Chicago Fire, episode sixteen

Near the firehouse, Kidd and Severide are making out in the car. Kidd starts driving the rest of the way and almost runs a guy down in the process. Choi updates Otis. He’s going to run tests to find out why Otis lost feeling in his lower extremities. At the house, Boden tells everyone about Cordova the floater filling in on 81. Herrmann isn’t happy about it.

Casey welcomes him aboard. Cordova is familiar with Dawson too from when she was training. Before anything more can be said, the alarm goes off. It’s a guy at a dinner with his arm stuck in a giant mixer. They take the machine apart and get him to Med. Back at the house, Dawson updates everyone on the lack of information about Otis.

She makes her way into the kitchen and finds Kidd humming. Dawson puts the pieces together pretty quick and calls her on sleeping with Severide. It’s a secret but before they can talk for too long they see Grissom show up. He’s there to talk to Boden. Apparently when he retires, he wants Boden to take his spot so he’ll be around to observe.

On his way out he runs into Severide and gives him grief about blowing off their dinner. Grissom is done trying to help him. Kidd catches up with Severide afterward and notes that a little distance might be a good thing. Otis is getting an MRI. He tells the tech its only a matter of time before Lily bails. The tech tells him to focus on himself.

Dawson shares what she remembers about Cordova with Brett and Casey. Speaking of, he’s rummaging for food when Herrmann starts giving him trouble about feeding the house. Casey pulls Herrmann aside to calm down. The wife and daughter from the morning call turn up to cook for the house and Cruz seems to get along swimmingly with the daughter.

Cordova tells Casey that he can handle a lot so he’s ready to go. Brett gets a message from Lily. There was a hematoma but they drained it. Everyone loads up and heads to Med to find Otis on his feet. It’ll take time but he should recover from this. Everyone is thrilled, except Otis. He is grumpy about the rehab and Cordova and basically breaks up with Lily.

At the house, its mealtime and the food leaves something to be desired. Kidd fakes a call from their landlord so her and Severide can escape it and get some alone time in the process. Cruz and a few of the others walk the women out. They are already planning on coming back next shift. Mouch tells Cruz to handle it. Dawson and Kidd plan to split Otis’ shifts at Molly’s.

Cruz and Brett are planning to go hang with Otis at Med. Herrmann says he has to cover at Molly’s but figures Otis will be back soon enough. Cordova points out that that’s not likely. Herrmann remains optimistic. At Med, Otis has no timeframe and is still down. He tries to send them away but Cruz and Brett don’t listen. He softens to them.

Boden is home spending time with the family. He tells his wife that his name was floated for a promotion and it’s tripping him up. At the next shift, the women turn up again. Herrmann and Cordova come to blows after Cordova says that Otis isn’t coming back for a long time. Casey catches the end of it but no one is arguing and Herrmann takes a walk.

He finds Lily in the house and she talks about not knowing how to help Otis. Herrmann comforts her until the alarm sounds. It’s a victim caught between a steel beam and some scaffolding. Grissom shows up just as Severide pitches his plan. He’s going to climb up and hold things steady. Grissom volunteers to go with and help out.

They head up and make the rescue. Severide barely escapes as the scaffolding collapses. Afterward he and Grissom have a moment. Back at the house, Boden announces that Otis is out for at least two months. Cordova is around for the long haul. Casey tries for a motivational speech but Boden comes to the rescue.

He wraps it up by insulting the food just as the women walk in. They hear him and leave, obviously embarrassed. Casey thanks Boden for the help with the pep talk. Boden tells him not to worry about it. He trusts Casey and believes he’s good for the house. Kidd and Severide talk as shift ends. She’s happy he took her advice about Grissom.

Dawson catches Cordova on the way out. When he was only around for a few shifts, it was no big deal but now she has to tell Casey… something. He asks her to hold off so that he can prove himself and she reluctantly agrees. Herrmann goes to Med. He sees Lily encouraging Otis during rehab and goes in all smiles to help out.

