Chicago PD, episode eight

Voight shows up to shake hands and schmooze at a politician’s party. He runs into Burgess and meets her new boyfriend Matt, a federal prosecutor himself. The congressman’s big speech is about the state of the city and how much support the police department needs.

Halstead talks to Voight about a call he got from IAD about the bar fight while he was undercover. Voight tells him to keep it simple and then asks who knew about it. Atwater, Upton, two narcotics cops and Ruzek but it couldn’t have been Ruzek, Halstead says. He asks Upton if it was her and she tells him no. She also recommends he talk to someone about potential triggers from the case.

Seems they have a new case. Voight shows up at a hotel. There’s a dead Jane Doe and a male hotel guest. Voight goes to see the guest. It’s his congressman friend. The unit takes the case so Halstead and Upton are looking at the scene. Voight and Olinsky question the congressman. He claims he was drugged and framed.

Atwater and Ruzek go to see the security footage. It cuts out while the congressman was at the bar. They talk to the security guard but come up empty there. Voight goes to see Price about Congressman Graynor’s potential enemies. He has a lot.

Antonio and Burgess go to see one but he has an alibi. The unit goes over the case and Upton gets a lead on the gun. It was used in another shooting. Voight and Olinsky go to see the victim. Turns out she is the Jane Doe’s mother. Her daughter has been missing. The mother gives them some information and they run with it.

They get enough to clear Graynor so Voight lets him out. They have a suspect for the shootings but no ID. Burgess remembers that her boyfriend is working a mob case and that it might be related so she asks him about it. He can’t talk but wants to have a sitdown with Voight.

Ruzek found footage of the shooter with the security guard so he and Atwater go to bring him in. They find him dead instead. They report back to Voight about it but the conversation is cut short because Voight has a meeting with the feds. They ask him to sit on the case and he says yes.

He’s Voight though so he doesn’t listen. Instead the unit uses the information the feds gave him to get an ID. There’s another girl missing too so Platt sends patrol out with photos of her. She also warns Burgess about being close to this case given the boyfriend situation.

Price meets with Voight. He wants a crime scene photo of Graynor for blackmail. Voight talks about it with Olinsky. Upton gets a lead on the missing girl. She and Antonio move in and talk to her. They set up a sting but their suspect doesn’t show up.

He’s been tipped off though and Voight knows exactly who to blame. Burgess’s boyfriend and he tells her as much. He tells her to pick. She’s upset about it after and runs into Ruzek. He gives her a pep talk.

She goes and talks to Matt about the case some more but it’s a setup. Voight and Olinsky were running surveillance on the whole thing. They know where the suspect is holed up. Voight gives orders and the unit moves in.

Nothing is ever easy though so there’s a chase and a shootout before Ruzek and Burgess catch up with the guy. The feds are pissed and yell at Voight. He doesn’t back down. Price reaches out about that favor he asked for. Voight gives it to him. Burgess goes to see her boyfriend and he slams the door in her face.

I liked that there was more Olinsky in this episode but now there is no Antonio. I don’t know if it was always like this and I didn’t notice it or if they just don’t have a balance now or what. It just seems different.


Chicago Med, episode two

Robin is up and trying to cook. It’s not working out and she’s getting frustrated. Rhodes tries to ask her about her medication but she gets annoyed with him too. He’s late getting to the hospital and once he’s there a patient that he did a valve replacement on a few weeks back comes in. There’s a problem with the valve.

Manning and Halstead banter about their upcoming first date. Things are tense between Reese and Charles. April gets a regular patient who wants his usual but Choi thinks things could be more severe. He wants April to help talk the patient into it.

Noah calls Reese for a consult. A woman injected herself with insulin only she’s not diabetic. Also, he wants to take her out for a drink. Reese talks to the woman. She panicked when she realized it was the day of her divorce hearing. She made herself pass out and now she wants a doctor’s note for the judge. Reese says no and the lady demands to speak to her supervisor.

Halstead and Manning get a pregnant lady patient. She’s very concerned about modern medicine but when they run an ultrasound she has a normal sized five month pregnancy. Only problem is, she’s eight months pregnant. They run some tests and discover the baby is malnourished. They try to explain it to the woman but she is adamant.

