iZombie, episode two

Some older ladies are golfing. They gossip and giggle, until one gets hit in the face with a golf ball and killed. Clive, Liv and Ravi get to the scene and Ravi calls it an accident until Clive brings in the caddie witness. He saw someone run and heard a splash. An officer searches the lake and finds a golf ball gun. It’s a murder.

Blaine’s dad, Angus, starts preaching and riling up the zombies. There’s some back alley dealings going on nearby and on of the Graves’ soldier guys is involved. He comes to collect his cut but the money is short so he stabs his guy. That’s when Angus and his followers attack. Angus whacks the guy that was stabbed in the head with a hammer.

Dale and Clive are saying their morning goodbyes at the station. Something is up with him and she knows it. Liv, as a curmudgeony old lady, pops up in the backseat and is reluctant to move up front. She expects to be driven. Major tries to calm down and prep is new recruits for their first patrol. They are anxious.

Clive and Liv go to the victim’s house and talk to her staff. They all say that she was nice and well liked but that seems unlikely considering Liv’s behavior on her brain. Clive thinks as much too and figures they are all liars. After patrol, Major goes home and tells Liv all about the new kids. It was a good patrol. She thinks it should be a less talking more action situation.

The next morning Liv ready to leave in a hurry but Major and Ravi trigger a vision. It’s the staff playing with the golf ball gun. She snaps back and leaves. Clive goes to Ravi for some help. He’s been having issues of a sexual nature because Dale is a zombie. Liv interrupts but Clive locks her out. He needs to temper his sex drive and gets Ravi to write him a prescription.

He walks out and Liv tells him about the vision. Angus is still preaching and handing out free brains to kids. Clive talks to a lawyer about the victim’s will. She left each of the staff members $1 million. Reason enough to kill. He brings them all in for questioning and tries to see who isn’t shocked about the money. They all are.

Some guys are stirring up trouble and Major’s squad steps in to calm it down. It just escalates. The new girl ends up scratching someone. His buddy is ready to shoot him so he doesn’t become a zombie so another squad member takes that guy down. The third trouble maker films the whole thing.

The cook will confess if they help her smuggle her sick kid out of the city. Clive doesn’t want to do it since it’s illegal. Liv claims to not be moved by the case but down in the morgue she is practically in tears. She and Ravi decide to help.

They take the kid to a part of the city in lockdown and meet some resistance at the checkpoint. The guard calls for his supervisor because they claim to be picking up a body. Supervisor is Major and they plead with him. He lets them pass.

Liv and Clive bring the kid to a rebel group to help get him out of the city so he can be reunited with his dad and get medical care. When she’s back home, Liv gets a visit from Major. They fight about morals and then break up. Angus’ group continues to grow.

No Peyton which was a bummer. Sometimes Liv annoys me but she’s right. Major just keeps following orders and it’s lame. Team Ravi for everything.


One thought on “iZombie, episode two

  1. lulu says:

    Not sure Liv is right..yes this little child should be saved..but other lives ar at stake..the situation is complex and Liv is not a ‘saint who knows everything’..


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