So obviously Dawson and Cordova were together. Saw that coming from a mile away. I don’t get why they keep doing this. He’s going to find out and be pissed that she hid it and she will try to apologize and he won’t let her for like five episodes. By the time they calm down, Severide and Kidd will be done. It’s the same thing always on this show.


Will and Grace, episode fifteen

Grace and Will are on the road. He’s happy. He thinks they are spontaneous road trip people. She breaks the news that they aren’t. They are headed to see her family to celebrate her mother’s birthday. It was her dying wish. Grace needs Will to have her back. He agrees and they head to the house. He gets roped into hanging out with Mr. Adler.

Jack tracks down Drew at work. He’s invested in the relationship and wants Drew to move in with him. Drew actually wants to see other people. He’s newly out and wants to experience life as a gay man. Karen is having a romantic weekend with Stan only she’s with Malcolm. Will and Mr. Adler are putting in the living room.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen Grace is fighting with her sisters. She finds out that they want their father to sell the house. They also want Grace to tell him. Jack crashes Karen’s weekend and finds Malcolm. He is not happy. The birthday dinner isn’t going well. The Adler sisters fight as their father tries to read a letter. The girls get it together and have a nice moment.

Grace tells Mr. Adler about the plot to sell the house and looks to Will for back-up. She doesn’t get it. Everyone is angry. Jack is disillusioned. He doesn’t believe in a happily ever after anymore and he leaves. Malcolm tells Karen that they need to be real about things as well. Grace and Will talk about her memories in the house of her mom.

She tries to say that she’s just thinking of her dad by wanting to stay there but Will points out that that’s not the case. This would help her stay in denial. Her dad overhears and tells her that he will be okay. He talks to Will about golf and Will starts to ramble. Mr. Adler hears it as Will inviting him to stay with them in the city and he’s interested. He heads upstairs to pack.

This episode felt really short. I laughed at parts of it but it wasn’t super funny. It wasn’t trying to be. I liked it.

Chicago Med, episode thirteen

Bekker and Rhodes are in the middle of a heart transplant. The patient rejects the new heart. Afterward they discuss treatment moving forward and of course they don’t agree. Choi has looked into birthday gifts for someone in April’s family. She asks after his sister but he isn’t willing to let that happen yet.

Rhodes has a patient of his own that is a frequent flyer with heart problems. The meds aren’t enough so he’s in for an IV and a stint in the ICU. Charles finds Reese going over paperwork. Her father asked her to co-sign a loan for him so she’s just reading the contract. Charles tries to slow her down but her mind is made up.

Noah’s patient is an older woman that things she strained a muscle in her back in spin class. He checks her over and seems to agree. Someone yells to Maggie about someone in the waiting room. There’s a woman that fell asleep and won’t wake up. Choi takes the case and assumes OD but those treatments aren’t working.

Stohl gets involved. He adds a few tests to the list because he’s thinking injury. Bekker and Rhodes chat about his patient while running tests. Another patient comes in. Motorcyclist with no helmet. Stohl calls him an organ donor. Manning gets to work and talks to Halstead but he’s distracted. Maggie gives her patient.

It’s a man in a vegetative state because of a brain injury. He was breathing funny and seemed to be in pain. His mother called to bring him in. Manning runs a gamut of tests to cover all her basis. Stohl brings the motorcycle patient upstairs. Bekker asks a nurse to keep her posted on his status. Rhodes sees the whole thing.

Noah goes to check in on the woman with a bad back. Her back is fine now but the medication made her queasy. Noah steps up and promptly gets puked on. Goodwin gives Charles a list of potential transplant list candidates. Amongst the list is Reese’s father. Rhodes’ patient crashes but he manages to stabilize the guy.

Charles meets with Robert and tells him that his chances of getting a transplant are not good but showing fiscal independence would help. Bob mentions the loan he asked Reese to co-sign on. Rescinding that would help. Manning tells her patient’s family that he has pneumonia. She changes his trach tube and finds it dirty.