Choi and April go back to their patient. Choi has x-ray results that show a bigger issue. He pitches it and looks to April for backup. She reluctantly agrees but as soon as they leave the room she confronts him. She doesn’t agree with him and doesn’t want him putting her on the spot like that again just because they are sleeping together.

Goodwin hears out Manning and Halstead but her hands are tied. They pitch it as child abuse and she says that she will convene an ethics committee. Rhodes went over his notes on the valve replacement and is talking about it with Latham when he gets a phone call from his landlord.

He rushes back to the apartment and finds out Robin left a brisket in the oven and the fire department was called. Reese and Charles don’t see eye to eye about the insulin woman. He wants to keep treating her. Manning and Halstead are trying to help the pregnant woman. She might need a c-section. Goodwin interrupts. The ethics committee doesn’t think that they have a case. They have to talk the woman into accepting their help.

Rhodes’ valve patient crashes. Bekker stabilizes him. Manning pleads with the pregnant woman’s husband. He’s got no suggestions. April’s patient crashes as well and Choi ends up having to do a procedure to inflate his lung and admit him to the hospital. Manning takes matters into her own hands and sneak attacks the woman with an IV.

Reese can’t find her prescription pad but quickly connects the dots. The insulin woman swiped it. When she tries to get it back, the woman cries assault. Charles confronts her about it after and they end up fighting. She blames him for the problems with the system.

The valve patient’s condition is getting worse. He wants to know if he has options and Rhodes explains it to him. There is a surgical option but Latham would be the one to do it. April confronts Choi about the heart patient. They argue until Maggie yells at them. The pregnant woman isn’t suing. Manning apologizes and then plays the mom card to try to show she’s on her side.

Choi got the test results back. The regular patient has cancer. April tells him. Latham is heated about the valve surgery and benches Rhodes for poor judgement. He does the surgery though and finds that it was a faulty valve, not Rhodes’ fault.

Charles calls Reese in and tells her that he’s okay and has moved on. He thinks she should too but she gets defensive. Latham talks to Rhodes about burning out and asks if he’s okay. Rhodes says that he is. April apologizes to Choi. Things aren’t going to be easy for them.

Outside the hospital, Charles comes across Noah and Reese. She’s on the phone because someone slashed her tires. She thinks it was the insulin woman. Rhodes is home with Robin. She apologizes for all the trouble she’s caused and he tells her not to worry as he chops vegetables. He cuts his finger in the process.

Manning and Halstead are headed to their date. She’s worried that they will miss their reservation but he doesn’t seem concerned. Turns out they aren’t going to a restaurant but rather he’s making her face her fears by riding the Navy Pier ferris wheel with him.

I have no use for Bekker and I feel bad for Rhodes. I feel bad for Choi too and April but she was too close to the patient I think. I’m glad they actually let Halstead and Manning go out. I thought they were going to mess it up.

This is Us, episode ten

Randall is stoked for Thanksgiving. He sends the little ones to bed and then checks in on Deja. She’s getting ready for a big presentation at school. She thinks the other kids are going to mock her but Randall tells her that he’s proud of her. They hear a ruckus outside. Beth is out there fighting with Deja’s mom. She’s out because they dropped the charges. Deja comes out and calms her down. They need to wait for the social worker though.

It’s the night of the Pitt coach’s visit. Randall is filling out college applications. He wants to check out Howard too and asks Jack if they can. Jack says that he will check with Rebecca but Randall is stoked.

Social worker Linda is over explaining the ins and outs. She is going to recommend that Deja go back to her mother. Randall says that they will fight it and that they’ve already contacted a lawyer. Young Randall is ready to go. He’s nervous but excited.

On the drive to school, the little ones ask about what’s what with Deja. Randall says he doesn’t know. Jack and Randall get to Howard and Randall meets up with a friend. They look around while Jack takes the official tour. Randall seems to enjoy himself.

As Randall drops Deja off at school, he tells her that he and Beth will be by to watch her presentation. Then he calls Beth and she tells him that they can see the lawyer that evening. And they thought last year would be the crazy Thanksgiving. Randall flashes back to his Thanksgiving conversation with William the year prior.

William explains the visits he had from Rebecca and why he never tried to meet him when he was younger. Who was he to go against Rebecca’s wishes? It’s time to leave Howard. Randall is bummed to head out. On the ride back Jack and Randall talk about how out-of-place Randall often feels in his life because of color of his skin.

