Greg is not happy about it and he has to screen new field reporters. Portia doesn’t understand why Katie doesn’t want it. The talent pool is thin though and Greg needs her to fill in. She relents and Carol is over the moon. She brings all her friends over to watch the footage over and over.

Since Katie is busy in the field she doesn’t produce her NRA piece. Someone else does instead. Portia. And it’s not the hard-hitting news piece she wanted. She says that she will never go on camera again. Chuck is trying to write a theme song when Justin walks in. He offers to help.

Katie goes to work and quits being the field reporter. Greg tells her no. The network loved her and want her to do it permanantly. Chuck debuts his theme song in the meeting. Greg says its no good because it is too long and Chuck is very upset.

It’s time for Katie’s next report from the field. Turns out Carol manipulated the network by calling in and praising Katie. She made all her friends do it too. Katie is sick of the meddling. She won’t go on air until Carol butts out. She is going to do her pagent routine instead.

Greg is not amused. He wants Katie to do the report but she says no. Greg has no choice. He airs Chucks theme song instead. Carol and Katie have a heart to heart and Carol admits that being on camera is her dream. Greg fires Katie from being a field reporter. He’s surprised to find out that he is not the only person ever that doesn’t want to be famous.

When Carol meddles it just isn’t funny. It’s tired and played out. What is funny, is Portia. Also Justin was good, especially dancing in the background after Greg kicked him out. Greg and Katie are bonding again.


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