Maggie tells Choi that his potential ODs husband turned up. Choi goes to talk to him and the guy is fed up with his wife’s drug use. He thought she kicked the habit but it seems not. Rhodes updates his heart patient’s wife. He’s going to get him on support. The wife knows this is a last resort and is upset by the news.

Manning talks to Halstead about her patient’s trach. She thinks the state of it caused his pneumonia. She doesn’t know how to tell his mom she might not be up for the task of caregiver. Noah doesn’t know what to do about his patient. She’s in a lot of pain and suddenly has to use the bathroom. He and April help the woman up.

They are too slow though because she can’t hold it in. She wants the toilet though because she’s not done and that’s when Noah figures out what’s happening. The woman is in labor. Bekker is pissed at Rhodes because his patient jumped hers on the transplant list. She thinks he manipulated the system and storms away.

As Manning goes over options available to help with care, the patient’s mother admits that she let him get sick on purpose. She saw in his eyes that he was done and wanted to help that. Her other two children try to get her to stop talking but she doesn’t. Her other son tells his sister to call a lawyer as he looks at Manning.

Reese tracks down Charles outside and starts yelling about her father. She tells Charles that he is ruining everything. Charles explains the facts and Reese storms off. Goodwin sees the exchange and asks about it. Charles tells her. Noah and April deliver the baby. Manning and Halstead fight over what to do about the mother.

She wants to call social services but he thinks the cops should be involved. Choi and Stohl think about their potential OD. It might be a blood clot. Rhodes’ patient doesn’t get the heart and he’s mad. Bekker is going to get for her patient and they fight about helping people versus numbers.

The new mom introduces her baby to her adult son, his wife and their daughter. April is surprised to hear the Halstead is so adamant about calling the cops considering he let a guy die from cancer last week. The kid starts crashing because his mom took out his trach. Halstead runs in to do CPR.

His mom starts yelling and Halstead backs off. The kid dies. Halstead calls time of death and then fights with Manning about the two situations. Rhodes’ patient takes a turn. He jumps Bekker’s on the transplant list and Goodwin makes the call. Bekker freaks out on Rhodes as a result.

Choi and the blood clot patient’s husband talk about her condition. She wakes up and seems okay. Rhodes’ tells his patient that the transplant is happening that day. Bekker spies on them. The whole family is thrilled. Reese is with her dad and he’s pushing for her to sign the loan paperwork.

She tells him that she can’t do it and carefully watches his face as she says it. Choi goes to the birthday party for April’s family. She is thrilled to see him and even more excited to see that he brought his sister. Noah comes over and hits on her right away and then leads her out on the dance floor.

There were a lot of patients and characters in this episode. I couldn’t really get invested in any of it except for the pregnant older lady. I was amused by that. I don’t really know what happened with the blood clot lady or why her husband freaked out so much when she was only gone for like a few hours. I’m worried about Reese.

The Americans, episode one

Elizabeth is on the job as a visiting nurse. She’s asleep on the job that is. Meanwhile business is booming for Philip at the travel agency. She sleeps with a mark and showers. He’s making an honest living. She lurks and takes photos. He goes over expense reports.

Philip has a trip and Elizabeth wishes him well. He’s going to see Henry at school. Elizabeth and Paige stay home and spend time with Grandma. They watch a Soviet movie. Philip cheers on Henry at his hockey game. Turns out Paige is learning about life in Moscow.

She also reports back on what her college professors have to say about the upcoming Soviet/US summit. She walks out to the car and Elizabeth and Grandma talk about her undercovers. It’s a slow haul. Arkady goes to see Oleg in Moscow. He needs someone that he can trust to help him because things are tense.

There are people in leadership that don’t trust Gorbachev or his arms summit.They need to work together for the good of the country. Elizabeth is in Mexico City meeting with a general. He wants to talk about a target that will be in the States that can help him with a rocket project. It’s important. Not even Philip can know.