Jack decides to make a stop. They go to DC and Jack talks about being drafted to Nam and finding balance. Jack wants Randall to know that he will find himself through his choices and that he is spectacular.

Randall checks out Deja’s mom before going to the school. He tells Beth that they can’t keep Deja from her mom. Then he makes a very bleak Pac-man metaphor but Beth gets it. They go in and watch Deja give her presentation.

It’s time for Deja to go home. Randall gets a phone call. It’s Kevin. He’s on his way to the house. Randall says its fine but he’s distracted. He tries to offer his help to Deja’s mom but she’s got it from here. Deja says her emotional goodbyes. Inside the house, Randall does dishes and Beth cleans up Deja’s room.

Kevin is freaking out in the teacher’s yard. Rebecca gets to Kate’s house. She calls Randall and tells him about the baby. Kevin gets to Randall’s house. They head into the kitchen and Kevin starts drinking. Randall mentions that Rebecca and Kate are staying in LA for the holiday. Then he decides to call Kate.

He asks if Kevin wants to try with him but Kevin declines. While Randall is on the phone, Kevin takes off. Randall talks to Beth about fostering again. Maybe a boy this time. Kevin drives recklessly.

Jack and Randall talk about how things will be different for Kevin post-knee injury but he’ll be okay. Adult Randall can’t find his daughter. She pops up in the back of Kevin’s car just as he gets pulled over.

Beth gets a call. Kevin is getting arrested for a DUI and their daughter is with him. Kevin is ready to kill him and Beth is game for it. Jack tells Randall that when one of them falls, another helps them up.

I thought Kevin was going to wreck the car. I actually was so worried about that. He’s a mess and I’m glad he got caught. Randall is the best part of this show. And Beth. She’s the real MVP. I loved that they knew they couldn’t keep Deja. I guess they are going to take in that little boy next.

Legends of Tomorrow, episode eight

The battle rages on. Martin opens the gateway and gets shot a few more times in the process. They Firestorm up and head out. As Thawne tries again for the surgery, the Legends show up and stop him. Ray and Felicity take Kara and try to save her but Evil Oliver turns up to stop them. Oliver takes Evil Kara hostage though.

While they argue that, everyone else fights Metallo. Thawne whisks team evil away and Oliver and Felicity have a heartfelt reunion. Barry and Iris get their turn too. Caitlin is working to save Martin but now its messing with Jefferson too. Alex finds Kara and they hug.

So because of the Firestorm, Martin and Jefferson are linked. That’s the only thing keeping Martin alive. It’s actually killing Jefferson in the process. Martin knows there is no choice. He takes the formula to separate them and then dies.

Word quickly spreads throughout the ship and everyone is upset. Jefferson notifies the family. Everyone else is gearing up to fight the dopplegangers. Evil Oliver reaches out. They will leave peacefully if they turn over Supergirl. Oliver says no deal and Sara tells everyone to prepare for battle.

They take to the streets but it isn’t really working. Kara gets an idea and challenges Evil Kara. They duke it out until the evil version hits critical mass. Kara takes her to space where she blows up. Oliver and Barry also confront their likenesses. They win those fights too. Kara falls to the ground and Nate catches her.

Ray goes back to the other either but Snart sticks around. They go to Martin’s funeral and Jefferson provides a eulogy. A lot of people say their goodbyes. Alex thanks Sara for putting things into perspective. She’s going to trust her instincts. She and Kara head back to earth. Sara and the Legends take off.

Barry and Iris are going to just get a justice of the peace. Felicity has an idea though. She knows someone that’s ordained. Barry kidnaps Diggle and he runs the show for Iris and Barry. Just before he wraps it up Felicity interrupts. She’s game for marriage now so she wants it to be a double wedding. Diggle is game and they proceed. He pronounces them all married.

Why did Snart stay behind? I don’t get that. Honestly most of this was garbage. Why wasn’t Diggle invited to the wedding in the first place? Also, they couldn’t bring Joe back for the little wedding.

The Flash, episode eight

Okay so the are in a camp on the bad planet and they can’t use powers to escape. The other people locked up have committed “crimes” such as “loving the wrong person.” Back on the regular earth, everyone at the lab is locked up in individual cells. Thawne has Kara strapped to a table with red sunlamps on her.

