iZombie, episode three

People are being smuggled across the border. It happens all the time. Liv and Ravi head to a crime scene and see ads for Blaine’s new event. They find that it’s a woman that was sneaking into Seattle to meet a guy. Clive brings the guy, Allen, in so he and Liv can talk to him. He and their victim are hopeless romantics that believe in soulmates and such.

He’s upset and Liv is interested. She invites him out but he just wants to go home and mourn. Clive lets him go but thinks he’s a suspect. They need to find out how their victim got into the city. Major tracks down Graves to tell him that they are being sued because of the attack on his last patrol. Graves tells him to handle it. They have a brain shortage to deal with.

Left with no other choice, Graves goes to see Blaine to find out about the zombies turning humans. Blaine will look into it. There’s a brain dealer at the club just then so Blaine gets him to look into Renegade, the one Graves is after. Peyton sent an emergency text to Ravi. Apparently she’s been recruited to go to Blaine’s club with Liv and she drafted Ravi too.

Liv gives him a makeover. Major turns up. He doesn’t know what is going on but he’s not interested. They go to the club and Liv is watching for the suspect while Ravi dances it up. Peyton joins him but Liv isn’t interested. Just as she loses hope, she meets another guy and starts making out with him. Ravi and Peyton see.

The next morning Liv is distraught because her new guy’s number washed off her hand. Also, she saw Dale with someone else.She goes to work and tries to talk Clive up to the new officer. She also has a vision of their victim’s smuggler. She’s at home that night when the smuggler Renegade shows up.

She tells Liv about the smugglers that take hostages and start trouble. There’s nothing the can do about it. A man is brought in to see Blaine. He was turned by Renegade and Blaine wants information on her. Dude is not a snitch though so Blaine turns him human, kills him and eats his brain.

Clive and Liv go back to the crime scene to piece things together. They go to a nearby building and find skulls. Turns out they are dealing with serial killer.

They played Space Jam. Also, team Ravi and Peyton. I respect the guy for not ratting on Renegade but I didn’t like her defeatist attitude. I get it. There’s no way to win but it still sucks. Graves is awful and Major is right there with him.


3 thoughts on “iZombie, episode three

  1. lulu says:

    Why Major and Graves (it is Chase his firstname by the way) are awful ? Other characters are also ‘awful’ in this case..Blaine just killed a guy..duh.


      • lulu says:

        The girl did this mistake by herself, and actually they cover for her right now..The starving zombies..ugh they don’t have enough brains to begin with..Blaine could help her..and he does not..eyeroll.


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