He is back at home giving a pep talk to the travel agents. The general lays out for Elizabeth what he needs her to do. She flies home and is distressed the whole time. It’s time for dinner with the Beeman’s. Paige joins her parents, Stan and Gloria, and his old partner and his wife for dinner. Stan is in a different department now.

Gloria and the other wife still bond about how secretive things are. Oleg is shipping out to help Arkady. His wife is not happy about it. Elizabeth gets coffee and watches. Oleg gets to a hotel. Next stop is her nursing gig. She chats with her patient’s husband. He’s a government employee. He’s the mark.

Philip goes out square dancing with his friends from work. Elizabeth watches her patient toss and turn in pain. Oleg walks down a street. He marks a mailbox with chalk. The next day Philip sees the marked mailbox. Paige is the one at the coffee shop with an older man. Elizabeth is driving someplace with a woman.

It’s driving him nuts. Philip leaves work early and intercepts Oleg’s message. Paige leaves with the man. Philip goes home and translates the message. Paige drives somewhere and parks. A Naval officer knocks on her window. She’s parked near a sensitive area and wants her to leave but he IDs her first.

A man that’s sitting in a bar signals to Elizabeth and her passenger. The other woman gets out and walks near the government guy with the sick wife. Elizabeth listens in on the conversation. The Naval officer won’t give Paige her ID back without a date. She tries to push but he won’t back down.

Later Paige meets with Elizabeth, who is acting like her handler, to check in. Elizabeth assures Paige that she did nothing wrong. She kept her cool and handled the situation. It was a success. When they go their separate ways, Elizabeth tracks the guy down and kills him. She takes Paige’s ID back.

Oleg and Philip meet. Oleg talks about Elizabeth’s trip to Mexico and why he needs Philip’s help with the summit coming up. They need Philip to spy on and stop Elizabeth. Oleg explains that if this goes badly he will be shot. He leaves. Elizabeth is a mess. She stands alone in the rain smoking.

When she gets home, Philip is waiting for her. He tries to talk to her but she doesn’t have the patience for it. She tells him she doesn’t need a speech. She needs sleep and he backs off. She goes upstairs and thinks about all she has to do. He stays in the kitchen working on paperwork.

This is the best show on television. Hands down. There was a lot of exposition in this one but it was necessary. There’s obviously been a time jump. A lot has changed for the Jennings family so we had to learn that. I’m rooting for Philip in this but it seems likely that no one will survive. I figure it will be intense for most of the season so I’m okay what it wasn’t yet.

Good Girls, episode five

Beth and Dean have a visit from FBI Agent Turner. He wants to know if they’ve noticed anything unusual in the neighborhood. Dean rambles about a dude with dog crap but it’s enough to scare Beth. She tells Annie and Ruby that she wants to call the whole thing off. Annie isn’t having it though. She’s got lawyer fees out the wazoo.

Stan is on his way to his first day as an officer in training. Sadie is on her way to Hawaii with Gregg and his wife. She tries to go over some guidelines with Annie because she is not good on her own. Beth is at the grocery store trying to get out of PTA duties when a gang dude drops off money for her to wash. Annie and Ruby get bundles of their own.

They are still freaking out, except Annie, when they have a chat with Rio. He doesn’t care about the FBI agent coming to the house. He gave them the cash, now they gotta clean it. Beth plots the stores but tells them not to stay local. She and Ruby head out, make big kitchen appliance purchases and then make the returns. Annie tries her hand electronic shopping.

Ruby goes home and stashes her cash. She’s been lying to Stan about work and has to keep up the charade. Annie checks out at the electronic store and ends up scoring the cashier’s number. Beth does the same only her chat with Dean is about his cancer treatment. Annie makes a bad choice and texts the cashier.