Evil Kara comes in and talks to them about the procedure. Iris and Felicity overhear them and come up with an idea. They have to get Cisco out to help them so they move on that. In the camp, the commander comes in. It’s Quentin Lance and he exchanges words with Sara about impurities and such. He takes the heroes out to face a firing squad.

Right before they fire Snart comes in to save the day. One other prisoner was taken with them and it turns out he has powers too. Snart takes the shackles off him and the new guy Ray blasts some sunlight at them and they all run away.

Evil Kara taunts Kara about her lack of lovelife. It’s almost time for the transplant. Iris and Felicity try to save Cisco, Harry and Caitlin from their prisons but can’t. They page the Legends but they are going to have save Kara themselves.

Ray and Snart take the good guys back to their hideout. They talk about the gateway to the regular earth. The team is stoked to go back but it’s not that easy and it’s being guarded by bad guys oh and General Winn wants to blow it up. They plead their case but it’s no use.

Alex tries her hand at getting through to Winn but it’s no use. He wants to protect his people so he can’t give them time. Sara finds Alex rummage for a weapon. She’s upset. She’s going on her own to save Kara. Sara talks her down and tells her to trust her instincts with the Maggie thing.

Snart and Ray are an item and Snart wants to save these people. Ray relents and they go to Winn. They’ve got more time so they make a plan. Winn tells them that they have an hour and then he’s blowing it up.

It’s time for surgery. Thawne is ready to roll and knocks Evil Kara out. Then Iris and Felicity cut the power to the building. They get Kara off the table but end up caught before they can get outside. Snart and Oliver sneak into the bad guy base undercover. Quentin is in there. They launch a fighter ship to the regular earth.

Thawne can’t get the power back on because Felicity encrypted it. Oliver fights some people. The control board is broken and they will need to launch home manually. Snart calls Winn for more time and finds out they are getting less. The weapon is on its way.

Back at the lab, Thawne threatens Felicity. Kara comes in and tells her to give him what he wants and save herself. She does. It’s time for a showdown on the bad planet. Oliver, Snart, Firestorm, Alex and Sara fight some bad guys while Ray and Barry derail the robot that Winn launched. To help the team, Martin and Jefferson separate and Martin gets shot in the process.

I feel bad for Winn. They are going to ruin his chance at winning the war by breaking the robot because Quentin is still around to run the bad guy army. I also feel like the conversation that Alex had with Sara is basically like the same one she had with Maggie when Kara was stranded on that moon.

Arrow, episode eight

They come face to face with the hostage. It’s Tommy Merlin. While Oliver talks to him, the others try to figure out what’s going on. Harry knows that these people are from Earth X. It’s so awful it doesn’t even have a designation. Oliver talks to Tommy. It isn’t productive at all because Tommy is evil and believes the garbage he’s been taught. He kills himself before talking.

Evil Oliver gets an alert that Tommy is dead. Then he fights with Evil Thawne. Evil Kara has to step in. Thawne walks away and it turns out that Kara and Oliver are an item on the evil planet. Felicity gives Curtis some homework. Then she and Oliver have a marriage talk. She’s not into it.

Jefferson and Harry and Caitlin are trying to track down the bad guys when Martin comes in. He wants to have a heart to heart with Jefferson who admits that the separation feels an awful lot like being abandoned by a father figure.

Alex and Sara have another awkward run in. After that Kara finds Alex in a tailspin. She’s second-guessing the breakup but Kara talks her down. Felicity and Iris talk about her Oliver troubles until they are rudely interrupted by an attack. Kara, Oliver and Barry go to confront the bad guys and there’s a bad guy speech and then a fight. Oh and Evil Oliver and Kara are married. Oliver has a kryptonite arrow that he uses on Evil Kara.

The bad guys get away and the good guys save the civilians. In the lab everyone but Iris talks sciency. Barry comes back with the krypton arrow covered in Evil Kara blood. Alex knows how to track it. Iris and Barry talk about love and then Oliver chimes in and says that that’s what they are fighting for. Alex’s plan worked.