Annie ends up sleeping with the cashier and he takes off in the night, with the receipt. She tells Beth and Ruby they can just give the TVs back to Rio but that won’t fly. They head to the store to find him but he’s not working. Beth manages to score the guy’s address and they head to his house. Turns out his married with small children. That’s why he fled.

With no other option, they go dumpster diving wherein Annie and Beth fight about cheaters before finding the receipt. The next morning Agent Turner is back and wants to talk to Beth. He’s got a picture of Rio and asks about him. At first Beth lies but when Turner mentions asking Dean so she tells him she will come by the office.

At Ruby’s daughter’s school, she passes out. She hasn’t been taking her medication, just hoarding it for when she needs it. Beth talks to Rio and he tells her to tell Turner that they are banging. Stan and Ruby tell their daughter to just focus on getting better, not the money. Beth and Annie give Ruby the whole cut for the bills.

Beth gets home to find that Dean cooked dinner. He wants to help her but she tells him that she is going to be with Ruby at the hospital. He asks her if they would still be together if things were different. She doesn’t have an answer. She goes to see Turner and first gets flustered but then lies convincingly about sleeping with Rio.

I get the feeling that this whole Beth and Rio thing might actually happen which I don’t know how I feel about. I mean, her cheating husband has cancer so… it’s a tough call. I’m glad that Ruby got all the money to help with the bills and honestly Annie is a dunce.

The Good Doctor, episode eighteen

Murphy goes to see Glassman. He wants to be friends again because Glassman is a good mentor. Glassman tells him that he has cancer and is dying. Murphy tells him to get a second opinion. Most of the team is dealing with a young man who is drunk and has a messed up foot. Lim sets his foot while Park talks to his buddy. They have to head to surgery before he gets an answer.

In surgery because of his blood alcohol, the guy is awake. He starts to doze off though and crashes. Murphy is heard at work trying to find an alternate diagnosis for Glassman. There isn’t one. Kalu and Park go to talk to the friend again. He admits that they were pledging and the patient ate detergent pods.

Browne, Reznick and Murphy are in surgery. There are no issues but Murphy freezes up. He just remembered where he left his toy scalpel. After the surgery he goes to Glassman’s office and suggests more imaging. Glassman says no and there’s no sign of the scalpel. Murphy then goes to see Preston. He breaks Glassman’s trust and tells her about his condition.

He then asks Preston to manipulate Glassman into getting the scans. The whole team is talking to Melendez. The guy is still in a bad way and they don’t know what to do. Reznick thinks that Murphy messed up but Melendez figures that it is probably something else and sends them to test for other things.

Melendez then goes to talk to Glassman about Murphy’s behavior and finds out about Glassman’s condition. They still can’t stabilize the kid and don’t know what to do. Browne assumes its drugs but Reznick is still set on blaming Murphy. Kalu goes to see the patient’s friend. He tricks him into giving up some of his own blood and then Park threatens him.

The kid admits that his buddy is on molly. Preston confronts Glassman. She suggests he get the imaging to help Murphy cope. Melendez talks to Andrews about his patient problem. Andrews tells him to figure it out because he shouldn’t have left the first years alone in surgery. Glassman got the imaging and as they wait Murphy has questions.

If he only has two years to learn he has to hurry up. The doctor comes back. The first scans were wrong. Glassman doesn’t have two years. It’s more like three months. Murphy takes to the white boards. He isn’t willing to accept the diagnosis. He starts running numbers and Glassman just snaps. He can’t take it

He just wants to get out. He tells Murphy to come if he’s going to. Everyone else is still trying to save the patient. Glassman and Murphy go to a park and ride the carousel. Glassman talks about his daughter and how he thought she would be at his bedside when he died. Murphy gets a message and heads back to the hospital.

Melendez has everyone assembled. They are coming up with ideas that are less and less likely until Murphy thinks about it and realizes that he’s the one that messed up. He also has an idea about doing a biopsy on Glassman’s tumor. He goes to talk to him and Glassman tries to explain that he doesn’t care. Murphy doesn’t listen and explains his idea.

Murphy goes back to the office to find everyone debating about whether or now he should be reported. They decide they will after they save this kids. Andrews goes to see Aoki. He asks if her feelings about Murphy or Glassman have changed. They have not. The team is stumped about how to save the kid. Park is anti-surgery but Murphy has a radical idea.

Reznick actually agrees with Murphy. Melendez considers it and goes with surgery. During the procedure, Murphy asks to do it. If the patient is going to die, he doesn’t want it to be on Melendez’ conscience. Melendez handles it and the surgery is a success. They got lucky and now drinks are on Melendez. Murphy finds his scalpel.

He’s excited and goes to tell Glassman. He sees an IV bandaid and knows that Glassman had the biopsy. The cancer is operable. Glassman may live. Murphy is thrilled and hugs him. Then he tells Glassman and Preston that he has to go report himself to Andrews. Preston tries to stop him to save Glassman’s job but Murphy is set in his ways and Glassman has his back.

I’m surprised that they didn’t kill off Glassman though I guess to be fair he probably won’t be a pivotal role in the next season. Andrews can’t fire Glassman because those would be awful optics. I don’t know why Melendez got so snarky with Reznick at the end but it was interesting.

iZombie, episode five

Peyton is at work dealing with zombie discrimination. She handles it like a pro and then takes steps to help the zombie in question get rations for his family. Major and Blaine’s crony are on road trip. It doesn’t seem to be much fun. At the morgue there are three zombies and a human that were found in the trunk of a car in the junkyard.

The human was a Canadian hockey goon so Liv is on hockey brain. As the road trip continues, Liv and Clive go to see the hockey team. They aren’t very forthcoming. Liv laces up some skates to play too. After the game she talks to the captain and he admits that he’s a zombie. He doesn’t have much more he feels like sharing.

Graves discusses the brain situation and optics with some high-ranking soldiers. They want Renegade killed in the square but he won’t do it. Major and Donny get to a hotel well outside the city with a human hostage and that’s when Major sees Donny going full rage mode on a gas station attendant on the news.

Liv is down a tooth from the hockey game and talking about replacing it while Ravi practices his slapshot. It triggers a vision. Blaine is the murdered. He’s brought in for questioning and Liv blows it. He gives nothing away. At the hotel, Major decides to nap while they wait for Donny’s smuggling contacts.

When he wakes up it’s been hours. Donny is asleep and the human is in the bathroom not breathing. Someone starts banging on the door and Major turns her into a zombie. Clive and Liv are still at it with Blaine. He mentions a laundromat and Liv puts the pieces together. The victim and his hockey buddy were guards for the good guy smugglers.

She realizes that Graves is behind all of it and his lawyers have called downtown. Peyton is at the station to set him free. That’s when word comes in that the zombie bus driver she helped earlier was still starving. He fell asleep at the wheel and crashed a bus. When he came to, he attacked and a nurse shot him in the head to stop him.

Major, Donny and their new zombie friend are shipped back to Blaine’s restaurant in crates with brains. The new zombie gets a welcome speech from Graves and then sent on her way. She tells Graves that her father will be pissed. Her father is their biggest opponent in Washington. On his way out Major talks to Graves about doing what he has to do.

Graves goes and gets Renegade from prison. He’s going to execute her. Liv and Ravi are talking about the pointlessness of finding criminals in this society when Peyton runs in with news about Renegade. Graves out her crimes while a crowd yells. Liv hurries to the front and starts to yell but Renegade shakes her head.

The guillotine falls. Many turn away. Liv is pissed, especially when she looks at Major standing by and guarding the proceedings. On her way out she sees the hockey zombie. She tells him to gather everyone from the smuggling ring that is left. They are going to pick up where it was left off.

Yeah Major just stood by and let it happen. That makes him awful. I felt very bad for Liv in this because of her hopelessness. I liked that there was some Peyton involvement and none of that Angus stuff.