They have a lead on where the bad guys are. The team gets together and rolls out. Mick is still at the lab. In the midst of the fight, Alex and Sara notice that Evil Oliver is nowhere to be found. He turns up at the lab and Harry sounds the alarm. Oliver gets knocked out and watches the fight a bit. Things are not looking up.

At the lab, Mick and Caitlin fight some bad guys. It looks like the good guys have won but Metallo shows up and the tide changes. The good guys end up hostages and Evil Oliver gets back. They have what they need and they are now ready to go. They are going to cut Kara’s heart out and give it to the Evil Kara.

Iris and Felicity creep around looking out for trouble. They find it. Ramirez is being locked in a cell at the lab. Meanwhile the others wake up. They don’t see Kara but they might have a bigger problem. They seem to be on Earth X in a camp.

I really don’t have much use for most of these people so I don’t care about a lot of what’s going on. The fact that they made it Nazis is fucked up. They could just be generic bad guy team so the whole thing is just wrong. I mostly only like Alex and Kara. I don’t mind Sara or Barry. I must admit seeing Dr. Rhodes go all evil was kind of fun though.

Supergirl, episode eight

o Earth X is all Nazi-ed out (which I’m going to just say now is an awful plot device and they could’ve come up with something better for a hugely marketed crossover). There’s a doctor that wants to try to bring hope to a bleak world. Evil Arrow kills him. And a bunch of other people before fighting Guardian. He wins that fight too.

Barry is fighting a shark monster when Iris chimes in. She needs some help. Seems that not everyone RSVP to the wedding and the caterer needs a headcount. Felicity chimes in as Oliver fights some ninjas. They’ve got to send back word. As do the Legends even though they are busy fighting in rural twelfth century England.

Supergirl is fighting some aliens while the folks back at the DEO try to identify the species. She’s got it under control though. Even if plywood is super concerned back at the command center. Kara and Alex wallow about their break-up misery until Alex notices Barry’s wedding invitation on the table. It prompts Kara into action. They need their mojo back. They are going to the wedding.

Iris and Caitlin and Felicity and Kara are getting their nails done and chatting about the wedding and whose next. Kara just laughs at the idea of Mon-El and thanks Iris for letting her bring Alex instead. Felicity and Oliver have some things to handle before they can settle down.

Oliver and Barry try on tuxes and talk about being in love. Cisco and Harry do some sciency stuff to help separate Firestorm. Things are still evil on Earth X. Martin and Caitlin talk more about what he’ll do post Firestorm.

It’s time for the rehearsal dinner. Everyone is gathering and chatting. Alex and Sara toast to making things go away and loving the taste of scotch. Barry notices and points it out to Kara but she’s not worried. They then talk about her being destined to be alone. He wants a favor. He wants her to sing.

Martin is a little late. He was making a new cure. It’ll give Jefferson sticky powers. He’s not interested. Joe calls attention to give his speech. It’s all about how important love is. Meanwhile, Alex and Sara are making out in the hallway and Oliver is proposing to Felicity. She says no though. He pushes until she snaps and yells at him that she doesn’t want to marry him.

So wedding day dawns and most people are waking up alone. Alex and Sara aren’t though. Alex wakes up and makes a run for it. Barry leaves Iris breakfast and a note but he’s not there when she gets up. Kara is waiting when Alex finally shows up. Sara turns up a few minutes later and an awkward encounter ensues. Kara figures out what happened and teases her sister about it.

Go time. Barry has some jitters but he’s ready. Kara sings as Iris walks down the aisle. The priest gets things going but when it’s time to speak now gunfire erupts. It’s some Nazis from the other earth. All the heroes are fighting and the other people are fleeing. Evil Arrow and Evil Supergirl are there too so Kara fights her counterpart.

They destroy the church and everyone is banged up. Evil Kara is down for the count though so evil Oliver calls the fight over and scoops her up before fleeing. Back at STAR Labs, Cisco is out and the rest of them try to figure out what’s up. They knew everyone was going to be there. This was planned. It’s time to question the Nazi that they caught. Meanwhile Evil Arrow and Supergirl are chatting with Evil Thawne about opportunities.

Alex and Sara get a morning after but Alex and Maggie never did. That’s some garbage right there. Also, Nazis. That part sucks. And I’m not a huge fan of Arrow but I felt bad for Oliver when Felicity yelled at him like that. This was otherwise all exposition.